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Forest Threats

Kier Klepzig, Assistant Director | Southern Research Station | 200 W.T. Weaver Blvd | Asheville, NC 28804

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Welcome to the Threats to Forest Health science area Web page.

I'm Kier Klepzig, Assistant Director for Research at the Southern Research Station.

In the South, our forests are threatened by a multitude of disturbances from insect pests, to invasive plants, from diseases to catastrophic wildfires, from drought to development and urban sprawl, and from severe storms to climate change.

The effects of these forces can be severe, causing significant short- and long-term ecological, social, and economic damage.   more...

Forest Threats
Forest Threats
. Forest ecosystems in the South are facing increased threats from factors such as invasive plants and animals, native insects and disease, wildfire, climate change, urbanization and forest fragmentation. Threats to Forest Health will provide the knowledge and tools required to predict and avert or mitigate the impacts of forest health threats. Complete Charter...


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