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Assessment Question TIMBR-1:

What are the history, status and projected future demands for and supplies of wood products in the South?

  Jeff Prestemon (MGR)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate supply and demand for all species groups and timber products including sawtimber, pulpwood, veneer, other fiber products, and fuelwood.
  2. Examine the effects of population growth and land use change on timber supply-e.g., with more people, how is the "availability" of timber different?
  3. Evaluate the linkages to international markets and consider implications of changing wood product exports and imports of competing materials.
  4. Address the impacts of changing management intensity and productivity on supply and the resulting composition of forests.
  5. Evaluate market linkages with other parts of the United States.
  6. Address how changing technology and the emergence of new products (change in product mix) could affect all markets.
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