Thomas Guy Shelton - Starkville

Research Interests

  • Control and ecology of subterranean termites (family Rhinotermitidae), including:
    • Movement of termiticides among termites.
    • Foraging behavior of termites.
    • Basic physiology of termites and other pest species (water relations, respiratory physiology, thermal relationships).
    • Flight and colony foundation of termites.
    • Basic behavior of termites (feeding, “undertaking”, aggression, disturbance).
    • Repellency and reduced termite feeding properties of potential wood protection products.
    • Field efficacy and regulation of soil-applied termiticides.


B.S. – Old Dominion University (1991) Biology
M.S. – University of Hawaii (1996) Entomology
Ph.D. – Auburn University (2000) Entomology

Current research

  • Behavioral responses of termites to termiticide-exposed nestmates.
  • Feeding responses of termites to a potential new wood product preservative.
  • Avoidance behavior of termites in response to dead termites.

Collaborative research

  •  University of Georgia:  Diversity of termites in collections from Northeast Mississippi.
  • Auburn University:  Critical Thermal Maxima of red imported fire ant alates determined via respiratory changes.
  • USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory:  Importance of alates in colony distribution in Wisconsin.


Michael Ulyshen - Starkville

Current Research:

- Ecosystem services provided by termites and other wood-dwelling arthropods

- Conservation of saproxylic (i.e., dependent on dead wood) arthropods in managed forests

- Role of fire in structuring saproxylic arthropod communities with a focus on prescribed burns

- Utilization of exotic wood species (e.g., mimosa, chinaberry, Chinese privet) by native arthropod communities.






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