Biomass Publications of the Forest Operations Research Unit:A Synthesis

How to Use this CD

The Forest Operations Unit of the Southern Research Station (SRS) has been studying biomass-related topics since 1977.This CD aids the reader by organizing the 89 publications in one easy-to-use CD.This CD is comprised of:an executive summary, two bibliographies, individual publications, and a keyword listing.The types of publications included on this CD are presentation reports, published reports, portions of books, a web-based report and a masterís thesis.


The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY is the authorís attempt to guide Users through the primary research topic areas and provide some insight into the studies documented in each publication.The individual publication citations within the web pages are linked to the actual full publications in Adobe (.pdf) file format.Publication listings are provided in two formats:PUBLICATIONS BY AUTHOR and PUBLICATIONS BY SUBJECT.These publication listings are also linked to the full publications.Many of the documents relate to areas broader than the primary research topic, so a KEYWORD LISTING is included to assist in searching particular topic areas.


Additional publications from this and other Units of the Southern Research Station are available online at the SRS Web site:


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