A key element of developing biomass utilization technology is an understanding of basic ecological processes.  The amount of biomass available in a tree was explored in a 1983 study (Sirois 1983).  This publication documented not only the above ground biomass availability, but also the below ground biomass for several species of southern hardwoods.  Prediction equations for estimating green and oven-dry biomass were developed and presented for sweetgum, hickory, southern red oak, and white oak.  Biomass tables were presented for each species tested using d.b.h. and height to estimate the green weight of a tree (stem, branches, stump, and roots).  This paper provides detailed methodologies employed to derive these equations and tables. 


Additional equations were developed (Franchi and others 1984) to predict the dry weight of biomass in understory stems in the Mississippi and Alabama coastal plains.  In this cooperative study with Mississippi State University and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, it was determined that the equations developed in one region may not be applicable to another. 



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