SOCIO-7: July 2000 Progress Report

"How do forests and their uses influence the quality of life in the South?"

Tom Holmes

July 18-19, 2000, Nashville TN

Literature Review

  • Non-market values
  • Social Indicators
  • Community Stability
  • Demographic Change

Conceptual Framework

  • Old Paradigm:
  • Forests => even flow timber harvests => Community Stability

  • New Paradigm: forests contribute to-

Economic Factors: Timber jobs
Non-timber jobs
Social Factors: Social cohesion
Social pathologies
Psychological Factors: Sense of place
Environmental Factors: Water quality
Scenic quality
Environmental integrity

Empirical Methods

  • Subjective Dimension:
    • Well-being
    • Primary data
    • Will not address this issue

  • Objective Dimension
    • Secondary data
    • Factor Analysis
    • Inductive Approach
    • Constellations of economic, psychological and environmental assets

Unresolved Issues

  • Scope:  Comprehensive vs. Case Study
  • Scale:   County level data?
  • Control "plot"?



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