Forest Threats

The Southern Research Station assess environmental threats to public and private forests and wildlands. This science includes monitoring four classes of threats which include forest pests, weather and climate change, wildland fire, and changes in land use or land cover. Station scientists develop and provide knowledge and tools that help reduce the negative impacts of these threats.

Fragile globe in forestCenter for Integrated Forest Science (CIFS) is a research program that partners the Southern Research Station and North Carolina State University. This research structure allows CIFS to research urgent needs in emerging issues, while still being able to address big-picture, long-term concerns.

DeforestationEastern Threat Center generates knowledge and tools needed to anticipate and respond to environmental threats. The Center maintains a comprehensive and integrated research program to tackle these threats, while delivering knowledge and tools in a timely, useful, and user-friendly manner.

Smoky Mountain WildfireCenter for Forest Disturbance Science develops strategies for reducing vulnerability of southern forests to severe disturbance events, invasion by exotic species, and climate change/variability and develops tools and techniques for managing wildland fire and reducing impacts on air resources.

Southern Pine BeetlesInsects, Diseases, and Invasive Plants provides the basic biological and ecological knowledge and innovative management strategies required for management and control of native and non-native insect pests, disease pathogens and invasive plants in changing forest ecosystems.