Forest science in the South: Summary of accomplishments for fiscal year 2007


our workforce

In 2007 we continued efforts to increase inclusion and improve diversity at the Station. The Station made progress on its commitment to approach civil rights as a focused management strategy and address specific diversity concerns. This commitment to civil rights is documented in the Station’s 2007-2012 Strategic Plan.

The Station Director initiated a civil rights assessment across the Station. Employees participated in focus groups, diversity dialogues, inclusion development sessions, and face-to-face discussions with key leaders to dialogue about diversity issues. The assessment resulted in development of an SRS Diversity Challenge Strategy and Action Plan with implementation items designed to put action behind the Station’s commitment to diversity. The plan is currently being implemented and key leaders have been tapped to recommend strategies and advocate for each implementation item.

To facilitate program development and science delivery to underserved communities, the Station continues important relationships with several organizations, universities, and Tribes. Station leadership recently committed to focus on building new relationships with key minority schools, organizations, and groups, in order to find and identify job candidates and attract underrepresented groups to our Station.

The journey towards diversity and inclusiveness is dependent on leadership commitment, meaningful accountability, and supportive involvement from each employee. The Station’s recent efforts will form the foundation needed to achieve additional success and deal with future challenges.