Philip A. Araman

Team Leader
1650 Ramble Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060-6349
Phone: 540-231-5341

Current Research

Machine vision for inspection of hardwood lumber and logs; evaluation of hardwood edging and trimming in sawmills; development of a computerized training tool for proper edging and trimming; refinement to a simulation for grading hardwood lumber; opportunities to produce furniture, cabinet, and export parts directly from logs; evaluation of log-sawing techniques that could be improved by combining with scanning; evaluation of the performation of repaired pallets to enhance the reuse of wood products; value-added products from used pallets (ie. flooring); evaluation of sawmill options. Developing improved tree bucking tools. Developing full tree stem volume and value advanced data collection technologies and advanced tools. Other studies include working on drying, resource analysis, and value-added products for rural areas.


M.S. in Forest Products, 1975
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
B.S. in Wood Technology, 1968
North Carolina State University
A.A.S. in Forestry, 1965
Paul Smith's College

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