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2017  A cyber-enabled spatial decision support system to inventory Mangroves in Mozambique: coupling scientific workflows and cloud computing Tang, Wenwu; Feng, Wenpeng; Jia, Meijuan; Shi, Jiyang; Zuo, Huifang; Stringer, Christina E.; Trettin, Carl C.

2017  Adaptive response to land-use history and roost selection by Rafinesque’s big-eared bats Loeb, Susan C.

2017  A hedonic analysis of big game hunting club dues in Georgia, USA Mingie, James C.; Poudyal, Neelam C.;  Bowker, J. M.;  Mengak, Michael T.;  Siry, Jacek P.

2017  Alabama’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Wall, David J.; Bentley, James; Cooper, Jason A.; Gray, James A. W.

2017  Alternative trailer configurations for maximizing payloads Thompson, Jason D.; Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John

2017  A model to estimate hydrological processes and water budget in an irrigation farm pond Ouyang, Ying; Paz, Joel O.; Feng, Gary; Read, John J.; Adeli, Ardeshir; Jenkins, Johnie N.

2017  Amphibian breeding phenology and reproductive outcome: an examination using terrestrial and aquatic sampling Greenberg, C.H.; Johnson, S.A.; Owen, R.; Storfer, A.

2017  An assessment of gains and losses from international trade in the forest sector Buongiorno, Joseph; Johnston, Craig; Zhu, Shushuai

2017  An empirical, hierarchical typology of tree species assemblages for assessing forest dynamics under global change scenarios Costanza, Jennifer K.; Coulston, John W.; Wear, David N.

2017  A new hypervolume approach for assessing environmental risks Yemshanov, Denys; Koch, Frank H.; Lu, Bo; Fournier, Ronald; Cook, Gericke; Turgeon, Jean J.

2017  An extractive removal step optimized for a high-throughput α-cellulose extraction method for δ 13 C and δ 18 O stable isotope ratio analysis in conifer tree rings Lin, Wen; Noormets, Asko; King, John S.; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steve; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Cernusak, Lucas

2017  An incremental economic analysis of establishing early successional habitat for biodiversity Hazard-Daniel, Slayton W.; Hiesl, Patrick; Loeb, Susan C.; Straka, Thomas J.

2017  An inventory of continental U.S. terrestrial candidate ecological restoration areas based on landscape context Wickham, James; Riitters, Kurt; Vogt, Peter; Costanza, Jennifer; Neale, Anne

2017  A privilege and a challenge: valuation of heirs' property by African American landowners and implications for forest management in the southeastern U.S Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra

2017  Areas of residential development in the southern Appalachian Mountains are characterized by low riparian zone nitrogen cycling and no increase in soil greenhouse gas emissions Baas, Peter; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Markewitz, Daniel; Mohan, Jacqueline E.

2017  Are camera surveys useful for assessing recruitment in white-tailed deer? Chitwood, M. Colter; Lashley, Marcus A.; Kilgo, John C.; Cherry, Michael J.; Conner, L. Mike; Vukovich, Mark; Ray, H. Scott; Ruth, Charles; Warren, Robert J.; DePerno, Christopher S.; Moorman, Christopher E.

2017  Arkansas’ timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Wall, David J.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Gray, James A.

2017  A special issue of the Journal of Forestry —Proceedings of the 2015 National Silviculture Workshop Guldin, James M.; Buford, Marilyn A.

2017  Assessing the impact of wood decay fungi on the modulus of elasticity of slash pine (Pinus elliottii) by stress wave non-destructive testing Yang, Zhong; Jiang, Zhehui; Hse, Chung Y.; Liu, Ru

2017  Association genetics of growth and adaptive traits in loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) using whole-exome-discovered polymorphisms Lu, Mengmeng; Krutovsky, Konstantin V.; Nelson, C. Dana; West, Jason B.; Reilly, Nathalie A.; Loopstra, Carol A.

2017  A temporal importance-performance analysis of recreation attributes on national forests: a technical document supporting the Forest Service update of the 2010 RPA Assessment Askew, Ashley E.; Bowker, J.M.; English, Donald B.K.; Zarnoch, Stanley J.; Green, Gary T.

2017  Atlanta households’ willingness to increase urban forests to mitigate cimate change Tran, Y.;  Siry, J. P.;  Bowker, J. M.;  Poudyal, N. C.

2017  A United States national prioritization framework for tree species vulnerability to climate change Potter, Kevin M.; Crane, Barbara S.; Hargrove, William W.

2017  Banking on the future: progress, challenges and opportunities for the genetic conservation of forest trees Potter, Kevin M.; Jetton, Robert M.; Bower, Andrew; Jacobs, Douglass F.; Man, Gary; Hipkins, Valerie D.; Westwood, Murphy

2017  Baseline capture rates and roosting habits of Myotis septentrionalis (Northern Long-Eared Bat) prior to white-nose syndrome  detection in the southern Appalachians Rojas, Vanessa G.; O'Keefe, Joy M.; Loeb, Susan C.

2017  Below- and above-ground effects of deadwood and termites in plantation forests Ulyshen, Michael D.; Shefferson, Richard; Horn, Scott; Taylor, Melanie K.; Bush, Bryana; Brownie, Cavell; Seibold, Sebastian; Strickland, Michael S.

2017  Big game hunter preferences for hunting club attributes: A choice experiment Mingie, James C.; Poudyal, Neelam C.;  Bowker, J. M.;  Mengak, Michael T.;  Siry, Jacek P.

2017  Biomarker metabolite signatures pave the way for electronic-nose applications in early clinical disease diagnoses Dan Wilson, Alphus

2017  Biomass and nutrient mass of Acacia dealbata and Eucalyptus globulus bioenergy plantations Albaugh, Timothy J.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Maier, Chris A.; Acuña, Eduardo A.; Cook, Rachel L.

2017  Biomass estimates of small diameter planted and natural-origin loblolly pines show major departures from the National Biomass Estimator equations Schuler, Jamie; Bragg, Don C.; McElligott, Kristin

2017  Biomass removal study on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John

2017  Biotic resistance to exotic invasions: its role in forest ecosystems, confounding artifacts, and future directions Nunez-Mir, Gabriela C.; Liebhold, Andrew M.; Guo, Qinfeng; Brockerhoff, Eckehard G.; Jo, Insu; Ordonez, Kimberly; Fei, Songlin

2017  Calibration of paired watersheds: Utility of moving sums in presence of externalities Ssegane, Herbert; Amatya, D.M.; Muwamba, Augustine; Chescheir, George M.; Appelboom, Tim; Tollner, E.W.; Nettles, Jami E.; Youssef, Mohamed A.; Birgand, Francois; Skaggs, R.W.

2017  Changing patterns of daily precipitation totals at the Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory, North Carolina, USA Burt, T. P.; Ford Miniat, C.; Laseter, S. H.; Swank, W. T.

2017  Characterization of biobased polyurethane foams employing lignin fractionated from microwave liquefied switchgrass Huang, Xingyan; De Hoop, Cornelis F.; Xie, Jiulong; Hse, Chung-Yun; Qi, Jinqiu; Hu, Tingxing

2017  Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) invasion in maritime forests: the role of anthropogenic disturbance and its management implication Pile, Lauren S.; Wang, G. Geoff; Knapp, Benjamin O.; Walker, Joan L.; Stambaugh, Michael C.

2017  Choice experiments Holmes, Thomas P; Adamawicz, Wiktor L; Carlsson, Fredrik

2017  Climate variability drives population cycling and synchrony Pomara, Lars Y.; Zuckerberg, Benjamin

2017  Coastal forests and groundwater: Using case studies to understand the effects of drivers and stressors for resource management Callahan, Timothy; Amatya, Devendra; Stone, Peter

2017  Cogongrass ( Imperata cylindrica ) affects above- and belowground processes in commercial loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda ) stands Trautwig, Adam N.; Eckhardt, Lori G.; Loewenstein, Nancy J.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Carter, Emily A.; Nadel, Ryan L.

2017  Combined effects of climate and land management on watershed vegetation dynamics in an arid environment Liu, Peilong; Hao, Lu; Pan, Cen; Zhou, Decheng; Liu, Yongqiang; Sun, Ge

2017  Comparative water use in short-rotation Eucalyptus benthamii and Pinus taeda trees in the southern United States Maier, Chris A.; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Cook, Rachel I.; Hall, Kevin; McInnis, Daniel; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Johnson, John; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Vose, James M.

2017  Comparison of direct outflow calculated by modified SCS-CN methods for mountainous and highland catchments in upper Vistula Basin, Poland and lowland catchment in South Carolina, U.S.A Walega, A.; Cupak, A.; Amatya, D.M.; Drozdzal, E.

2017  Coupling fine-scale root and canopy structure using ground-based remote sensing Hardiman, Brady; Gough, Christopher; Butnor, John; Bohrer, Gil; Detto, Matteo; Curtis, Peter

2017  Cristulariella moricola associated with foliar blight of Camden white gum ( Eucalyptus benthamii ), a bioenergy crop Aubrey, Doug P.; Fraedrich, Stephen W.; Harrington, Thomas C.; Olatinwo, Rabiu

2017  Daily Landsat-scale evapotranspiration estimation over a forested landscape in North Carolina, USA, using multi-satellite data fusion Yang, Yun; Anderson, Martha C.; Gao, Feng; Hain, Christopher R.; Semmens, Kathryn A.; Kustas, William P.; Noormets, Asko; Wynne, Randolph H.; Thomas, Valerie A.; Sun, Ge

2017  Decadal-scale changes in forest soil carbon and nitrogen storage are influenced by organic matter removal during timber harvest Mushinski, Ryan M.; Boutton, Thomas W.; Scott, D. Andrew

2017  Density functional theory study of spirodienone stereoisomers in lignin Elder, Thomas; Berstis, Laura; Beckham, Gregg T.; Crowley, Michael F.

2017  Designing efficient nitrous oxide sampling strategies in agroecosystems using simulation models Saha, Debasish; Kemanian, Armen R.; Rau, Benjamin M.; Adler, Paul R.; Montes, Felipe

2017  Design of cinnamaldehyde amino acid Schiff base compounds based on the quantitative structure–activity relationship Wang, Hui; Jiang, Mingyue; Li, Shujun; Hse, Chung-Yun; Jin, Chunde; Sun, Fangli; Li, Zhuo

2017  Development of known-fate survival monitoring techniques for juvenile wild pigs (Sus scrofa) Keiter, David A.; Kilgo, John C.; Vukovich, Mark A.; Cunningham, Fred L.; Beasley, James C.

2017  Dilute alkali and hydrogen peroxide treatment of microwave liquefied rape straw residue for the extraction of cellulose nanocrystals Huang, Xingyan; De Hoop, Cornelis F.; Li, Feng; Xie, Jiulong; Hse, Chung-Yun; Qi, Jinqiu; Jiang, Yongze; Chen, Yuzhu

2017  Directional liquefaction of biomass for phenolic compounds and in situ hydrodeoxygenation upgrading of phenolics using bifunctional catalysts Feng, Junfeng; Hse, Chung-yun; Wang, Kui; Yang, Zhongzhi; Jiang, Jianchun; Xu, Junming

2017  Discrimination between Pseudogymnoascus destructans, other dermatophytes of cave-dwelling bats, and related innocuous keratinophilic fungi based on electronic-nose/GC signatures of VOC-metabolites produced in culture Wilson, Alphus Dan; Forse, Lisa Beth

2017  Divergence of species responses to climate change Fei, Songlin; Desprez, Johanna M.; Potter, Kevin M.; Jo, Insu; Knott, Jonathan A.; Oswalt, Christopher M.

2017  Dual-filter estimation for rotating-panel sample designs Roesch, Francis

2017  Dynamic dielectric properties of a wood liquefaction system using polyethylene glycol and glycerol Zhou, Mengchao; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Cai, Bo; Hse, Chung-Yun; Pan, Hui

2017  Dynamics of soil CO 2 efflux under varying atmospheric CO 2 concentrations reveal dominance of slow processes Kim, Dohyoung; Oren, Ram; Clark, James S.; Palmroth, Sari; Oishi, A. Christopher; McCarthy, Heather R.; Maier, Chris A.; Johnsen, Kurt

2017  Early root development of poplars ( Populus spp.) in relation to moist and saturated soil conditions Mc Carthy, Rebecka; Löf, Magnus; Gardiner, Emile S.

2017  Ecophysiological variation of transpiration of pine forests: synthesis of new and published results Tor-ngern, Pantana; Oren, Ram; Oishi, Andrew C.; Uebelherr, Joshua M.; Palmroth, Sari; Tarvainen, Lasse; Ottosson-Löfvenius, Mikaell; Linder, Sune; Domec, Jean-Christophe; Näsholm, Torgny

2017  Ecosystem carbon density and allocation across a chronosequence of longleaf pine forests Samuelson, Lisa J.; Stokes, Thomas A.; Butnor, John R.; Johnsen, Kurt H.; Gonzalez-Benecke, Carlos A.; Martin, Timothy A.; Cropper, Wendell P.; Anderson, Pete H.; Ramirez, Michael R.; Lewis, John C.

2017  Effect of forest opening characteristics, prey abundance, and environmental factors on bat activity in the southern Appalachians Brooks, Jonathan D.; Loeb, Susan C.; Gerard, Patrick D.

2017  Effect of steam during Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis using biomass-derived syngas Wang, Zi; Mai, Khiet; Kumar, Nitin; Elder, Thomas; Groom, Leslie H.; Spivey, James J.

2017  Effects of basal area on survival and growth of longleaf pine when practicing selection silviculture Kara, Ferhat; Loewenstein, Edward F.; Brockway, Dale G.

2017  Effects of Chinese tallow leaf litter on water chemistry and surfacing behaviour of anuran larvae Saenz, Daniel; Adams, Cory K.

2017  Effects of cycle length and plot density on estimators for a national-scale forest monitoring sample design Roesch, Francis A.; Schroeder, Todd A.; Vogt, James T.

2017  Effects of intermediate-severity disturbance on composition and structure in mixed Pinus-hardwood stands Trammell, Benjamin; Hart, Justin; Schweitzer, Callie; Dey, Daniel C.; Steinberg, Michael

2017  Effects of repeated burning on snag abundance in shortleaf pine woodlands Perry, Roger W.; Jordan, Phillip N.; McDaniel, Virginia L.

2017  Electronic-nose devices - potential for noninvasive early disease-detection applications Wilson, Alohus Dan

2017  Elevated light levels reduce hemlock woolly adelgid infestation and improve carbon balance of infested eastern hemlock seedlings Brantley, Steven T.; Mayfield, Albert (Bud); Jetton, Robert M.; Miniat, Chelcy F.; Zietlow, David R.; Brown, Cindi L.; Rhea, Rusty

2017  Emerging issues in urban ecology: implications for research, social justice, human health, and well-being Jennings, Viniece; Floyd, Myron F.; Shanahan, Danielle; Coutts, Christopher; Sinykin, Alex

2017  In situ catalytic hydrogenation of model compounds and biomass-derived phenolic compounds for bio-oil upgrading Feng, Junfeng; Yang, Zhongzhi; Hse, Chung-yun; Su, Qiuli; Wang, Kui; Jiang, Jianchun; Xu, Junming

2017  Pituophis ruthveni Adams, Connor S.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J.

2017  Environmental controls on seasonal ecosystem evapotranspiration/potential evapotranspiration ratio as determined by the global eddy flux measurements Liu, Chunwei; Sun, Ge; McNulty, Steve; Noormets, Asko; Fang, Yuan

2017  Estimating impact of rainfall change on hydrological processes in Jianfengling rainforest watershed, China using BASINS-HSPF-CAT modeling system Zhou, Zhang; Ouyang, Ying; Li, Yide; Qiu, Zhijun; Moran, Matt

2017  Evaluating effectiveness and cost of time-lapse triggered camera trapping techniques to detect terrestrial squamate diversity Adams, Connor S.; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J.; Pierce, Brian L.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig

2017  Evaluation of a tracked feller-buncher harvesting plantation loblolly pine Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana

2017  Evaluation of reference evapotranspiration methods in arid, semiarid, and humid regions Gao, Fei; Feng, Gary; Ouyang, Ying; Wang, Huixiao; Fisher, Daniel; Adeli, Ardeshir; Jenkins, Johnie

2017  “Even our Dairy Queen shut down”: Risk and resilience in bioenergy development in forest-dependent communities in the US South Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Brosius, J. Peter

2017  Evidence of climate change impact on stream low flow from the tropical mountain rainforest watershed in Hainan Island, China Zhou, Z.; Ouyang, Y.; Qiu, Z.; Zhou, G.; Lin, M.; Li, Y.

2017  Fire history of the Appalachian region: a review and synthesis Lafon, Charles W.; Naito, Adam T.; Grissino-Mayer, Henri D.; Horn, Sally P.; Waldrop, Thomas A.

2017  Fish assemblage production estimates in Appalachian streams across a latitudinal and temperature gradient Myers, Bonnie J.E.; Dolloff, C. Andrew; Webster, Jackson R.; Nislow, Keith H.; Fair, Brandon; Rypel, Andrew L.

2017  Florida’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Wall, David J.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Gray, James A.

2017  Forest cover change, climate variability, and hydrological responses Wei, Xiaohua; Winkler, Rita; Sun, Ge

2017  Forest health monitoring: national status, trends, and analysis 2016 Potter, Kevin M.; Conkling, Barbara L.

2017  Forest landscape restoration: increasing the positive impacts of forest restoration or simply the area under tree cover? Mansourian, Stephanie; Stanturf, John A.; Derkyi, Mercy Afua Adutwumwaa; Engel, Vera Lex

2017  Forest pests and home values: The importance of accuracy in damage assessment and geocoding of properties Moeltner, Klaus; Blinn, Christine E.; Holmes, Thomas P.

2017  Forests of Alabama, 2016 Hartsell, A.

2017  Forests of Arkansas, 2016 Rosson, James F.

2017  Forests of east Texas, 2015 Dooley, Kerry J.W.

2017  Forests of Florida, 2015 Brown, M.J.; Nowak, J.

2017  Forests of Kentucky, 2013 Oswalt, Christopher

2017  Forests of Louisiana, 2014 Oswalt, S.N.

2017  Forests of Oklahoma, 2015 Dooley, Kerry.

2017  Forests of Puerto Rico, 2014 Marcano-Vega, Humfredo.

2017  Forests of South Carolina, 2016 Brandeis, T.J.; Hartsell, A.; Brandeis, C.

2017  Forests of Virginia, 2015 Brandeis, T.J.; Hartsell, A.J.; Brandeis, C.

2017  Fossil energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, including soil carbon effects, of producing agriculture and forestry feedstocks Canter, Christina E.; Qin, Zhangcai; Cai, Hao; Dunn, Jennifer B.; Wang, Michael; Scott, D. Andrew

2017  Freshwater mussel shells (Unionidae) chronicle changes in a North American river over the past 1000 years Fritts, Andrea K.; Fritts, Mark W.; Haag, Wendell R.; DeBoer, Jason A.; Casper, Andrew F.

2017  From deficit to surplus: An econometric analysis of US trade balance in forest products Zhang, Daowei; Lin, Ying; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.

2017  Fundamental economic irreversibilities influence policies for enhancing international forest phytosanitary security Holmes, Thomas P.; Allen, Will; G. Haight, Robert; Keskitalo, E. Carina H.; Marzano, Mariella; Pettersson, Maria; P. Quine, Christopher; Langer, E. R.

2017  Genetic variation in native populations of the laurel wilt pathogen, Raffaelea lauricola , in Taiwan and Japan and the introduced population in the United States Wuest, Caroline E.; Harrington, Thomas C.; Fraedrich, Stephen W.; Yun, Hye-Young; Lu, Sheng-Shan

2017  Genetic variation patterns of American chestnut populations at EST-SSRs Gailing, Oliver; Nelson, C. Dana

2017  Georgia’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Wall, David J.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Gray, James A.

2017  Geospatial economics of the woody biomass supply in Kansas -- A case study Khaliukova, Olga; Paull, Darci; Lewis-Gonzales, Sarah L.; Andre, Nicolas; Biles, Larry E.; Young, Timothy M.; Perdue, James H.

2017  Growth, survival, and competitive ability of chestnut (Castanea Mill.) seedlings planted across a gradient of light levels Pinchot, Cornelia C.; Schlarbaum, Scott E.; Clark, Stacy L.; Saxton, Arnold M.; Sharp, Ami M.; Schweitzer, Callie J.; Hebard, Frederick V.

2017  Guidelines for sampling aboveground biomass and carbon in mature central hardwood forests Spetich, Martin A.; Shifley, Stephen R.

2017  GuidosToolbox: universal digital image object analysis Vogt, Peter; Riitters, Kurt

2017  Habitat use and life history of the vernal crayfish, Procambarus viaeviridis (Faxon, 1914), a secondary burrowing crayfish in Mississippi, USA Barnett, Zanethia C.; Adams, Susan B.; Rosamond, Rebecca L.  

2017  Height-diameter relationships in longleaf pine and four swamp tree species Chen, Xiongwen; Brockway, Dale G.

2017  Hemiboreal forest: natural disturbances and the importance of ecosystem legacies to management Jogiste, Kalev; Korjus, Henn; Stanturf, John; Frelich, Lee E.; Baders, Endijs; Donis, Janis; Jansons, Aris; Kangur, Ahto; Koster, Kajar; Laarmann, Diana; Maaten, Tiit; Marozas, Vitas; Metslaid, Marek; Nigul, Kristi; Polyachenko, Olga; Randveer, Tiit; Vodde, Floortje

2017  High-resolution precipitation mapping in a mountainous watershed: ground truth for evaluating uncertainty in a national precipitation dataset Daly, Christopher; Slater, Melissa E.; Roberti, Joshua A.; Laseter, Stephanie H.; Swift, Lloyd W.

2017  Historical foundations and future directions in macrosystems ecology Rose, Kevin C.; Graves, Rose A.; Hansen, Winslow D.; Harvey, Brian J.; Qiu, Jiangxiao; Wood, Stephen A.; Ziter, Carly; Turner, Monica G.; Thuiller, Wilfried

2017  Houston’s Urban Forest, 2015 Nowak, David J.; Bodine, Allison R.; Hoehn, Robert E.; Edgar, Christopher B.; Riley, Gretchen; Hartel, Dudley R.; Dooley, Kerry J.; Stanton, Sharon M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Lister, Tonya W.

2017  How do land-use legacies affect ecosystem services in United States cultural landscapes? Ziter, Carly; Graves, Rose A.; Turner, Monica G.

2017  Identifying potential heirs properties in the Southeastern United States: a new GIS methodology utilizing mass appraisal data Pippin, Ssott; Jones, Shana; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra.

2017  Identify temporal trend of air temperature and its impact on forest stream flow in Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley using wavelet analysis Ouyang, Ying; Parajuli, Prem B.; Li, Yide; Leininger, Theodor D.; Feng, Gary

2017  Impact of air pollution induced climate change on water availability and ecosystem productivity in the conterminous United States Duan, Kai; Sun, Ge; Zhang, Yang; Yahya, Khairunnisa; Wang, Kai; Madden, James M.; Caldwell, Peter V.; Cohen Mack, Erika; McNulty, Steve

2017  Impact of trucking network flow on preferred biorefinery locations in the southern United States Young, Timothy M.; Han, Lee D.; Perdue, James H.; Hargrove, Stephanie R.; Guess, Frank M.; Huang, Xia; Chen, Chung-Hao

2017  Impacts of forest biomass removal on water yield across the United States Sun, Ge; Zhang, Liangxia; Duan, Kai; Rau, Benjamin

2017  Implementing forest landscape restoration, a practitioner's guide Stanturf, John; Mansourian, Stephanie; Kleine, Michael (eds.).

2017  Indiana bats roost in ephemeral, fire-dependent pine snags in the southern Appalachian Mountains, USA O'Keefe, Joy M.; Loeb, Susan C.

2017  Induction of cold hardiness in an invasive herbivore: The case of hemlock woolly adelgid (Hemiptera: Adelgidae) Elkinton, Joseph S.; Lombardo, Jeffrey A.; Roehrig, Artemis D.; McAvoy, Thomas J.; Mayfield, Albert; Whitmore, Mark

2017  Influence of reproduction cutting methods on structure, growth and regeneration of longleaf pine forests in flatwoods and uplands Brockway, Dale G.; Outcalt, Kenneth W.

2017  Insights into the ecology, genetics and distribution of Lucanus elaphus Fabricius (Coleoptera: Lucanidae), North America's giant stag beetle Ulyshen, Michael D.; Zachos, Louis G.; Stireman, John O.; Sheehan, Thomas N.; Garrick, Ryan C.

2017  Interactions between ethanol, syn-2,3-hexanediol, 3-hydroxyhexan-2-one, and 3-hydroxyoctan-2-one lures on trap catches of hardwood longhorn beetles in southeastern united states Miller, D R; Crowe, C M; Mayo, P D; Reid, L S; Silk, P J; Sweeney, J D

2017  Interpreting multiscale domains of tree cover disturbance patterns in North America Riitters, Kurt; Costanza, Jennifer K.; Buma, Brian

2017  Kentucky’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Wall, David J.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Gray, James

2017  Landscape heterogeneity reduces coyote predation on white-tailed deer fawns Gulsby, William D.; Kilgo, John C.; Vukovich, Mark; Martin, James A.

2017  Light availability and soil flooding regulate photosynthesis of an imperiled shrub in lowland forests of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, USA Lockhart, B. R.; Gardiner, E. S.; Leininger, T. D.; Devall, M. S.; Wilson, A. D.; Connor, K. F.; Hamel, P. B.; Schiff, N. M.

2017  Liquid phase in situ hydrodeoxygenation of biomass-derived phenolic compounds to hydrocarbons over bifunctional catalysts Feng, Junfeng; Hse, Chung-yun; Yang, Zhongzhi; Wang, Kui; Jiang, Jianchun; Xu, Junming

2017  Loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda L.) productivity 23 years after wet site harvesting and site preparation in the lower Atlantic Coastal Plain Neaves, Charles M.; Aust, W. Michael; Bolding, M. Chad; Barrett, Scott M.; Trettin, Carl C.; Vance, Eric

2017  Longleaf pine cone collection on the Sabine National Forest during October 2014 Weick, George F.; Jackson, Earlene Bracy; Smith, Robert; Crooks, James; Crane, Barbara; Guldin, James M.

2017  Louisiana’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Gray, James A.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Wall, David J.

2017  Macro-scale assessment of demographic and environmental variation within genetically derived evolutionary lineages of eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), an imperiled conifer of the eastern United States Prasad, Anantha M.; Potter, Kevin M.

2017  Managed bumble bees (Bombus impatiens) (Hymenoptera: Apidae) caged with blueberry bushes at high density did not increase fruit set or fruit weight compared to open pollination Campbell, J. W.; O'Brien, J.; Irvin, J. H.; Kimmel, C. B.; Daniels, J. C.; Ellis, J. D.

2017  Mangrove expansion into salt marshes alters associated faunal communities Smee, Delbert L.; Sanchez, James A.; Diskin, Meredith; Trettin, Carl

2017  Mapping the spatio-temporal evolution of irrigation in the Coastal Plain of Georgia, USA Williams, Marcus D.; Hawley, Christie M.S.; Madden, Marguerite; Shepherd, J. Marshall

2017  Microhabitat estimation of an imperiled headwater fish, the Yazoo darter (Etheostoma raneyi), in Coastal Plain streams Sterling, Ken A.; Warren, Melvin L.

2017  Microwave-assisted liquefaction of rape straw for the production of bio-oils Huang, Xing-Yan; Li, Feng; Xie, Jiu-Long; De Hoop, Cornelis F.; Hse, Chung-Yun; Qi, Jin-Qiu; Xiao, Hui.

2017  Midstory shelterwood to promote natural Quercus reproduction on the Mid-Cumberland Plateau, Alabama: Status four years after final harvest Schweitzer, Callie J.; Dey, Daniel C.

2017  Mississippi’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Gray, James A.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Wall, David J.

2017  Modeling forest site productivity using mapped geospatial attributes within a South Carolina landscape, USA Parresol, B.R.; Scott, D.A.; Zarnoch, S.J.; Edwards, L.A.; Blake, J.I.

2017  Modification of cellulose with succinic anhydride in TBAA/DMSO mixed solvent under catalyst-free conditions Xin, Ping-Ping; Huang, Yao-Bing; Hse, Chung-Yun; Cheng, Huai N.; Huang, Chaobo; Pan, Hui.

2017  National and community market contributions of Wilderness Hjerpe, Evan; Holmes, Tom; White, Eric

2017  Native American  student perspectives of challenges in natural resource higher education Gervais, Breanna; Voirin, Chase R.; Beatty, Chris; Bulltail, Grace; Cowherd, Stephanie; Defrance, Shawn; Dorame, Breana; Gutteriez, Raymond; Lackey, Jessica; Lupe, Candy; Negrette, April B.; Robbins Sherman, Natalya C.; Swaney, Ruth; Tso, Kevin; Victor, Marvin; Wilson, Royale; Yazzie, Kimberly; Long, Jonathan W.; Hoagland, Serra J.

2017  No rest for the laurels: symbiotic invaders cause unprecedented damage to southern USA forests Hughes, M. A.; Riggins, J. J.; Koch, F. H.; Cognato, A. I.; Anderson, C.; Formby, J. P.; Dreaden, T. J.; Ploetz, R. C.; Smith, J. A.

2017  North Carolina’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Gray, James A.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Wall, David J.

2017  Oklahoma's forests, 2014 Dooley, Kerry; Randolph, KaDonna.

2017  Oklahoma’s timber industry-timber product output and use, 2013 Gray, James A.; Bentley, James W.; Cooper, Jason A.; Wall, David J.

2017  Plant–microbial competition for nitrogen increases microbial activities and carbon loss in invaded soils Craig, Matthew E.; Fraterrigo, Jennifer M.

2017  Plentern mit Kiefern--Ergebnisse aus den USA [Plentering with pines--results from the United States] Guldin, James M.; Bragg, Don C.; Zingg, Andreas

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