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5.2 Methods and Data Sources

Haines (1995) comprehensively reviewed Federal and State cost-sharing programs. For the present Assessment, therefore, the need was for updating that work. To do so, information about Federal cost-sharing programs was collected from the internet sites of the USDA agencies that administer each of the six programs. Data on State programs were obtained by sending a questionnaire to officials in each of the 13 Southern States. Officials were queried about any changes in their State's cost-sharing programs since 1994 and for information about any programs enacted since 1994. Topics covered in the questionnaire included: (1) landowner eligibility requirements and limitations, (2) cost-sharing rates, (3) eligible management practices, (4) funding sources and annual level of funding, (5) annual cost-sharing payments, (6) project acres accomplished, and (7) outlook for continuation or expansion of the program.

All but 2 of the 13 State officials contacted completed the questionnaire. Through phone contacts with officials in the two nonreporting States, the necessary information was obtained.

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