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final wording of assessment question TERRA-3, its manager, work plan and other information about how this question is being addressed

Assessment Question TERRA-3:

What are the likely effects of expanding human populations, urbanization and infrastructure development on wildlife and their habitats?

  Kenneth Graham (MGR)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Evaluate the current and potential impacts of exotic plants and animals.
  2. Evaluate the impacts of land use changes and distinguish between permanent (i.e., forest to urban) and possibly transitory changes (i.e., forest to pasture, cropland to forest).
  3. Describe historical changes and their known impacts.
  4. Evaluate the effects of forest users (e.g., roads, trails, etc…).
  5. Identify which wildlife species are favored and which are adversely affected by these factors.
  6. Include population projections.
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