Cumberland Plateau  
Subunit of Bent Creek Experimental Forest  

About us
Bent Creek Experimental Forest (SRS-4157) is one of the oldest research areas maintained under the Southern Research Station by the USDA Forest Service. Since 1925, the scientists here have been developing and demonstrating sound forestry practices. Their research - both early and current - on fire, insects, diseases, timber, wildlife, water, and recreation is being applied over much of the Southern Appalachians. This large area of research has taken us to a new region, the Cumberland Plateau, with a new subunit located in Hunstville, Alabama. With an increasing intensity of land use throughout the region and around the country, research conducted in Bent Creek and other experimental forests plays a vital role in the conservation of America's natural resources.

Located in north-central Alabama, we are a subunit tied to Bent Creek Experimental Forest in Asheville, NC. The Bent Creek Experimental Forest is headquarters and field laboratory for "Ecology and Management of Southern Appalachian Hardwoods," Research Work Unit 4157 of the Southern Research Station. The research mission is to develop and disseminate the scientific knowledge and silvicultural techniques needed to provide a full range of benefits in Southern Appalachian forests. The Unit is charged with providing ecological information and with developing the silvicultural techniques needed to regenerate and manage Southern Appalachian forests, which extend from north Georgia to central Virginia and contain about 18.1 million acres. Over time, research emphasis has changed to meet the evolving needs of forest and resource managers.