Southern Group of State Foresters and Southern Research Station State Line Meetings

Goal of State Line meetings: To develop or expand potential cooperation and support between our organizations by sharing current and future research projects; identifying areas of cooperation and needs; discuss forest management related issues and concerns, and way that SRS can assist state managers in clarifying, understanding, and resolving these issues, to the extent possible.

Stateline Meeting History

States Date Location
Appalachians-Cumberland Greenline March 2020 Johnson City, TN
Florida, Georgia May 2019 Crawfordville, FL
Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma February 2018 Oklahoma City, OK
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama August 2017 Biloxi, MS
Kentucky and Tennessee October 2016 Frankfort, KY
Topic: Genetics in Forest Restoration June 2015 Hot Springs, AR
Alabama, Georgia, Florida Sept 2014 Tallahassee/Tall Timbers, FL
South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia August 2014 Greensboro, NC
Louisiana and Mississippi April 2014 Natchez, MS
Kentucky and Tennessee May 2013 Bowling Green, KY
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas August 2012 Grapevine, TX
North Carolina and Virginia February 2012 Haw River State Park, NC