The 10th IUFRO International Workshop on Uneven-aged Silviculture
The Science and the Art of Uneven-aged Silviculture

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA • 31 May–2 June 2016

The many definitions of silviculture in the USA can be reduced to a simple concept—silviculture is an ecological art and science, subject to economic and social constraints, that leads to an applied practical objective in the short term or long term that meets the needs of the landowner and of society. This balance is especially relevant to the development and application of uneven-aged silviculture, which can vary widely in appearance, scale, and the degree to which stand regulation is implemented. The workshop will include presentations and posters that explore the science, history, and practice of uneven-aged silviculture, including how these factors have interacted to develop productive, diverse, and sustainable uneven-aged forests across the world.

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James M. Guldin, USA, Workshop Organizer
Phone: 001-870-723-1623
Gary Kerr, Working Group Chair