About Us

Our mission: To advance the scientific understanding of the roles of genetics, environment, and their interactions toprovide guidelines and tools for improving the sustainable productivity of southern forest ecosystems.

The Southern Institute of Forest Genetics (SIFG) was established July 1, 1954 on the Harrison Experimental Forest, located 25 miles north of Gulfport, MS. The Experimental Forest covers 4,111 acres that typify about 31 millions acres of land with similar soils and topography in the South. The Institute is housed in some buildings that date back to the mid-1930's, constructed by the CWA, WPA, and CCC; four new laboratories for molecular genetic analyses on southern pines were recently added to the site.

Research at the SIFG focuses on developing procedures to improve the health, productivity and genetic diversity of southern forests through better understanding of the genetics, ecology and evolutionary relationships in forest ecosystems.

Our Organization

Our unit consists of three research teams located across six states:

Southern Institute of Forest Genetics (MS, TX, FL)
Southern Institute of Forest Productivity (NC, VT)
Institute of Forest Health (KY)

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