4952 Employees

Name Title Email Phone Location
Johnson Gaither, Cassandra Project Leader cjohnson09@fs.fed.us 706-559-4270 Athens, GA
Bowker, J. Michael Research Social Scientist mbowker@fs.fed.us 706-559-4271 Athens, GA
Hartel, Dudley Science Delivery/Technology Coordinator dhartel@fs.fed.us 706-410-5568 Athens, GA
Henderson, Deborah A. Office Automation Assistant dahenderson@fs.fed.us 352-376-3213 Gainesville, FL
Hermansen-Baez, Annie Science Delivery/Kids in the Woods Coord. ahermansen@fs.fed.us 352-376-3271 Gainesville, FL
Howard, Marilyn G. Administrative Support Assistant mhoward01@fs.fed.us 706-559-4264 Athens, GA
Jennings, Viniece Biological Scientist vjennings02@fs.fed.us 706-559-4274 Athens, GA
Kuehler, Eric Science Delivery Specialist ekuehler@fs.fed.us 706-559-4268 Athens, GA
Reed, Kay Dir. of Coop. Forestry, State and Private Forestry kayreed@fs.fed.us 404-347-7200 Atlanta, GA
Schelhas, John Research Forester jschelhas@fs.fed.us 706-559-4260 Athens, GA
Zipperer, Wayne C. Research Forester wzipperer@fs.fed.us 352-376-4576 Gainesville, FL