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Forest Restoration and Management

Greg Ruark, Assistant Director| Southern Research Station | 200 W.T. Weaver Blvd | Asheville, NC 28804

Greg Ruark, Assistant Director - Forest Restoration and ManagemenAudio Welcome (mp3)

Southern forests are rapidly changing as human populations increase and land ownership trends shift. While public lands are but a fraction of the forest land base, they represent the larger parcels, providing unique habitats and recreational opportunities and protecting landscape-scale vistas from development.

Forest landowners and users are changing as well, bringing a diversity of ideas on what is wanted from forest lands and forest experiences. A wide range of goals from forest ecosystem restoration to intensive forest management are desired by the diversity of private forest landowners and public forest users. In an effort to keep forests in forests, landowners are increasingly looking for alternative revenue sources, such as carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, agroforestry, and biofuels production.   more...

Forest Threats
Restoration and Management
. Population growth and demographic shifts in the South are accelerating changes in southern forest ecosystems. New and improved tools and technologies are needed to successfully restore and manage ecosystems in this changing environment. Enhanced knowledge of forest genetics, physiology, silviculture, wildlife biology, and ecology is needed to create, develop and support the needed tools and technologies. Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Management will provide landowners with the awareness and ability to produce a wider array of economic, ecological, and societal benefits. Complete Charter...


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Upland Hardwood Ecology & Management
Restoring Longleaf Pine Ecosystems
Southern Pine Ecology and Management
Forest Genetics and Ecosystems Productivity

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