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Forest Threats Directory

Kier Klepzig, Assistant Director | Southern Research Station | 200 W.T. Weaver Blvd | Asheville, NC 28804


Assistant Director Kier Klepzig
Project Leader Scott Goodrick RWU-4156 Disturbance Ecology
Project Leader Douglas Streett RWU-4552 Insects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants of Southern Forests
EFETAC Director Danny Lee RWU-4854 Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center
HQ Science Delivery Contact Jennifer Plyler


20 Paneled Scientists

Name Title Phone E-Mail
Boggs, JohnnyBiological
Callaham, MacTeam Leader/Research
Fraedrich, Stephen W.Research Plant
Gavazzi, MichaelBiological
Goodrick, ScottProject Leader/Supervisory Research
Guo, QinfengResearch
Hargrove, William (Bill)Research
Lee, Danny C.EFETAC
Liu, YongqiangTeam Leader/Research
McNulty, SteveTeam Leader, Research
Miller, Daniel R.Research
Miller, James H.Research Ecologist (Emeritus)334-826-8700 Ext.
Norman, SteveResearch
O'Brien, JosephResearch
Riitters, Kurt H.Team Leader, Research
Shepherd, William
Sullivan, BrianResearch
Sun, GeResearch

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