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Assessment Question AQUA-2:

What are the history, status, and likely future of forested wetlands in the South?

  William Ainsley (MGR)

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Detailed Issues:
  1. Document the extent and effects of wetland restoration efforts.
  2. Evaluate the impacts of incentive programs used to restore wetlands.
  3. Evaluate the fate of wetlands that have been converted to other uses in the past.
  4. Define wetlands and describe which wetland types are especially at risk.
  5. Measure the distribution as well as the extent of all wetland types.
  6. Evaluate the quality of current forested wetlands and how quality changes when converted to non-forest cover.
  7. Disclose the limitations and degree of accuracy of data sources.
  8. Address the effects of exotic species (plant and animal) on the structure and function of wetlands.
  9. Evaluate the land ownership patterns of forested wetlands.
  10. Describe past and potential shifts among forested wetland types, i.e. mixed pine/hardwood to pine or hardwood.
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