assessment of sustainability of our forests

Southern Forest Resource Assessment

led by the USDA Forest Service's Southern Region and Southern Research Station in collaboration with the USEPA, US Fish & Wildlife, TVA, and state forestry agencies of the Southern United States

Broad Categories to Consider for the Sustainability Assessment

Landscape/Terrestrial Ecosystems

  • forest and habitat fragmentation
  • game and non-game animals
  • plant species
  • T & E species
  • tree species composition
  • habitat distribution

Water/Aquatic Ecosystems

  • water quality
  • water yield
  • wetland impacts
  • distribution of forested wetlands
  • sensitive aquatic species

Forest Extent/Structure/ Health

  • exotic species
  • tree mortality
  • forest growth
  • forest pathogens and insects
  • environmental factors
  • fire
  • age class distribution
  • forest type composition
  • longterm soil productivity

Timber Markets/Forest Management

  • afforestation/reforestation
  • harvesting intensity
  • harvest distribution
  • timber supply
  • silvicultural practices
  • harvesting/processing technology
  • timber demand

Social/Economic Factors

  • population and demographic changes
  • land use changes/trends
  • outdoor recreation supply and demand
  • rules, regulations and BMP's at state and local levels
  • value of non-wood products
  • non-market values
  • demand projection
  • landowner attitudes/timber availability
  • urban/wildland interface
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