News Release

USDA Forest Service Scientist Ge Sun Receives one of the Agency’s Highest Honors

December 18, 2017

Asheville, NC — USDA Forest Service research hydrologist Ge Sun recently received one of the highest honors in the agency. During a ceremony in Washington, D.C., Sun received the Forest Service Chief&apost;s Honor Award in the category of "Applying Knowledge Globally." This award recognizes his research productivity, leadership, and partnerships that have furthered understanding of the relationships among forests and water in a changing environment.

"One of his most notable contributions is his development of the Water Supply Stress Index (WaSSI) model, a simulation tool that makes predictions about interactions between water supply and demand by forests and humans," said Carlos Rodriguez-Franco, Deputy Chief for Research and Development, who presented the award to Sun. By advancing knowledge of water and forests through publishing a multitude of papers and co-organizing numerous symposia, Ge Sun has developed science-based tools for managing forests that have regional, national, and international benefits.”

Upon receiving the award, Sun thanked his family and acknowledged his collaborators and those who have supported his work for so many years. After reflecting on the award, he stated, "It is a great honor being recognized for this project, a true team effort that involves many colleagues around the world. Solving global issues requires global participation." Sun started his career with the Forest Service in 1997 and works in the Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center, Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Ge Sun and other people

Bottom row from the left: Tony Tooke, Forest Service Chief; Ge Sun, Chief’s Award recipient; Danny Lee, Director, EFETAC. Top row from the left: Carlos Rodriguez-Franco, Deputy Chief, R&D; Rob Doudrick, Director, SRS; Vicki Christiansen, Deputy Chief, S&PF; Lenise Lago, Associate Chief (Acting); Tony Dixon, Chief Financial Officer; Leslie Weldon, Deputy Chief, NFS; and Robert Velasco, Deputy Chief, Business Operations (Acting).