Viniece Jennings

Biological Scientist
320 Green Street
Athens, GA 30602-2044
Phone: 706-559-4274
Fax: 706-559-4266

Research Interests

Investigates the influence of urban green spaces on various aspects of human health and well-being.


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Research Highlights

Advancing Sustainability through Urban Green Space: Cultural Ecosystem Services, Equity, and Social Determinants of Health (2016)
SRS-2016-195 Although the benefits of urban forests, gardens, parks, and other green spaces have been documented, the nuances of this relationship continue to be explored. For example, the role of green spaces in the social aspects of public health are often overlooked. Forest Service scientists and their research partners are exploring the relationships between green spaces and the social factors that influence health.

Public Parks and Wellbeing in Urban Areas of the United States (2016)
SRS-2016-245 The amount of urban green space is among the strongest predictors of city dwellers' overall wellbeing, report Forest Service scientists. Understanding the relationship between green space and wellbeing is an important factor to consider in the pursuit of sustainable development. This article is the first empirical study to investigate the role of public parks and subjective wellbeing in urban areas across the United States.

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