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Mel Warren

Research Biologist
1000 Front Street
Oxford, MS 38655
Phone: 662-234-2744
Fax: 662-234-8318

Current Research

I am currently engaged in research on stream fish ecology and conservation and on a comprehensive three volume book synthesizing our knowledge of freshwater fishes of North America.The stream research encompasses spatial scales ranging from individual habitat units such as pools to entire watersheds to drainage basins.The research is located primarily in Gulf Coastal Plain streams. Work on stream fish ecology includes studies of local colonization and extinction dynamics in relation to environmental variability,  recovery of stream fishes after disturbance, and the structure, stability, habitat interrelationships, and co-occurrence dynamics of warmwater fish communities. Conservation research includes assessments of aquatic biodiversity and examining association of biological and landscape-scale factors with imperilment of aquatic organisms.


Ph.D. in Zoology, 1989
Southern Illinois University
M.S. in Wildl. & Fish. Sci., 1977
University of Tennessee
B.S. in Biology, 1974
University of Tennessee

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Research Highlights

Second Volume of Freshwater Fishes of North America (2020)
SRS-2020-83 The second volume of Freshwater Fishes of North America was recently published. The book is a rich textual and visual experience that covers everything known about the diversity, natural history, ecology, and biology of North American fish families Characidae to Poeciliidae. The authoritative reference book is the result of decades of analysis by leading fish experts from universities and research laboratories across North America.