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Forest Inventory and Analysis

Bill Burkman, Program Manager| SRS | FIA HQ | 4700 Old Kingston Pike | Knoxville, TN 37919

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Welcome to the Natural Resource Inventory and Monitoring Science Area Web page.  I’m Bill Burkman, Program Manager for the Southern Research Station Forest Inventory and Analysis Work Unit, which forms the majority of the research in this science area.

Forests occupy 40 percent of the South’s 534 million acres. These 215 million acres of forests provide many benefits and vary in their ecological characteristics. One dominant characteristic is that private ownership prevails across the region—approximately 88 percent of the forest land is in private ownerships. Although the South constitutes about 30 percent of the nation’s forest land, removals from Southern forests account for close to 60 percent of the total removals nationwide.   more...

Inventory and Monitoring
Inventory and Monitoring
. Quantifying and monitoring the condition of natural resources in the South is critical for determining ecosystem responses to forest health threats and improvements in natural resource condition resulting from management activities. Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring will provide the knowledge and tools required to quantify, monitor, and predict the condition of natural resources. Complete Charter...


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