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The Transformation of Wood

Wood can be hewn, sawed, bored, and planed. It can also be fractionated – which means splitting it into its chemical components of lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose.

Women In Science: Dana Mitchell

Meet SRS scientist Dana Mitchell, a research engineer and project leader with the Forest Operations Research unit in Auburn, Alabama. Her team studies the science and technology involved in physical alterations of the forest. They work to balance the ecological impact and the value generation of forest management.

Sabbaticals Bring Exciting Innovations to Forest Research

Three U.S. Forest Service scientists will be expanding on current research — or focusing on new or emerging research — as recipients of the SRS sabbatical program. The sabbaticals will give these researchers the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from around the world.

UrbanCrowns and ForestCrowns

U.S. Forest Service scientists from the Southern Research Station Utilization of Southern Forest Resources unit have developed software tools that managers and others can use to easily assess the extent of urban tree and forest stand crowns and monitor the health of trees in urban and nonurban settings.