Photo of Melanie K. Taylor

Melanie K. Taylor

320 Green Street
Athens, GA 30602-2044
Phone: 706-559-4323

Research Interests

Forest ecosystem response to changes in tree species composition; Disturbance effects on fauna and nutrient-cycling of forest soils; restoration of degraded soils; Controls on root litter decomposition and the fate of decomposed products


M.S. in Ecology, 2015
University of Georgia
B.S. in Biology, 2012
Concord University

Professional Experience

Ecologist, USDA-FS-SRS


Research Highlights

Symbiotic Fungal Associations of Trees Have Differing Effects on Soil Carbon Content (2016)
SRS-2016-202 The relationships between trees and soil fungi can affect the speed of decomposition in soils around those trees, report Forest Service scientists. The symbiotic fungal associations can also affect the amount of carbon stored in those soils.