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Frank H. Koch

Research Ecologist
P.O. Box 12254
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2254
Phone: 919-549-4006
Fax: 919-549-4047

Current Research

  • Primary research focus on quantitative and spatial analysis of forest health data, with a particular emphasis on invasive forest pests and the modeling of invasion risk at multiple spatial scales, from landscape to continental
  • Characterization and representation of uncertainty in forest pest risk maps, using both probabilistic and non-probabilistic approaches
  • Application of trade and transportation networks to estimate human-mediated invasion likelihoods for locations of interest
  • Optimal survey design and pest detection strategies
  • Analysis of short- and long-term drought patterns, including how these patterns may relate to forest pest outbreak risk


Ph.D. in Forestry, 2005
North Carolina State University
M.S. in Natural Resources, 2001
North Carolina State University
B.A. in Art Design / Philosophy, 1993
Duke University

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Research Highlights

Examining the Role of Humans in the Spread of Invasive Species (2015)
SRS-2015-230 Forest Service scientists and their collaborators have contributed innovative research to the field of forest pest risk assessment by focusing on pathways for the human-assisted spread of forest pest species, including merchandise imports and firewood transport. Research results anticipate where and how often invasive alien forest insects are likely to be established. The findings can assist U.S. and Canadian decision-makers and offer guidance for border control efforts, post-border surveillance, and rapid-response measures.

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