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Guide to Insect Borers in North American Broadleaf Trees and shrubs

J.D. Solomon
USDA Forest Service
Southern Forest Experiment Station
Southern Hardwoods Laboratory
Stoneville, Mississippi

This book is an illustrated guide to 300 species of inset borers that attack hardwood trees, shrubs, and other woody angiosperms in North America. The major purposes of this guide are to identify insect borers and theri damage to provide information for controlling them. Readers most likely to find this guide useful are practiving foresters, entomologists, and others responsible for preventing or minimizing losses caused by these insects in forests, plantations, nurseries, urbant plantings, and other settings where trees and shrubs grow. This book should also be a useful reference for extension agens, pest control specialists, arboriculturists, horticulturists, nursery managers, urban managers, forest technicians, forest owners, homeowners, and teachers and students of forestry and entomology.

Complete AH-706 PDF 747 Pages (140 MB)
Acknowledgements - Introduction 14 Pages (530 KB)
Order Lepidoptera - Moths 210 Pages (43.1 MB)
Order Coleoptera - Beetles 372 Pages (81.4 MB)
Order Hymenoptera - Sawflies and Horntails 36 Pages (7.24 MB)
Order Diptera - Flies 14 Pages (3.21 MB)
Glossary - Literature Cited 101 Pages (4.59 MB)