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Figure 24.3--The last glacial maximum in North America simulated by a geomorphic model. Ice-elevation contour lines are shown at 0.5-km intervals at 18,000 yr BP. Surface flowlines drawn normal to surface contour lines are solid for grounded ice and dashed for floating ice. Ice-sheet margins are heavy solid lines and ice-shelf grounding lines are heavy broken lines. The edge of the Continental Shelf is taken as the 0.5-km bathymetric contour and is shown as a thin line beyond present-day coastlines. The extent of sea water is the dotted area (Hughes 1987).

Map of northern North America showing an ice sheet from Greenland to southern Alaska extending southward to 40 degrees north latitude in the eastern U.S. (Ohio) and 48 degrees in the west (U.S.-Canada border)

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