Louisiana-Mississippi-Alabama And
USFS Southern Research Station Stateline Meeting
August 17-18, 2017
Hyatt Place, 1150 Beach Blvd
Biloxi, MS

Format for the meeting:

For each agenda topic, a brief presentation regarding the ‘state of knowledge’ will be provided by a USFS ‘topic lead’ (10 minutes max). Then state representatives will comment on the reasons why the topic is a concern/issue. This will be followed by group discussion about the scope of the problem, possible solutions, and what opportunities or actions may be needed that SRS can assist with.

August 17, 2017 - Thursday

1:00 pm Welcome and Introductions - Monica Schwalbach/Stephanie Laseter

Opening Comments

  • Rob Doudrick- SRS Station Director
  • Wade Dubea- LA State Forester
  • Charlie Morgan- MS State Forester
  • Rick Oates-AL State Forester


Forest product markets: updates and trends
Additional Document: Southern Forest Products Markets: Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi

Topic leads: Karen Abt and Bill Burkman

Sustainability issues in pellet production

Topic leads: Karen Abt and Bill Burkman

Forest Operations

Topic leads: Dana Mitchell and Bill Burkman

5:00 pm Summary and Wrap Up for the Day Stephanie Laseter

August 18, 2017- Friday

8:00 am Review of previous day’s discussion


Economic and ecological impacts of Southern Pine Beetle. Status of current outbreak, ability to implement treatments, economic concerns.

Topic lead: John Nowak (USFS Forest Health Protection)

Forest Health issues affecting AL-LA-MS

Topic lead: Brian Sullivan

Review Follow-up Actions, Opportunities, Next Steps Stephanie Laseter

Closing Comments

  • Wade Dubea- LA State Forester
  • Charlie Morgan- MS State Forester
  • Rick Oates-AL State Forester
  • Rob Doudrick- SRS Station Director

12:00 pm Adjourn - Safe Travels!


MS: Charlie Morgan, State Forester, Russell Bozeman, Assistant State Forester, Richard McInnis, Forest Management Chief, Todd Matthews, Urban and Forest Health Coordinator, Mark Williams, State and Federal Grants Coordinator, Brian Mitchell, GIS Program Coordinator

LA: Wade Dubea, State Forester, Epney Brasher, Associate State Forester, Don Smith, Jr

AL: Rick Oates, State Forester, Dan Jackson, Asst State Forester, John Goff, Protection Division Director, Walter Cartwright, Forest Management Division Director

SRS: Rob Doudrick, Station Director, Monica Schwalbach, Asst Station Director, Dave Wear, Research Economist, Stephanie Laseter, SRS-R8 Liaison (Detail), Karen Abt, Research Economist, Bill Burkman, Program Manager FIA, John Nowak, Entomologist, Dana Mitchell, Research Engineer, Brian Sullivan, Research Entomologist