Photo of Zanethia  C. Barnett

Zanethia C. Barnett

Natural Resource Specialist
1000 Front Street
Oxford, MS 38655
Phone: 662-234-2744 x268
Fax: 662-234-8318

Current Research

The affect of impoundments on crayfish community structure and gene flow.

Research Interests

Aquatic animal Habitat usage, community structure, and gene flow

The effect of human degradation and climate changes on aquatic animal habitat, habitat usage, community structure, and gene flow


Barnett, Zanethia C.; Adams, Susan B.; Rosamond, Rebecca L.  2017. Habitat use and life history of the vernal crayfish, Procambarus viaeviridis (Faxon, 1914), a secondary burrowing crayfish in Mississippi, USA. Journal of Crustacean Biology :1-12 . doi:10.1093/jcbiol/rux073.

Past Research


Choice, Zanethia D.; Frazer, Thomas K.; Jacoby, Charles A. 2014. Light requirements of seagrasses determined from historical records of light attenuation along the Gulf coast of peninsular Florida. Marine Pollution Bulletin 81: 94-102.

Why This Research is Important

Seagrasses are an important habitat for numerous marine animals. They are currently declining in number and eutrophication is shown to be one of the main causes. Due to the shading of these plants and their need for light to survive, knowing seagrass light requirements is pertinent in saving an important habitat in our marine system.


M.S. in Interdisciplinary Ecology, 2012
University of Florida
B.S. in Agircultural Economics, 2010
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Professional Organizations

  • International Association Of Astacology, Member (2013—Current)

Awards and Recognition

University of Florida Top Graduate Research, 2013
Recieved best thesis in major for 2012 graduates
Forest Service Chief Scholar Fellow, 2012
Awarded to top graduate students that have shown great leadership and adaptability throughout their career. Fellows gain work experience with the Forest Service during their graduate career.