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Goal: Deliver Benefits to the Public Science in Practice webinars provide applied take-aways for managers

Director’s Choice
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A new series of thirty-minute webinars highlight recent research and management implications for colleagues from the Forest Service Southern Region, Southern Group of State Foresters, and the Southern Research Station.


The Science in Practice webinar series is a new communication tool intended to connect scientists, managers, field technicians, and practitioners. Particularly during COVID-19, where travel and in-person meetings are not possible, brief webinars have been a successful tool for sharing research updates. The series began in July 2020 and is averaging 65 attendees per session. Topics have ranged from bat habitat, to invasive species, oak and chestnut regeneration, and remote sensing products. The online webinars are free and available for anyone to attend.

Principal Investigator
Stephanie Laseter, Biological Scientist, SRS-R8 Liaison
4855 - Center for Integrated Forest Science
Strategic Program Areas
Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Wildlife and Fish
Research Partner
SRS Communication Resources group (CoRe)