Over the years, the level of interest in biomass harvesting and related topic areas has changed.In the 1970ís, fuel prices were high and biomass was looked to as a means of producing energy.In the 1980ís, biomass harvesting was seen as a method to improve wildlife habitat.In the 1990ís, wildfires increased the interest in biomass harvesting as an approach to reduce the risk of wildfire.More recently, various government agencies have offered funding opportunities for energy plants that employ the use of renewable resources for energy.Biomass is also a source for biofuels as an alternative to gasoline and other oil-based products.Therefore, our investigations into biomass harvesting and transportation continue.


We have implemented several studies over the years, and this CD is an attempt to compile this data in a usable format.The user should understand that there are many ways to display historical studies and that the sub-headings and keywords used on this CD are an effort to help you find topic areas where you may have an interest.This Executive Summary has ten primary research topic areas related to biomass:



Economic Analysis

Biomass Harvesting Systems

Environmental Effects

Biomass Inventory

Individual Machines

Chipping Systems

Proto-type Machines

Drying, Storing, Transporting & Roll Splitting

Short Rotation Woody Crop Production


Economic values in the older documents will be out-dated since fuel and equipment prices have risen over the years.The User will need to keep this in mind when reviewing the published costs.In addition, the technical capabilities of equipment have improved over time.Production rates of most equipment should be higher than that reported in the oldest studies.


The citations are hyperlinked to the actual full publications [in Adobe (.pdf) file format] which are included on this CD.


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