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Gregory E. Frey

Research Forester
P.O. Box 12254
3041 E. Cornwallis Rd.
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2254
Phone: 919-549-4025
Fax: 919-549-4047

Research Interests

Forest Policy, Regulation, and Taxes

Limited-Resource Forest Landowners

REDD+ & Climate Change Policy

Agroforestry Systems & Non-Timber Forest Products

US and Latin America

Past Research

My past research has been related to the economic and social benefits of various forest management systems and policies. I have particularly been interested in systems and policies that have potential to benefit small and limited-resource forest users, and those that provide ecosystem services to society. I have lived, worked, and conducted forest economics and policy research in both the US South and Latin America.

One line of my research has been related to the economic returns, risks, and perceptions of agroforestry systems, when compared to conventional forestry and agricultural systems. I have been involved in research teams related to non-timber forest products, forest farming, silvopasture, and alley cropping.

I have been involved in research on timber investment returns worldwide along with the effects of policies and programs such as loans, subsidies, and payments for services such as carbon sequestration, as well as certification of sustainable forest management. I have also been involved in the policy development process in various Latin American countries to reduce deforestation as a strategy to conserve forest carbon and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Why This Research is Important

Forest cover, when well-managed and well-located throughout a landscape can provide numerous benefits for individuals, communities, our nation, and the world. Numerous interventions have been attempted by organizations worldwide, to varying degrees of success, to increase overall forest cover and better manage existing forests, in order to maximize benefits to society. In every case, these policies and programs are an attempt to change the behavior of people, particularly local resource users. The success of a policy or program depends on market and non-market values of resource users under the legal framework for tenure of forest resources in a particular country or administrative region.

My overall goal is to identify and evaluate methods to allow land users increase benefits and also provide valuable environmental services to society.


Ph.D. in Forest Economics, 2009
NC State University

Professional Experience

Research Forester, USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station

Conduct economics research on forest policy, regulation, and taxes.

Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor, Virginia Cooperative Extension - Virginia State University
Forest Carbon Specialist, World Bank

Professional Organizations

  • Association Of Natural Resource Extension Professionals, Affiliate Member (2014-Current); Member (2012-14); National Treasurer (2013-14) (2012—Current)
  • International Society Of Forest Resource Economics, Member (2009—Current)
  • Society of American Foresters, Member (2009—Current)
  • Virginia Stewardship Committee, Member (2013—2014)

Awards and Recognition

Program Excellence Award, 2013
Virginia Cooperative Extension 2013 Program Excellence Award, District and State Winner, New Initiatives Category.
Team Award, 2011
World Bank Latin America and Caribbean Vice Presidential 2011 Team Award

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