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12th Central Hardwood Forest Conference 1999 Stringer, Jeffrey W.; Loftis, David L.; Lacki, Michael; Barnes, Thomas; Muller, Robert A.

15-year Results of Improvement Cutting in Bottomland Hardwoods 1956 Beaufait, W. R.; Johnson, R. L.

1946 Pulpwood production by county in the southeast 1947 Cruikshank, James W.

1947 Pulpwood production by county in the southeast 1948 McCormack, James F.

1953 Pulpwood production in the south 1954 Cruikshank, James W.

1954 Annual Report 1954 Briegleb, Philip A.

1954 Pulpwood production in the south 1955 Stover, W.S.; Christopher, J.F.

1955 Pulpwood production in the south 1956 Cruikshank, James W.; McCormack, J.F.

1957 Pulpwood production in the south 1958 McCormack, J.F.

1959 Pulpwood production in the south 1960 Todd, A.S., Jr.; Nichols, Agnes C.

1963 Research of the Southeastern Forest Experiment Station 1963 McLintock, Thomas F.

1973 Mississippi River Flood's Impact on Natural Hardwood Forests and Plantations 1974 Kennedy, H. E.; Krinard, R. M.

1992 Forest Service/IUFRO Workshop on AI and Related Topics 1993 Schmoldt, Daniel L.

1997 Hardwood Research Award Winner: "Automatic Color Sorting of Hardwood Edge-Glued Panel Parts" 1997 Kline, D. Earl; Conners, Richard; Lu, Qiang; Araman, Philip A.

2004 tax legislation: a plus for woodland owners 2004 Siegel, William C.

2004 termiticide report: The Forest Service continues to improve operations to meet the high demand for testing 2005 Wagner, Terry; Peterson, Chris; Mulrooney, Joe; Shelton, Thomas

2007 accomplishment report for the Eastern and Western forest environmental threat assessment centers 2008 Lee, Danny C.; Beatty, Jerome S.

2008 Farm Bill Agroforestry 2010 Wallace, Doug; Straight, Rich

2008 interim guidelines for growing longleaf pine seedlings in container nurseries 2013 Dumroese, R. Kasten; Barnett, James P.; Jackson, D. Paul; Hainds, Mark J.

2009 Tax tips for Forest Landowners 2010 Greene, John

2016 Billion-ton report: Advancing domestic resources for a thriving bioeconomy, Volume 1: Economic availability of feedstock 2016 Langholtz, M.H.; Stokes, B.J.; Eaton, L.M.

21-Year Growth and Development of Baldcypress Planted on a Flood-Prone Site 1976 Krinard, Roger M.; Johnson, Robert L.

3D reconstruction of a tree stem using video images and pulse distances 2002 Clark, N. E.

3-D Signal Processing in a Computer Vision System  1991 Zhu, Dongping; Conners, Richard W.; Araman, Philip A.

(3Z,6Z,9Z,12Z,15Z)-Pentacosapentaene and (Z) -11-Hexadecenyl Acetate: sex attractant blend for Dioryctria amatella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). 2010 Miller, Daniel; Millar, Jocelyn; Mangini, Alex; Crowe, Christopher; Grant, Gary

(3Z,6Z,9Z,12Z,15Z)-Pentacosapentane and (9Z, 11E)-Tetradecadienyl Acetate: Attractant Lure Blend for Dioryctria ebeli (Lepidopterea: Pyralidae) 2010 Miller, Daniel; Millar, Jocelyn; Grant, Gary; MacDonald, Linda; DeBarr, Gary

4-allylanisole as an inhibitor of bark beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) aggregation 1994 Hayes, Jane L.; Strom, Brian L.

62 percent of pine lumbar is cut from 10-inch or smaller logs in the Central Piedmont of South Carolina 1953 Haines, William H.B.

6-8-dihydroxy-3-hydroxymethyl-isocoumarin, and other phenolic metabolites of Ceratocystis minor 1977 McGraw, G.W.; Hemingway, R.W.

86 Percent of Tops and 54 Percent of Slabs and Edgings Unused in Central Piedmont of South Carolina 1953 Haines, William H.B.

A 10-year analysis of South Carolina's industrial timber products output 1979 Welch, Richard L.; Bellamy, Thomas R.

A 10-Year Evaluation of Prescribed Winter Burns in Uneven-Aged Stands of Pinus taeda L. and P. echinata Mill.: Woody Understorey Vegetation Response  1993 Cain, Michael D.

A 16-year evaluation of effects of ripping on shortleaf pine on a Missouri ozarks site 2006 Gwaze, David; Hauser, Carl; Johanson, Mark

A 5-Year Assessment Of Shortleaf Pine And Hardwood Sprouts Relative To Three Methods Of Hardwood Control In The Arkansas Ozarks 2004 Cain, Michael D.

A 9-year comparison of hardwood control treatments for enhancing natural regeneration and growth of loblolly-shortleaf pines in an uneven-aged stand 1998 Cain, Michael D.

A balloon system for profiling smoke plumes from forest fires 1979 Ryan, Paul W.; Tangren, Charles D.; McMahon, Charles K.

A bark-shaving technique to deter rat snakes from climbing red-cockaded woodpecker cavity trees 1999 Saenz, Daniel; Collins, Christopher S.; Conner, Richard N.

A basic approach to fire injury of tree stems 1963 Martin, R. E.

A better way - uneven-aged management of southern yellow pine 2013 Handley, Don M.; Dickinson, Joshua C.

A Biassed History of the Southern Forest Experiment Station Through Fiscal Year 1933 1964 Wakeley, Philip C.

A Bid Price Equation For Timber Sales on the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests 2004 Huebschmann, Michael M.; Lynch, Thomas B.; Lewis, David K.; Tilley, Daniel S.; Guldin, James M.

Ability of m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid to induce the ornithine decarboxylase marker of skin tumor promotion and inhibition of this response by gallotannins, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, and their monomeric units in mouse epidermis in Vivo 1995 Chen, Guilan; Perchellet, Elisabeth M.; Gao, Xiao Mei; Newell, Steven W.; Hemingway, richard W.; Bottari, Vittorio; Perchellet, Jean-Pierre

Ability of m-chloroperoxybenzoic acid to induce the ornithine decarboxylase marker of skin tumor promotion and inhibition of this response by gallotannins, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, and their monomeric units in mouse epidermis in vivo 1995 Chen, Guilan; Perchellet, Elisabeth M.; Gao, Xiao Mei; Newell, Steven W.; Bottari, Vittorio; Hemingway, Richard W.; Perchellet, Jean-Pierre

Ability of near infrared spectroscopy to monitor air-dry density distribution and variation of wood 2005 Via, Brian K.; So, Chi-Leung; Shupe, Todd F.; Stine, Michael; Groom, Leslie H.

A biochemical assessment of the value of top clipping nursery-grown loblolly pine seedlings 1994 Sung, Shi-Jean S.; Kormanik, Paul P.; Black, C.C.

A biologically-based individual tree model for managing the longleaf pine ecosystem 1998 Smith, Rick; Somers, Greg

Abiotic correlates of anuran calling phenology: the importance of rain, temperature, and season 2006 Saenz, Daniel; Fitzgerald, Lee A.; Baum, Kristen A.; Conner, Richard N.

A Blueprint for Forest Inventory and Analysis Research and Vision for the Future 1993 USDA Forest Service

Above- and below-ground biomass accumulation, production, and distribution of sweetgum and loblolly pine grown with irrigation and fertilization 2008 Coyle, David R.; Coleman, Mark D.; Aubrey, Doug P.

Above- and belowground competition from longleaf pine plantations limits performance of reintroduced herbaceous species 2002 Harrington, Timothy B.; Dagley, Christa M.; Edwards, M. Boyd

Above- and below-ground growth of longleaf pine in response to three prescribed burning regimes 2000 Sword Sayer, Mary Ann; Kuehler, Eric

Aboveground and belowground net primary production 2000 Burke, Marianne K.; Liechty, Hal O.; Eisenbies, Mark H.

Aboveground biomass and nitrogen allocation of ten deciduous southern Appalachian tree species 1998 Martin, Jonathan G.; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Schaefer, Tara L.; Kimbler, Darrin L.; McNulty, Steven G.

Aboveground biomass and nutrient accumulation 20 years after clear-cutting a southern Appalachian watershed 2002 Elliott, Katherine J.; Boring, Lindsay R.; Swank, Wayne T.

Aboveground Biomass of Choctawhatchee Sand Pine in Northwest Florida 1980 Taras, Michael A.

Aboveground production and nutrient circulation along a flooding gradient in a South Carolina Coastal Plain forest 1999 Burke, Marianne K.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Conner, William H.

Aboveground weight and volume of unthinned, planted longleaf pine on West Gulf forest sites 1983 Baldwin, V. Clark, Jr.; Saucier, J.R.

A brief history of forests and tree planting in Arkansas 2012 Bragg, Don C.

A brief overview of the 25-year-old long-term soil productivity study in the south 2016 Scott, Andy

A Brief Overview of the Southern United States Fire Situation January - July 1998 1998 Wade, Dale D.

A broad survey of hydraulic and mechanical safety in the xylem of conifers 2014 Bouche, Pauline S.; Larter, Maximilien; Domec, Jean-Christophe.; Burlett, Regis; Gasson, Peter; Jansen, Steven; Delzon, Sylvain

Absorption characteristics of forest fire particulate matter 1984 Patterson, E.M.; McMahon, Charles K.

Absorption properties and graphitic carbon emission factors of forest fire aerosols 1986 Patterson, E.M.; McMahon, Charles K.; Ward, D.E.

Abstract: Workshop on Harvesting Impacts on Bottomland Hardwood Forest Ecosystems 1994 USDA Forest Service Southern Experiment Station

Abundance and frequency of the Asiatic oak weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and defoliation on American, Chinese, and hybrid chestnut ( Castanea ) 2016 Case, Ashley E.; Mayfield, Albert (Bud); Clark, Stacy L.; Schlarbaum, Scott E.; Reynolds, Barbara C.

Abundance and population structure of eastern worm snakes in forest stands with various levels of overstory tree retention 2010 Felix, Zachary I.; Wang, Yong; Schweitzer, Callie Jo

Abundance and size distribution of cavity trees in second-growth and old-growth central hardwood forests 2005 Fan, Zhaofei; Shifley, Stephen R.; Spetich, Martin A.; Thompson, Frank R., III; Larsen, David R.

Abundance, distribution, and colony size estimates for Reticulitermes spp. (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in Southern Mississippi 1982 Howard, Ralph W.; Jones, Susan C.; Mauldin, Joe K.; Beal, Raymond H.

Abundance of green tree frogs and insects in artificial canopy gaps in a bottomland hardwood forest 2005 Horn, Scott; Hanula, James L.; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Kilgo, John C.

Abundance of Armillaria within old-growth eastern hemlock stands in South-Central Pennsylvania 2007 Fromm, Matthew S.; Davis, Donald D.

Abundance of juvenile eastern box turtles in manages forest stands 2008 Felix, Z.; Wang, Y.; Czech, H.; Schweitzer, C.

Abundance of three bacterial populations in selected streams 2005 Olapade, O.A.; Gao, X.; LEff, L.G.

Abundance of volatile organic compounds in white ash phloem and emerald ash borer larval frass does not attract Tetrastichus planipennisi in a Y-tube olfactometer 2015 Chen, Yigen; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Poland, Therese M.

A Capital case for common names of species of fishes--a white crappie or a White Crappie 2002 Nelson, Joseph S.; Stames, Wayne C.; Warren, Melvin L.

A Case Study of Resources Management Planning with Multiple Objectives and Projects  1995 Peterson, David L.; Silsbee, David G.; Schmoldt, Daniel L.

Accelerated hatching of southern leopard frog (Rana sphenocephala) eggs in response to the presence of a crayfish Procambarus nigrocinctus predator 2003 Saenz, Daniel; Johnson, James B.; Adams, Cory K.; Dayton, Gage H.

Accelerating development with fertilization in a young natural Piedmont mixed hardwood pine stand 2010 Berenguer, B. J.; Gocke, M. H.; Schuler, J. L.; Treasure, E.; Robison, D. J.

Accelerating Planted Green Ash Establishment on an Abandoned Soybean Field 2002 Groninger, John W.; Babassana, Didier A.

Accepting uncertainty, assessing risk: decision quality in managing wildfire, forest resource values, and new technology 2005 Borchers, Jeffrey G.

Acclimation of leaf hydraulic conductance and stomatal conductance of Pinus taeda (loblolly pine) to long-term growth in elevated CO2 (free-air CO2 enrichment) and N-fertilizationpce 2009 Domec, Jean-Christophe; Palmroth, Sari; Ward, Eric; Maier, Chris; Therezien, M.; Oren, Ram

Accomplishments and economic evaluations of the Forestry Incentives Program: A review 1995 Gaddis, Deborah A.; New, Barry D.; Cubbage, Fredrick W.; Abt, Robert C.; Moulton, Robert J.

Accounting for ethnicity in recreation demand: a flexible count data approach  1998 Bowker, J. Michael; Leeworthy, V.R.

Accounting for short samples and heterogeneous experience in rating crop insurance 2013 Borman, Julia I.; Goodwin, Barry K.; Cobel, Keith H.; Knight, Thomas O.; Rejesus, Rod.

Accounting for trip frequency in importance-performance analysis 2010 Gill, Joshua K.; Bowker, J.M.; Bergstrom, John C.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.

Acculturation via nature-based outdoor recreation: a comparison of Mexican and Chinese ethnic groups in the United States 2005 Johnson, Cassandra Y.; Bowker, J. Michael; Cordell, H. Ken

Accumulation and Distribution of Dry Matter and Nutrients in Aigeiros Poplar Plantations 1976 Switzer, G. L.; Nelson, L. E.; Baker, James B.

Accuracy assessment of biomass and forested area classification from modis, landstat-tm satellite imagery and forest inventory plot data 2007 Salajanu, Dumitru; Jacobs, Dennis M.

Accuracy of eastern white pine site index models developed in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 2002 McNab, W. Henry

Accuracy of National Weather Service wind-direction forecasts at Macon and Augusta, Georgia  1997 Lavdas, Leonidas G.

Accuracy of Standing-Tree Volume Estimates Based on McClure Mirror Caliper Measurements 1971 Cost, Noel D.

Accuracy of tracking forest machines with GPS 2001 Veal, M.W.; Taylor, S.E.; McDonald, T.P.; McLemore, D.K.; Dunn, M.R.

Accuracy of Tracking Forest Machines with GPS 2001 Veal, M.W.; Taylor, S.E.; McDonald, T.P.; McLemore, D.K.; Dunn, M.R.

Accurately measuring the height of (real) forest trees 2014 Bragg, Don C.

A Characterization of the Nonindustrial Private Forest Landowners of Arkansas 2001 Walkingstick, Tamara; Voth, Donald E.; Williams, Richard A.; Earl, Jeffery; Hitt, Carl P.

A Checklist of Common Plants of the Appalachian Trail in the Jefferson National Forest, Virginia 1981 Krochmal, Arnold; Krochmal, Connie

A Checklist of Common Plants of the Appalachian Trial in the Nantahala National Forest, North Carolina 1980 Krochmal, Arnold; Krochmal, Connie

Achievable future conditions as a framework for guiding forest conservation and management 2016 Golladay, S.W.; Martin, K.L.; Vose, J. M.; Wear, D. N. ; Covich, A.P.; Hobbs, R.J.; Klepzig, Kier; Likens, G.E.; Naiman, R.J.; Shearer, A.W.

Achieving restoration success: myths in bottomland hardwood forests 2001 Stanturf, John A.; Schoenholtz, Stephen H.; Schweitzer, Callie Jo; Shepard, James P.

Acid-catalyzed rearrangements of flavan-4-phloroglucinol derivatives to novel 6-hydroxyphenyl-6a,llb-dihydro-6H-[1]benzofuro[2,3-c]-chromenes and hydroxyphenyl-3,2'-spirobi[dihydro[l]benzofurans] 1997 Steynberg, Petrus J.; Steynberg, Jan P.; Hemingway, Richard W.; Ferreira, Daneel; McGraw, G. Wayne

Acid-catalyzed rearrangements of flavans to novelbenzofuran derivatives 1998 Hemingway, Richard W.; Peng, Weiling; Conner, Anthony H.; Steynberg, Petrus J.; Steynberg, Jan P.

Acidification and Prognosis for Future Recovery of Acid-Sensitive Streams in the Southern Blue Ridge Province 2011 Sullivan, Timothy; Cosby, Bernard; Jackson, William; Snyder, Kai; Herlihy, Alan

A Circular-Impact Sampler for Forest Litter 1971 Sackett, Stephen S.

Acknowledging trade-offs and understanding complexity: exurbanization issues in Macon County, North Carolina 2014 Vercoe, Richard A.; Welch-Devine, M.; Hardy, Dean; Demoss, J.A.; Bonney, S.N.; Allen, K.; Brosius, Peter; Charles, D.; Crawford, B.; Heisel, S.; Heynen, Nik; de Jesus-Crespo, R.G.; Nibbelink, N.; Parker, L.; Pringle, Cathy; Shaw, A.; Van Sant, L.

A collection of sprouting parameters for simulating regeneration establishment in the Missouri Ozarks 2016 Vickers, Lance A.; Larsen, David R.; Kabrick, John M.; Dey, Daniel C.; Knapp, Benjamin O.

A Common-Pool Resource Approach to Forest Health: The Case of the Southern Pine Beetle 2012 Schelhas, John; Molnar, Joseph

A comparative analysis of forest cover and catchment water yield relationships in northern China 2011 Wang, Shuai; Fu, Bo-Jie; He, Chan-Sheng; Sun, Ge; Gao, Guang-Yao

A Comparison of Basinwide and Representative Reach Habitat Survey Techniques in Three Southern Appalachian Watersheds  1997 Dolloff, C. Andrew; Jennings, Holly E.

A comparison of bird communities in burned and salvage-logged, clearcut, and forested Florida Sand Pine scrub. 1995 Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Harris, Lawrence D.; Neary, Daniel G

A comparison of bottles and snap traps for short-term small mammal sampling 1992 Taulman, James F.; Thill, Ronald E.; Wigley, T. Bently; Melchiors, M. Anthony

A Comparison of Breeding Bird Communities and Habitat Features Between Old-Growth and Second-Growth Bottomland Hardwood Forest  2001 Smith, Winston P.; Hunt, Howard E.; Townley, W. Kent

A comparison of canopy structure measures for predicting height growth of underplanted seedlings 2013 Lhotka, John M.; Loewenstein, Edward F.

A comparison of carbon and nitrogen stocks among land uses/covers in coastal Florida 2013 Nagy, R. Chelsea; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Marzen, Luke J.

A comparison of cation sampling in forest soils by tension and tension-free lysimeters 1981 Miller, James H.

A comparison of chronologies from tree rings 1990 Riitters, Kurt H.

A Comparison of Conjoint Analysis Response Formats 2001 Boyle, Kevin J.; Holmes, Thomas P.; Teisl, Mario F.; Roe, Brian

A Comparison of Fire Intensity levels for stand replacement of table mountain pine (Pinus pungens Lamb.) 1999 Waldrop, Thomas A.; Brose, Patrick H.

A comparison of forest canopy transmittance estimators 1994 Smith, E.R.; Riitters, Kurt H.

A comparison of growth and survival between sycamore seedlings and cuttings 1963 McAlpine, Robert G.

A Comparison of Height-Accumulation and Volume-Equation Methods for Estimating Tree and Stand Volumes 1995 Ferguson, R.B.; Baldwin, V. Clark, Jr.

A comparison of herbicide tank mixtures for mid-rotation gallberry competition release in slash pine 2012 Petre, Lukas J.; Wilson, Alan B.; Kline, William N.

A Comparison of Herpetofaunal Sampling Effectiveness of Pitfall, Single-ended, and Double-ended Funnel Traps Used with Drift Fences 1994 Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Neary, Daniel G.; Harris, Larry D.

A comparison of hydrologic models for ecological flows and water availability 2015 Caldwell, Peter V.; Kennen, Jonathan G.; Sun, Ge; Kiang, Julie E.; Butcher, Jon B.; Eddy, Michele C.; Hay, Lauren E.; LaFontaine, Jacob H.; Hain, Ernie F.; Nelson, Stacy A. C.; McNulty, Steve G.

A Comparison of Increment Core Sampling for Estimating Tree Specific Gravity 1963 Taras, Michael A.; Wadlgren, Harold E.

A Comparison of Large-Scale Reforestation Techniques Commonly Used on Abandoned Fields in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Vally 1999 Schweitzer, Callie Jo; Stanturf, John A.

A comparison of loblolly pine growth and yield on pure pine and mixed pine-hardwood sites 1989 Haywood, James D.; Toliver, John R.

A comparison of mangrove canopy height using multiple independent measurements from land, air, and space 2016 Lagomasino, David; Fatoyinbo, Temilola; Lee, SeungKuk; Feliciano, Emanuelle; Trettin, Carl; Simard, Marc

A Comparison of Market Needs to the Species and Quality Composition of the Eastern Hardwood 1991 Bush, Robert J.; Araman, Philip A.

A Comparison of Market Needs to the Species and Quality Composition of the U.S. 1992 Bush, Robert J.; Araman, Philip A.; Muench, J., Jr.

A comparison of MIKE SHE and DRAINMOD for modeling forested wetland hydrology in coastal South Carolina, USA 2010 Dai, Zhaohua; Amatya, Devendra M.; Sun, Ge; Trettin, Carl C.; Li, Changsheng; Li, Harbin

A comparison of northern and southern table mountain pine stands 2010 Brose, Patrick H.; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Mohr, Helen H.

A Comparison of Oak Regeneration Conditions Following Midstory Injection and Partial Overstory Removal in a Tombigbee River Terrace 2004 Peairs, Stephen E.; Ezell, Andrew W.; Belli, Keith L.; Hodges, John D.

A comparison of pine height models for the Crossett Experimental Forest 2008 Bragg, D.

A Comparison of Regional and SiteSpecific Volume Estimation Equations 1987 McClure, Joe P.; Anderson, Jana; Schreuder, Hans T.

A Comparison of Relative Abundance and Biomass of Ground-Dwelling Arthropods Under Different Forest Management Practices 1996 Greenberg, Cathryn H.; McGrane, Arlene

A Comparison of Rule-Based, K-Nearest Neighbor, and Neural Net Classifiers for Automated  1991 Cho, Tai-Hoon; Conners, Richard W.; Araman, Philip A.

A comparison of sampling methods for a standing tree acoustic device 2009 Mahon, Jr. , Jerry M.; Jordan, Lewis; Schimleck, Lawrence R.; Clark, III, Alexander; Daniels, Richard F.

A comparison of sap flux-based evapotranspiration estimates with catchment-scale water balance 2007 Ford, Chelcy R.; Hubbard, Robert M.; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Vose, James M.

A Comparison of Several Artificial Neural Network Classifiers for CT Images of Hardwood Logs 1998 Schmoldt, Daniel L.; He, Jing; Abbott, A. Lynn

A Comparison of Several Techniques For Estimating The Average Volume Per Acre For Multipanel Data With Missing Panels 2001 Gartner, Dave; Reams, Gregory A.

A comparison of six potential evapotranspiration methods for regional use in the Southeastern United States 2005 Lu, Jianbiao; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steven G.; Amatya, Devendra

A Comparison of Six Species of Southern Pines Planted in the Piedmont of South Carolina 1971 Branan, John R.; Porterfield, Edward J.

A Comparison of Snap Traps for Evaluating Small Mammal Populations 1996 Perry, Roger W.; Tappe, Philip A.; Peitz, David G.; Thill, Ronald E.; Melchoirs, M. Anthony; Wigley, T. Bently

A comparison of the beetle (Coleoptera) fauna captured at two heights above the ground in a North American temperate deciduous forest 2007 Ulyshen, Michael D.; Hanula, James L.

A comparison of the Beetle (Coleoptera) Fauna Captured at two heights above the ground in a North American temperate deciduous forest 2007 Ulyshen, Michael; Hanula, James

A Comparison of the Ecological Effects of Herbicide and Prescribed Fire in a Mature Longleaf Pine Forest: Response of Juvenile and Overstory Pine 2004 Gagnon, Jennifer L.; Jack, Steven B.

A comparison of the watershed hydrology of coastal forested wetlands and the mountainous uplands in the Southern US 2002 Sun, G.; McNulty, S.G.; Amatya, D.M.; Skaggs, R.W.; Swift, L.W., Jr.; Shepard, J.P.; Riekerk, H.

A comparison of three methods for classifying fuel loads in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 2006 Brudnak, Lucy; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Rideout-Hanzak, Sandra

A comparison of three methods to estimate evapotranspiration in two contrasting loblolly pine plantations: age-related changes in water use and drought sensitivity of evapotranspiration components 2012 Domec, Jean-Christophe; Sun, Ge; Noormets, Asko; Gavazzi, Michael J.; Treasure, Emrys A.; Cohen, Erika; Swenson, Jennifer J.; McNulty, Steve G.; King, John S.

A comparison of tools for remotely estimating leaf area index in loblolly pine plantations 2006 Dewey, Janet C.; Roberts, Scott D.; Hartley, Isobel

A Comparison of Trap Versus Ground Collection of Acorns to Assess Insect Infestation 1997 Perry, Roger W.; Mangini, Alex.

A comparison of tree crown condition in areas with and without gypsy moth activity 2005 Randolph, KaDonna C.

A comparison of tree shelters and their effects on seedling survival and growth of two bottomland hardwood species: first-year results 2006 Stuhlinger, H. Christoph; Earl, Jeffrey A.; Montgomery, Rebecca A.; DeFee, Buren B., II

A comparison of tree shelters installed on green ash and cherrybark oak seedlings in Arkansas 2013 Stuhlinger, H. Christoph

A Comparison of Tree Volume Estimation Models for Forest Inventory 1987 Kelly, John F.; Beltz, Roy C.

A comparison of two rough mill cutting models 1990 Ruddell, Steven; Huber, Henry; Klinkhachorn, Powsiri

A comparison of two sampling approaches for assessing the urban forest canopy cover from aerial photography. 2016 Zennure, Ucar; Bettinger, Pete; Merry, Krista; Siry, Jacek; Bowker, J.M.

A Comparison of Various Estimators for Updating Forest Area Coverage Using AVHRR and Forest Inventory Data 1995 Roesch, Francis A., Jr.; van Deusen, Paul C.; Zhu, Zhiliang

A Comparison of Vector and Raster GIS Methods for Calculating Landscape Metrics Used in Environmental Assessments 2003 Wade, Timothy G.; Wickham, James D.; Nash, Maliha S.; Neale, Anne C.; Riitters, Kurt H.; Jones, K. Bruce

A Comparison of Vegetation Within and Outside Riparian Areas Bordering Ephemeral Streams in the Ouachita Mountains 2004 Radabaugh, David K.; Liechty, Hal O.; Guldin, James M.

A Comparison of Yield Studies of Slash Pine in Old-Field Plantations 1970 Bennett, F.A.; Barnes, R. L.; Clutter, J.L.; McGee, C.E.

A Compatible Stem Taper-Volume-Weight System For Intensively Managed Fast Growing Loblolly Pine 2002 Zhang, Yugia; Borders, Bruce E.; Bailey, Robert L

A complex stand on the white river national wildlife refuge: implications for bottomland hardwood old growth 2006 Lockhart, Brian Roy; Kellum, Jamie E.

A comprehensive bibliography on vacation homes and recreational lands in the United States 1980 Ragatz, Richard L.; Cordell, H. Ken

A computational study of pyrolysis reactions of lignin model compounds 2010 Elder, Thomas

A computerized bucking trainer for optimally bucking hardwoods 2000 Noble, Scott; Orr, Blair; Araman, Philip A.; Baumgras, John; Pickens, James B.

A Computer Program for Variable Density Yield Tables for Loblolly Pine Plantations 1977 Myers, Clifford A.

A Computer Program You Can Use: Edging and Trimmer Trainer 1996 Araman, Philip A.; Kline, D. Earl; Winn, Matthew F.

A Computer Vision System forAnalyzing Images of Rough Hardwood Lumber 1990 Cho, Tai-Hoon; Conners, Richard W.; Araman, Philip A.

A Computer Vision System for Automated Grading of Rough Hardwood Lumber Using a Knowledge-Based Approach 1990 Cho, Tai-Hoon; Conners, Richard W.; Araman, Philip A.

A Computer Vision System forLocating and Identifying Internal Log Defects Using CT Imagery 1991 Zhu, Dongping; Conners, Richard W.; Lamb, Frederick; Araman, Philip A.

A conceptual framework for adaptive forest management under climate change 2014 Holmes, Thomas P.; McNulty, Steve; Vose, James M.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Li, Harbin

A conceptual framework: redifining forests soil's critical acid loads under a changing climate 2010 McNulty, Steven G.; Boggs, Johnny L.

A conceptual hydrologic model for a forested Carolina bay depressional wetland on the Coastal Plain of South Carolina, USA 2008 Pyzoha, Jennifer E.; Callahan, Timothy J.; Sun, Ge; Trettin, Carl C.; Miwa, Masato

A concession system for public forests in "Mata Atlantica" Dominium, Brazil 2002 de Lima, Jorge Paladino Corrêa; McDaniel, Josh

A consensus genetic map for Pinus taeda and Pinus elliottii and extent of linkage disequilibrium in two genotype-phenotype discovery populations of Pinua taeda 2015 Westbrook, Jared W.; Chhatre, Vikram E.; Wu, Le-Shin; Chamala, Srikar; Neves, Leandro Gomide; Munoz, Patricio; Martinez-Garcia, Pedro J.; Neale, David B.; Kirst, Matias; Mockaitis, Keithanne; Nelson, C. Dana; Peter, Gary F.; Davis, John M.; Echt, Craig S.

A Consensus Map for Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.). I. Construction and Integration of Individual Linkage Maps From TwoOutbred Three-Generation Pedigrees 1998 Sewell, Mitchell M.; Sherman, Bradley K.; Neale, David B.

A consideration of collective memory in African American attachment to wildland recreation places 1998 Johnson, Cassandra Y.

A containment and disposition strategy for tritium-contaminated groundwater at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina, United States 2005 Hitckcock, Daniel R.; Barton, Christopher D.; Rebel, Karin T.; Singer, Julian; Seanman, John C.; Strawbridge, J. Dan; Riha, Susan J.; Blake, John I.

A continental strategy for the national ecological observatory network 2008 Keller, Michael; Schimel, David S.; Hargrove, W. William; Hoffman, Forrest M.

A Contingent Trip Model for Estimating Rail-trail Demand 2003 Betz, Carter J.; Bergstrom, John C.; Bowker, J. Michael

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