Brian L. Strom

Research Entomologist
2500 Shreveport Highway
Pineville, LA 71360
Phone: 318-473-7235

Current Research

My interests include the broad areas of plant-insect interactions, insect behavior, and the application of basic biological and ecological factors in developing management schemes for forest biota. Currently I have projects to:

  • Examine the effects and heritability of pine resistance traits to bark beetles,
  • Predict southern pine beetle-caused tree mortality in loblolly pine plantations,
  • Evaluate the role of behavior-modifying chemicals in host selection by forest insects,
  • Improve methods for deploying semiochemicals and traps for insect management,
  • Examine the role of visual (and other) cues in host selection by insects,
  • Assess the impacts of habitat on insect host selection behaviors, and
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of tree protectants and improve the methods used in their application and evaluation.

A sampling of my research projects, as they fit into the problem areas of our Research Work Unit, are outlined below.

Ecology and Biology of Bark Beetles and Invasive InsectsManagement of Bark Beetles and Invasive Insects of Conifers

Semiochemical Attractants and Disruptants

Damage Prediction

Tree Protectants

Resource Management and Insect Behavior

Detection and Management of Exotic Insects


Ph.D. in Entomology, 2000
Louisiana State University
M.S. in Entomology, 1994
North Carolina State University
B.S. in Forest Science, 1988
University of Wisconsin

Professional Experience

Research Entomologist, USDA Forest Service
Entomologist, USDA Forest Service

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