Abstracts by Author

abstract and more Abt, Karen Lee
Assessing the Distributional Impacts of the Southern Forestry Sector

abstract and more Abt, Robert C., David N. Wear, Brian Murray, and Jeffrey P. Prestemon
Land Use and Characteristics of Southern Forests, 2000-2020, Under Varying Assumptions on Population and Income Growth

abstract and more Ainslie, Bill
Linking Spatial Scales For Wetlands Assessment

abstract and more Amacher, Greg, M. Christine Conway, and J. Sullivan
Changing Landowner Preferences, Forest Fragmentation, and Absenteeism: Results from Virginia

abstract and more Cantrell, Rick and Mardie Pfeiffer
AF&PA’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative SM Program--- Industry’s Assessment Tool

abstract and more Colson, C., B. G. Lockaby, R. Rummer, J. Feminella, and R. G. Clawson
Streamside Management Zone Management: Influences on Productivity and Nutrient Dynamics 

abstract and more Gottfried, Robin , James Peters, Douglass Williams, Josiah Daniel, and Mark Tucker
The Causes and Socioeconomic Implications of Land Use Change in the Southern Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee

abstract and more Haney, J. Christopher , Carol R. Foss, Geetha M. Jayabose, and Cindy DeGrood
Measuring Forest Integrity At Multiple Spatial Scales: Evaluating Indicator Accuracy, Sensitivity, and Specificity in Regional Assessments

abstract and more Haskell, David
Bird Communities in Pine Plantations on the Southern Cumberland Plateau

abstract and moreC.W. Hedman, C.W.
Southern Pine Plant Species Diversity Along a Disturbrance Gradient

abstract and more Lewis, Joseph W.
Mapping Risk from Forest Insects and Diseases

abstract and more Linder, Eric T., Dave Buehler, Randy Dettmers, John Bartlett and Nathon Klaus
Population Viability as a Measure of Forest Sustainability

abstract and more Matuszewski, Mark
The Forest Monitoring Project: Collaborative Commitment to Forest Sustainability

abstract and more Melchior, Heather
Forest Certification

abstract and more Moffat, Steverson O., Frederick W. Cubbage, Thomas P. Holmes, and Elizabethann O’Sullivan
Forecasting Potential Policy Actions for Sustainable Forestry in the United States

abstract and more Nettles, Jami, and Stephen H. Schoenholtz
Multi-Scale Operational Forestry Research:  Putting the Pieces into the Big Water Quality Picture

abstract and more Newman, David H., Warren A. Flick, and Coleman W. Dangerfield, Jr
Tax Policy and Sustainable Forestry in Georgia

abstract and more Pearson, Scott M., Monica G. Turner, and Paul Bolstad
Changes in Abundance and Spatial Pattern of Forest Communities in the Southern Appalachians Between 1950 and 2030

abstract and more Perchalski, Frank, and Jonathan P. Evans
A New Method of Assessing Forest Change at the County Level in the Southeastern US

abstract and more Prestemon, Jeffrey P., John M. Pye, Karen L. Abt, David T. Butry, and David N. Wear
Effects of Southern Timber Demand on Forest Characteristics

abstract and more Prisley,Stephen P., and Andrew J. Malmquist
The Growth/Removals Ratio as an Indicator of Sustainable Harvesting

abstract and more Pye, John M., Harbin Li and William D. Smith
Evaluating Timber Opportunity Costs of Various Riparian Conservation Practices

abstract and more Schelhas, John and Robert Zabawa
Minority and Limited Resource Landowners and Forests in the South: Developing a Research Agenda

abstract and more Shepard, James P.
Sustainability of Wetland Forest Management

abstract and more Riitters, Kurt
Multi-scale Assessment of Southeastern Forest Patterns Using Free Data

abstract and more Schaberg, Rex, P.B. Aruna, Fred Cubbage, Dan Richter, George Hess et al.
Economic and Ecologic Impacts Associated With Wood Chip Production in North Carolina

abstract and more Stanturf, John and Emile S. Gardiner
Restoration of Bottomland Hardwoods in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley

abstract and more Sheffield, Ray
Effective Monitoring of Forest Change Using FIA Data

abstract and more Vose, James M.
Effects of Disturbance on Water Quantity and Quality in the Southern Appalachians

abstract and more Vowell, Jeffery L.
Using Best Management Practice Monitoring as a Measure of Forest Resource Sustainability

abstract and more Weyerhaeuser, Frederick J. and Will Price
Benchmarking Industry’s Special Sites Program

abstract and more Wigley, T. Bently, William M. Baughman, Michael E. Dorcas, John A. Gerwin, et al.
Contributions of Intensively Managed Forests to the Sustainability of Wildlife Communities in the South


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