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John C. Kilgo

Research Wildlife Biologist
P.O Box 700
New Ellenton, SC 29809
Phone: 803-725-0561
Fax: 803-725-0311

Current Research

Coyote-deer dynamics in the Southeast. Assessing territoriality in wild hog sounders, with implications for success of whole-sounder trapping. Relationship between foraging habitat quality and population fitness of red-cockaded woodpeckers at the Savannah River Site. Chronology of wild turkey gobbling in South Carolina.

Research Interests

Predator-prey relationships; coyote-deer dynamics; wildlife ecology in Coastal Plain forests; effects of non-native invasive vertebrates

Past Research

Effects of experimentally manipulated snag density on avian communities in loblolly pine forests. Effects of Carolina bay restoration on avian communities. Bird response to experimental canopy gaps in bottomland hardwood forests. Effects of hunter harvest on annual survival of wild turkey gobblers.

Why This Research is Important

Many wildlife species in the Southeastern Coastal Plain are federally listed, or at risk, and require restoration or conservation-based management actions. Likewise, the management of many common species is complicated by various threats of anthropogenic origin. This research is aimed at enhancing restoration, conservation, and sustainable management of the wildlife species characteristic of pre-settlement Coastal Plain ecosystems within the context of modern multiple use landscapes. This concept includes research that informs both restoration of sensitive species and sustainable use of exploited species.


Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology, 1996
University of Georgia
M.S. in Wildlife Ecology, 1992
University of Florida
B.S. in Biology, 1989
Wofford College

Professional Experience

Research Wildlife Biologist, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service
Post-doctoral Research Ecologist, Southern Research Station, USDA Forest Service
Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Georgia

Professional Organizations

  • North Carolina State University, Adjunct Faculty (2000—Current)
  • University of Georgia, Adjunct Faculty (2000—Current)
  • The Wildlife Society, Member (1990—Current)
  • Wildlife Society Bulletin, Associate Editor (2001—2002)

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