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Upland Hardwood Silviculture Course Available on Free DVD

Photo courtesy Chris Evans, River to River CWMA,
Photo courtesy Chris Evans, River to River CWMA,

By Claire Payne, Southern Research Station

The USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station is distributing free copies of a DVD that features videos and other resources from the Station’s popular Upland Hardwood Silviculture course. The course provides foresters, land managers and other natural resource professionals with the latest information on practices and research results needed to manage upland hardwood forests. 

“We noticed several years ago that foresters and others were sometimes unable to attend the face-to-face course because of budgetary constraints or other reasons,” said Katie Greenberg, project leader of the Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management research unit, which includes the Bent Creek Experimental Forest where the training is conducted. “Offering the videos and other materials from our Upland Hardwood Silviculture course is a user friendly and cost effective way to share information with practicing foresters.”   

The Upland Hardwood Silviculture DVD captures the 2007 week-long, face-to-face workshop offered at Bent Creek Experimental Forest by the SRS Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management unit. The DVD includes video lectures, transcripts, PowerPoint presentations and references. The course features Forest Service and university researchers and land managers. Modules include forest health, management objectives, site classification, stand management, regeneration, restoration of the American chestnut, and wildlife management. Among the 16 videos are two presentations by David Loftis, who dedicated much of his Forest Service career to researching oak regeneration. The Station collaborated with the University of Georgia to produce the DVD and online versions of the course. 

To receive a copy of the Upland Hardwood Silviculture DVD (SU-SRS-27), send your request to or call 828-257-4830. 

Each year, SRS’s Upland Hardwood Ecology and Management unit offers a week-long course that features lectures and hands-on field exercises. The course provides practicing foresters with information about current silvicultural practices and emerging issues based on scientific research that affects managing upland hardwoods. The course is designed for professional foresters working in upland hardwood systems. Natural resources managers, wildlife professionals and educators may also attend the face-to-face course, with the prerequisite that they are familiar with forestry terminology. 

For more information about the face-to-face course, contact the Bent Creek Experimental Forest Science Delivery office at 828-667-5261, extension 104, or Julia Kirschman via email at

To take the online course, go to Foresters can earn Society of American Foresters continuing forestry education credits by taking the in-person and online versions of the course. The in-person course costs $75. The online course is free, but continuing education fees apply.