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 2009  Tunneling and activity of Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) exposed to low concentrations of nonrepellent termiticides 2009 

Abbott, A. Lynn; Schmoldt, Daniel L.; Araman, Philip A. 2000  A next generation processing system for edging and trimming 2000 

Abbott, A. Lynn; Schmoldt, Daniel L.; Araman, Philip A.; Lee, Sang-Mook 2001  Automatic scanning of rough hardwood lumber for edging and trimming 2001 

Abell, Margaret Stoughton 1933  A glimpse of the Appalachian forest experiment station 1933 

Aber, John; McDowell, William; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Magill, Alison; Berntson, Glenn; Kamakea, Mark; McNulty, Steven; Currie, William; Rustad, Lindsey; Fernandez, Ivan 1998  Nitrogen Saturation in Temperate Forest Ecosystems 1998 

Aber, John; Neilson, Ronald P.; McNulty, Steve; Lenihan, James M.; Bachelet, Dominque; Drapek, Raymond J. 2001  Forest processes and global environmental change: predicting the effects of individual and multiple stressors 2001 

Abilio, Fernanda Maria; Smith, Carl; Tidwell, Colin; Hamel, Paul; Devall, Margaret; Leininger, Ted 2008  Pondberry (Lindera melissifolia) seed predators 2008 

Abood, Sinan 2016  Mapping variable width riparian buffers 2016 

Abrahamsen, Thomas A.  1999  Trace Elements in Bed Sediments and Biota from Streams in the Santee River Basin and Coastal Drainages, North and South Carolina, 1995-97 1999 

Abrahamson, Deborah A.; Dougherty, Phillip M.; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 1998  Hydrological Components of a Young Loblolly Pine Plantation on a Sandy Soil with Estimates of Water Use and Loss 1998 

Abrahamson, L. P.; Harper, J. D. 1973  Microbial Insecticides Control Forest Tent Caterpillar in Southwestern Alabama 1973 

Abrahamson, L. P.; McCracken, F. I. 1971  Insect and Disease Pests of Southern Hardwoods 1971 

Absher, James D.; McCollum, Daniel W.; Bowker, J. Michael 1999  The value of research in recreation fee project implementation 1999 

Abt, Karen L. 2013  Employment and income trends and projections for forest-based sectors in the U.S 2013 

Abt, Karen L.; Abt, Robert C. 2012  Potential Impact of Bioenergy Demand on the Sustainability of the Southern Forest Resource 2012 

Abt, Karen L.; Abt, Robert C.; Galik, Christopher 2012  Effect of Bioenergy Demands and Supply Response on Markets, Carbon, and Land Use 2012 

Abt, Karen L.; Abt, Robert C.; Galik, Christopher S.; Skog, Kenneth E. 2014  Effect of policies on pellet production and forests in the U.S. South: a technical document supporting the Forest Service update of the 2010 RPA Assessment 2014 

Abt, Karen L.; Butry, David T.; Prestemon, Jeff; Scranton, Samuel 2015  Effect of fire prevention programs on accidental and incendiary wildfires on tribal lands in the United States 2015 

Abt, Karen Lee; Prestemon, Jeffrey P. 2003  Optimal Stand Management: Traditional and Neotraditional Solutions 2003 

Abt, Karen L.; Huggett, Robert J. Jr.; Holmes, Thomas P. 2008  Designing economic impact assessments for USFS wildfire programs 2008 

Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P. 2006  Timber markets and fuel treatments in the western US 2006 

Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Gebert, Krista 2008  Forecasting wildfire suppression expenditures for the United States Forest Service 2008 

Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Gebert, Krista M. 2009  Wildfire suppression cost forecasts for the US Forest Service 2009 

Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Gebert, Krista M. 2009  An answer to a burning question: what will the Forest Service spend on fire suppression this summer? 2009 

Abt, Karen L.; Prestemon, Jeffrey P.; Skog, Kenneth E.; Barbour, R. James; Hemstrom, Miles A,; Huggett, Robert J. 2011  Simulations of alternative mechanical thinning treatment programs on western timberland 2011 

Abt, Robert C.; Abt, Karen L.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Henderson, Jesse D. 2010  Effect of policy-based bioenergy demand on southern timber markets: A case study of North Carolina 2010 

Abt, Robert C.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Abt, Karen L. 2009  Projecting southern timber supply for multiple products by subregion 2009 

Abt, Robert C.; Cubbage, Frederick W.; Pacheco, Gerardo 2000  Southern Forest Resource Assessment Using the Subregional Timber Supply (SRTS) Model 2000 

Abt, Robert C.; Cubbage, Fredrick W.; Lee, Karen J.; Munn, Ian  1998  Timber Supply: Mississippi and the South 1998 

Abt, Robert C.; Lee, Karen J.; Pacheco, Gerardo 1995  Exploring product supply across age classes and forest types 1995 

Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro; Woodbury, Roy O. 1985  Los Bejucos de Puerto Rico Volumen I  1985 

Achmadi, Suminar; Syahbirin, Gustini; Chonng, Elvin T.; Hemingway, Richard W. 1994  Catechin-3-0-rhamoside chain procyanidins from mangrove bark 1994 

Achtemeier, Gary 2012  Field validation of a free-agent cellular automata model of fire spread with fire–atmosphere coupling 2012 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 1999  Smoke Management: Toward a Data Base to Validate PB-Piedmont - Numerical Simulation of Smoke on the Ground at Night 1999 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2009  On the formation and persistence of superfog in woodland smoke 2009 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2002  Interface modeling for predicting atmospheric transport of biota 2002 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2013  Prescribed fire and air quality in the American South: a review of conflicting interests and a technique for incorporating the land manager into regional air quality modeling 2013 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 1998  First Remote Measurements Of Smoke On The Ground At Night 1998 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 1998  A framework for standardizing flight characteristics for separating biology from meteorology in long-range insect transport 1998 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2003  On the origins of "superfog" -a combination of smoke and water vapor that produces zero visibility over roadways  2003 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2003  Recent results from PB-Piedmont - a model to simulate smoke on the ground at night  2003 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2006  Measurement of moisture in smoldering smoke and implications for fog 2006 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2005  Planned Burn-Piedmont. A local operational numerical meteorological model for tracking smoke on the ground at night: Model development and sensitivity tests  2005 

Achtemeier, Gary L. 2002  "Super-Fog"--A Combination of Smoke and Water Vapor That Produces Zero Visibility over Roadways 2002 

Achtemeier, Gary L.  2000  PB-Piedmont: A numerical model for predicting the movement of biological material near the ground at night. 2000 

Achtemeier, Gary L.  2001  Simulating nocturnal smoke movement 2001 

Achtemeier, Gary L.; Glitzenstein, Jeff; Naeher, Luke P. 2006  Measurements of smoke from chipped and unchipped plots 2006 

Achtemeier, Gary L.; Goodrick, Scott; Liu, Yongqiang 2005  A coupled modeling system for connecting prescribed fire activity data through CMAQ for simulating regional scale air quality 2005 

Achtemeier, Gary L.; Goodrick, Scott L.; Liu, Yongqiang 2003  The southern high-resolution modeling consortium - a source for research and operational collaboration  2003 

Achtemeier, Gary L.; Jackson, William; Hawkins, Bernie; Wade, Dale D.; McMahon, Charles K. 1998  The smoke dilemma: a head-on collision! 1998 

Achtemeier, Gary L.; Naeher, Luke 2005  Smoke plume behavior - what the data say 2005 

Achtemeier, G.L. 2009  On the formation and persistence of superfog in woodland smoke 2009 

Achtemeier, G. L; Goodrick, S. L.; Liu, Y. 2012  Modeling Multiple-Core Updraft Plume Rise for an Aerial Ignition Prescribed Burn by Coupling Daysmoke with a Cellular Automata Fire Model 2012 

Achtemeier, G L; Goodrick, S L; Liu, Y; Garcia-Menendez, F; Hu, Y; Odman, M. 2011  Modeling Smoke Plume-Rise and Dispersion from Southern United States Prescribed Burns with Daysmoke 2011 

Acquah, Gifty E.; Via, Brian K.; Eckhardt, Lori G. 2016  Screening Pinus taeda (loblolly pine) families for physical and mechanical properties using vibrational spectroscopy 2016 

Acuña, Eduardo ; Rubilar, Rafael ; Cancino, Jorge ; Albaugh, Timothy J.; Maier, Chris A. 2018  Economic assessment of Eucalyptus globulus short rotation energy crops under contrasting silvicultural intensities on marginal agricultural land 2018 

Adame, Patricia; Uriarte, Maria; Brandeis, Thomas 2014  Diameter growth performance of tree functional groups in Puerto Rican secondary tropical forests. 2014 

Adams, A.S.; Currie, C.R.; Cardoza, Y.; Klepzig, K.D.; Raffa, K.F. 2009  Effects of symbiotic bacteria and tree chemistry on the growth and reproduction of bark beetle fungal symbionts 2009 

Adams, C.K.; Saenz, D. 2012  Leaf litter of invasive Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) negatively affects hatching success of an aquatic breeding anuran, the southern leopard frog (Lithobates sphenocephalus) 2012 

Adams, Connor S.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J. 2017  Pituophis ruthveni 2017 

Adams, Connor S.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J. 2018  Resolving questionable records of Pituophis ruthveni (Louisiana Pinesnake) 2018 

Adams, Connor S.; Ryberg, Wade A.; Hibbitts, Toby J.; Pierce, Brian L.; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig 2017  Evaluating effectiveness and cost of time-lapse triggered camera trapping techniques to detect terrestrial squamate diversity 2017 

Adams, Cory K.; Adams, Jennifer H. 2013  Terrapene carolina triunguis (three-toed box turtle) 2013 

Adams, Cory K.; Saenz, Dan 2011  Use of artificial wildlife ponds by reptiles in eastern Texas 2011 

Adams, Cory K.; Saenz, Daniel; Conner, Richard N. 2011  Palatability of twelve species of anuran larvae in eastern Texas 2011 

Adams, Gerard C.; Catall, Mursel; Walla, James; Gould, Ann B. 2013  Bacterial leaf scorch distribution and isothermal lines (PROJECT NC-EM-08-02) 2013 

Adams, J.C.; Clason, T.R. 2002  Loblolly Pruning and Growth Characteristics at Different Planting Spacings 2002 

Adams, John C.; Adams, Joshua P.; Williams, R. A. 2010  The use of gibberellic acid as a presowing treatment for cherrybark and Nuttall oak acorns 2010 

Adams, John C.; Patterson, William B. 2004  Comparison of Planting Bar and Hoedad Planted Seedlings For Survival and Growth in a Controlled Environment 2004 

Adams, John C.; Vidrine, Clyde 2002  Loblolly Pine Growth 16 Years After Four Site Preparation Treatments 2002 

Adams, Jonathan; Edmondson, Chris; Willis, Damien; Carter, Robert 2013  Effects of prescribed burning on small mammal, reptile, and tick populations on the Talladega National Forest, Alabama 2013 

Adams, Joshua P.; Graves, David; Pelkki, Matthew H.; Stuhlinger, Chris; Barry, Jon 2015  Survival and initial growth attributes of improved and unimproved cherrybark oak in South Arkansas 2015 

Adams, Joshua P.; Land, Samuel B.; Duzan, Howard W. 2010  Spacing and family affect fusiform rust incidence in loblolly pine at age 17 2010 

Adams, Joshua P.; Land, Samuel B., Jr.; Matney, Thomas G. 2006  Family and spacing affect stem profile of loblolly pine at age 19 2006 

Adams, Joshua P.; Mustoe, Nicholas ; Bragg, Don C.; Pelkki, Matthew H.; Ford, Victor L. 2018  Genetic improvement and root pruning effects on cherrybark oak (Quercus pagoda L.) seedling growth and survival in southern Arkansas 2018 

Adams, Mary Beth 2016  Insights from long-term research on the Fernow Experimental Forest 2016 

Adams, Mary Beth; Kochenderfer, James N. 2007  Long-term stream chemistry monitoring on the fernow experiment forest: implications for sustainable management of hardwood forests 2007 

Adams, Phyllis C.; Christensen, Glenn A. 2012  A national analytical quality assurance program: Developing guidelines and analytical tools for the forest inventory and analysis program 2012 

Adams, S. B. 2008  Female reproductive characteristics of three species in the Orconectes subgenus Trisellescens and comparisons to other Orconectes species 2008 

Adams, Susan B. 2005  Katrina: boon or bust for freshwater fish communities? 2005 

Adams, Susan B. 2013  Effects of small impoundments on downstream crayfish assemblages 2013 

Adams, Susan B. 2006  Direct and indirect effects of channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) on native crayfishes (Cambaridae) in experimental tanks 2006 

Adams, Susan B. 2014  Crayfish use of trash versus natural cover in incised, sand-bed streams 2014 

Adams, Susan B. 2006  Dainties of the first order 2006 

Adams, Susan B.; Bjornn, Theodore C. 1997  Bull trout distributions related to temperature regimes in four central Idaho streams 1997 

Adams, Susan B.; Davis, Blake A.; Miller, Darren A. 2018  Hobbseus yalobushensis, a crayfish of intermittent streams: Biotic and habitat associations, life history characteristics, and new localities 2018 

Adams, Susan B.; Frissell, Christopher A. 2001  Thermal Habitat Use and Evidence of Seasonal Migration by Rocky Mountain Tailed Frogs, Ascaphus montanus, in Montana  2001 

Adams, Susan B.; Hamel, Paul B.; Connor, Kristina; Burke, Bryce; Gardiner, Emile S.; Wise, David 2007  Potential roles of fish, birds, and water in swamp privet (Forestiera acuminata) seed dispersal 2007 

Adams, Susan B.; Jones, Robert L. 2018  Range extensions of three crayfishes (Faxonius yanahlindus, F. placidus, and F. erichsonianus) into Mississippi 2018 

Adams, Susan B.; Roghair, Craig; Krause, Colin; Warren, Mel; Cochran, J. Allison; Dolloff, Andy; Moran, John; McGregor, Stuart W.; Schuester, Guenter A.; Gangloff, Michael; DeVries, Dennis R.; Kendrick, Michael R.; Grove, G. Lee; Wright, Russell A. 2015  New crayfish species records from the Sipsey Fork drainage, including Lewis Smith Reservoir (Alabama, USA): Native or introduced species? 2015 

Adams, Susan B.; Schmetterling, David A. 2007  Freshwater sculpins: phylogenetics to ecology 2007 

Adams, Susan B.; Schmetterling, David A.; Neely, David A. 2015  Summer stream temperatures influence sculpin distributions and spatial partitioning in the Upper Clark Fork River Basin, Montana 2015 

Adams, Susan B.; Taylor, Christopher A.; Lukhaup, Chris 2010  Crayfish fauna of the Tennessee River drainage in Mississippi, including new state species records 2010 

Adams, Susan B.; Warren, Melvin L. 2005  Recolonization by warmwater fishes and crayfishes after severe drought in upper coastal plain hill streams 2005 

Adams, Susan B.; Warren, Melvin L., Jr.; Haag, Wendell R. 2004  Spatial and temporal patterns in fish assemblages of upper coastal plain streams, Mississippi, USA 2004 

Adams, Susan; Hereford, Scott 2019  Digging deep for crayfish clues 2019 

Addington, R.N.; Donovan, L.A.; Mitchell, R.J.; Vose, J.M.; Pecot, S.D.; Jack, S.B.; Hacke, U.G.; Sperry, J.S.; Oren, R. 2006  Adjustments in hydraulic architecture of Pinus palustris maintain similar stomatal conductance in xerix and mesic habitats 2006 

Addington, Robert N.; Knapp, Benjamin O.; Sorrell, Geoffrey G.; Elmore, Michele L.; Wang, G. Geoff; Walker, Joan L. 2015  Factors affecting broadleaf woody vegetation in upland pine forests managed for longleaf pine restoration 2015 

Adegbidi, Hector G.; Comerford, Nicholas B.; Li, Hua; Jokela, Eric J.; Barros, Nairam F. 2002  Determining Nutrient Requirements For Intensively Managed Loblolly Pine Stands Using the SSAND (Soil Supply and Nutrient Demand) Model 2002 

Adetona, O; Dunn, K; Achtemeier, Gary; Stock, A; Naeher, L 2011  Personal PM2.5 exposure among wildland firefighters working at prescribed forest burns in southeastern United States 2011 

Adkins, Carl W. 1995  Users Guide for Fire Image Analysis System - Version 5.0: A Tool for Measuring Fire Behavior Characteristics 1995 

Adler, Paul R.; Rau, Benjamin M.; Roth, Gregory W. 2015  Sustainability of corn stover harvest strategies in Pennsylvania 2015 

Affleck, David L.R.; Turnquist, Brian R. 2012  Assessing the accuracy of crown biomass equations for the major commercial species of the interior northwest: study plan and preliminary results 2012 

Agha, Andrew 2016  Clay is everything: archaeological analyses of colonial period inland swamp rice embankments 2016 

Aguilar, Francisco X.; Abt, Karen; Glavonjic, Branko; Lopatin, Eugene;  Mabee, Warren 2016  Chapter 9: Wood Energy 2016 

Ahn, Soeun; de Steiguer, Joseph E.; Palmquist, Raymond B.; Holmes, Thomas P. 2000  Economic analysis of the potential impact of climate change on recreational trout fishing in the Southern Appalachian Mountains: An appication of a nested multinomial logti model 2000 

Akers, Madison; Kane, Michael; Teskey, Robert; Daniels, Richard; Zhao, Dehai; Subedi, Santosh 2012  The effects of planting density and cultural intensity on loblolly pine crown characteristics at age twelve 2012 

Akers, Madison Katherine; Kane, Michael; Zhao, Dehai; Daniels, Richard F.; Teskey, Robert O. 2015  Loblolly pine foliar patterns and growth dynamics at age 12 in response to planting density and cultural intensity 2015 

Akgul, Alper; Messina, Michael G.; Wilson, Alan; Weber, Joe 2004  Performance of Slash Pine Bare-Root Seedlings and Containerized Rooted Cuttings Planted on Five Dates in Louisiana 2004 

Aksit, T.; Cakmak, I.; Moser, J. 2007  Attack by Pyemotes johnmoseri (Acari:Pyemotidae) on Hypoborus ficus (Coleoptera:Scolytidae) in fig trees in Turkey 2007 

Al-Atawi, Fahad; Klompen, Hana; Moser, John C. 2002  Redescription of Schizostheturs lyriformis (McGraw and Farrier, 1969) (Parasitiformes: Parasitidae), with revision of the genus 2002 

Alavalapati, Janaki R. R.; Lal, Pankaj; Susaeta, Andres; Abt, Robert C.; Wear, David N. 2013  Forest biomass-based energy 2013 

Alavalapati, Janaki R.R.; Mercer, D. Evan 2004  Summary and future directions 2004 

Alavalapati, Janaki R.R.; Mercer, D. Evan; Montambault, Jensen R. 2004  Agroforestry systems and valuation methodologies 2004 

Albaugha, Janine M.; Domeca, Jean-Christophe; Maier, Chris A.; Sucre, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya H.; King, John S. 2014  Gas exchange and stand-level estimates of water use and gross primary productivity in an experimental pine and switchgrass intercrop forestry system on the Lower Coastal Plain of North Carolina, U.S.A 2014 

Albaugh, Janine M.; Sucre, Eric B.; Leggett, Zakiya H.; Domec, Jean-Christophe; King, John S. 2012  Evaluation of intercropped switchgrass establishment under a range of experimental site preparation treatments in a forested setting on the Lower Coastal Plain of North Carolina, U.S.A 2012 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Allen, H. Lee; Dougherty, Phillip M.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2004  Long term growth responses of loblolly pine to optimal nutrient and water resource availability 2004 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Allen, H. Lee; Kress, Lance W. 2006  Root and stem partitioning of Pinus taeda 2006 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Fox, Thomas R.; Maier, Chris A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Cook, Rachel L.; Raymond, Jay E.; Alvares, Clayton A.; Stape, Jose L. 2018  A common garden experiment examining light use efficiency and heat sum to explain growth differences in native and exotic Pinus taeda 2018 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Fox, Thomas R.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Cook, Rachel L. 2018  Growth of young pine stands with fertilization alone versus fertilization plus vegetation control 2018 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Fox, Thomas R.; Yanez, Marco A.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Goldfarb, Barry 2016  Will crown ideotype help determine optimum varietal silviculture? 2016 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Maier, Chris A.; Campoe, Otávio C.; Yáñez, Marco A.; Carbaugh, Eric D.; Carter, David R.; Cook, Rachel L.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Fox, Thomas R. 2019  Crown architecture, crown leaf area distribution, and individual tree growth efficiency vary across site, genetic entry, and planting density 2019 

Albaugh, Timothy J.; Rubilar, Rafael A.; Maier, Chris A.; Acuña, Eduardo A.; Cook, Rachel L. 2017  Biomass and nutrient mass of Acacia dealbata and Eucalyptus globulus bioenergy plantations 2017 

Albright, Thomas P.; Chen, Hao; Chen, Lijun; Guo, Qinfeng 2010  The ecological niche and reciprocal prediction of the disjunct distribution of an invasive species: the example of Ailanthus altissima 2010 

Alderman, Delton R.; Smith, Robert L.; Araman, Philip A. 2003  From a contractors perspective: what is needed to recover used CCA treated lumber? 2003 

Alderman, Delton; Smith, Robert; Araman, Philip A. 2003  A profile of CCA-treated lumber removed from service in the southeastern United States decking market 2003 

Aldy, Joseph E.; Kramer, Randall A.; Holmes, Thomas P. 1999  Environmental equity and the conservation of unique ecosystems: an analysis of the distribution of benefits for protecting Southern Appalachian spruce-fir forests 1999 

Alig, Ralph J.; Dicks, Michael R.; Moulton, Robert J. 1998  Land Use Dynamics Involving Forestland: Trends in the U.S. South 1998 

Alig, Ralph J.; Knight, Herbert A.; Birdsey, Richard A. 1986  Recent Area Changes in Southern Forest Ownerships and Cover Types 1986 

Alig, Ralph J.; Lee, Karen J.; Moulton, Robert J. 1990  Likelihood of Timber Management on Nonindustrial Private Forests: Evidence From Research Studies 1990 

Alig, Ralph J.; White, Fred C.; Murray, Brian C. 1988  Economic factors influencing land use changes in the South-Central United States 1988 

Alkire, Derek K.; Ezell, Andrew W.; Self, Andrew B.; Demarais, Stephen; Strickland, Bronson K. 2012  Efficacy and non-target impact of midstory injection in bottomland hardwoods 2012 

Allan, C.J.; Heyes, A. 1998  A Preliminary Assessment of Wet Deposition and Eposodic Transport of Total and Methyl Metcury From Low Order Blue Ridge Watersheds, S.E. U.S.A. 1998 

Allen, Aaron S. 2000  Institutional change and campus greening at Tulane University 2000 

Allen, Chrisopher B; Will, Rodney E.; Sarigumba, Terry; Jacobson, Marshall A.; Daniels, Richard F.; Kennerly, Stephen A. 2004  Relationship Between Canopy Dynamics and Stem Volume Production of Four Species Receiving Irrigation and Fertilization 2004 

Allen, Christopher B.; Will, Rodney E.; McGravey, Robert C.; Coyle, David R.; Coleman, Mark D. 2005  Radiation-use efficiency and gas exchange responses to water and nutrient availability in irrigated and fertilized stands of sweetgum and sycamore 2005 

Allen, David H. 1991  Constructing Artifical Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Cavities 1991 

Allen, H.L.; Albaugh, T. J.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2002  Water and Nutrient Effects on Loblolly Pine Production and Stand Development on a Sandhill Site 2002 

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Allison, Jeremy D.; McKenney, Jessica L.; Miller, Daniel R.; Gimmel, Matthew L. 2013  Kairomonal responses of natural enemies and associates of the Southern Ips (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) to Ipsdienol, Ipsenol and Cis-Verbenol 2013 

Alterman, Lynn E.; Bednarz, James C.; Thill, Ronald E. 2005  Use of group-selection and seed-tree cuts by three early-successional migratory species in Arkansas 2005 

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Amateis, Ralph L.; Burkhart, Harold E.; Waiswa, Daniel 2013  Estimating annual growth losses from drought in loblolly pine plantations 2013 

Amatya, Devendra 2005  Modeling hydrology and in-stream transport on drained forested lands in coastal Carolinas, U.S.A. 2005 

Amatya, Devendra; Callahan, Timothy; Hansen, William; Trettin, Carl; Radecki-Pawlik, Artur; Meire, Patrick 2015  Turkey Creek—a case study of ecohydrology and integrated watershed management in the low-gradient Atlantic Coastal Plain, USA 2015 

Amatya, Devendra; Callahan, Timothy; Trettin, Carl 2016  Synthesis of 10-years of Ecohydrologic studies on Turkey Creek watershed 2016 

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Amatya, Devendra; Harrison, Andy 2016  Grass and forest potential evapotranspiration comparison using five methods in the Atlantic Coastal Plain 2016 

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