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The “efficiency concernn”: Exploring wildfire risk on heirs’ property in Macon‑Bibb County, Georgia, United States of America Aragon, Amanda ; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra ; Madden, Marguerite ; Goodrick, Scott 2019
Applying Public Participation Geographic Information Systems for coastal wading bird conservation Cox, Cody ; Anderson, Christopher J.; Morse, Wayde C.; Schelhas, John 2019
Exploring diversity in forest management outlooks of African American family forest landowners for ensuring sustainability of forestry resources in the southern United States Goyke, Noah ; Dwivedi, Puneet ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Schelhas, John ; Thomas, Marc 2019
Gatekeepers, shareholders, and evangelists: Expanding communication networks of African American forest landowners in North Carolina Hitchner, Sarah ; Dwivedi, Puneet ; Schelhas, John ; Jagadish, Arundhati 2019
African American exposure to prescribed fire smoke in Georgia, USA Johnson Gaither, Cassandra ; Afrin, Sadia ; Garcia-Menendez, Fernando ; Odman, M. Talat; Huang, Ran ; Goodrick, Scott ; Ricardo da Silva, Alan 2019
Managing Effects of Drought in the Southeast United States McNulty, Steven ; Baca, Aurelia ; Bowker, Michael ; Brantley, Steven ; Dreaden, Tyler ; Golladay, Steven W.; Holmes, Tom ; James, Natasha ; Liu, Shan ; Lucardi, Rima ; Mayfeld, Albert ; Sun, Ge ; Treasure, Emrys ; Conner, L. Mike; Smith, Lora L.; Vose, James M. 2019
The Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Program Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; McGregor, Alan 2019
Thru-hiking the John Muir Trail as a modern pilgrimage: implications for natural resource management Hitchner, Sarah ; Schelhas, John ; Brosius, J. Peter; Nibbelink, Nathan 2018
Projecting land-use and land cover change in a subtropical urban watershed Lagrosa IV, John J.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Andreu, Michael G. 2018
Projecting land-use and land cover change in a subtropical urban watershed Lagrosa, John J.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Andreu, Michael G. 2018
Associations  between worksite walkability, greenness, and physical activity around work Marquet, Oriol ; Floyd, Myron F.; James, Peter ; Glanz, Karen ; Jennings, Viniece ; Jankowska, Marta M.; Kerr, Jacqueline ; Hipp, J. Aaron. 2018
A simple approach to estimate daily loads of total, refractory, and labile organic carbon from their seasonal loads in a watershed Ouyang, Ying; Grace, Johnny M.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Hatten, Jeff; Dewey, Janet 2018
Inequities in quality urban park systems: An environmental justice investigation of cities in the United States Rigolon, Alessandro ; Browning, Matthew ; Jennings, Viniece 2018
Inequities in the quality of urban park systems: an environmental justice investigation of cities in the United States Rigolon, Alessandro ; Browning, Matthew ; Jennings, Viniece 2018
Soil denitrification dynamics in urban impacted riparian zones throughout Tampa, FL Roberts, J. ; Andreu, M. ; Inglett, K. ; Cohen, M. ; Zipperer, W. 2018
Envisioning and implementing sustainable bioenergy systems in the U.S Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Brosius, J. Peter. 2018
Envisioning and implementing wood-based bioenergy systems in the southern United States: Imaginaries in everyday talk Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Brosius, J. Peter. 2018
Strategies for successful engagement of African American landowners in forestry Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Dwivedi, Puneet 2018
Relationships between characteristics of urban green land cover and mental health in U S metropolitan areas Tsai, Wei-Lun ; McHale, Melissa ; Jennings, Viniece ; Marquet, Oriol ; Hipp, J. ; Leung, Yu-Fai ; Floyd, Myron 2018
Calculating stormwater volume and total suspended solids reduction under urban tree canopy in Wisconsin using available research Gaffield, Steve ; Wudel, Dane ; Kuehler, Eric 2017
“Even our Dairy Queen shut down”: Risk and resilience in bioenergy development in forest-dependent communities in the US South Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Brosius, J. Peter 2017
A privilege and a challenge: valuation of heirs' property by African American landowners and implications for forest management in the southeastern U.S Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2017
Emerging issues in urban ecology: implications for research, social justice, human health, and well-being Jennings, Viniece; Floyd, Myron F.; Shanahan, Danielle; Coutts, Christopher; Sinykin, Alex 2017
Spatial dimensions of heirs’ property in Maverick County, TX Johnson Gaither, Cassandra Y. 2017
Unearthing ‘dead capital’: Heirs’ property prediction in two U.S. southern counties Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 2017
Quantifying the benefits of urban forest systems as a component of the green infrastructure stormwater treatment network Kuehler, Eric; Hathaway, Jon; Tirpak, Andrew 2017
Socioecological disparities in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina Lewis, Joshua A.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Ernstson, Henrik; Bernik, Brittany; Hazen, Rebecca; Elmqvist, Thomas; Blum, Michael J. 2017
Houston’s Urban Forest, 2015 Nowak, David J.; Bodine, Allison R.; Hoehn, Robert E.; Edgar, Christopher B.; Riley, Gretchen; Hartel, Dudley R.; Dooley, Kerry J.; Stanton, Sharon M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Lister, Tonya W. 2017
Identifying potential heirs properties in the Southeastern United States: a new GIS methodology utilizing mass appraisal data Pippin, Scott; Jones, Shana; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra. 2017
Spatio-temporal distribution of vector-host contact (VHC) ratios and ecological niche modeling of the West Nile virus mosquito vector, Culex quinquefasciatus, in the city of New Orleans, LA, USA Sallam, Mohamed ; Michaels, Sarah ; Riegel, Claudia ; Pereira, Roberto ; Zipperer, Wayne ; Lockaby, B. ; Koehler, Philip 2017
The battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the  sacred roots of environmental conflict, by Justin Farrell Schelhas, John 2017
“Sunshine, sweat, and tears”: African-American ties to land and forests in the south Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Jennings, Viniece. 2017
The Impact of urban greenways on residential concerns: Findings from the Atlanta BeltLine Trail Weber, Sarah;  Boley, B. Bynum;  Palardy, Nathan;  Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2017
Forest ecosystem-service transitions: the ecological dimensions of the forest transition Wilson, Sarah Jane; Schelhas, John ; Grau, Ricardo ; Nanni, A. Sofía; Sloan, Sean 2017
Hierarchical filters determine community assembly of urban species pools Aronson, Myla F.J.; Nilon, Charles H.; Lepczyk, Christopher A.; Parker, Tommy S.; Warren, Paige S.; Cilliers, Sarel S.; Goddard, Mark A.; Hahs, Amy K.; Herzog, Cecilia; Katti, Madhusudan; La Sorte, Frank A.; Williams, Nicholas S.G.; Zipperer, Wayne  2016
Perceptions of stakeholder groups about the participation of African American family forest landowners in federal landowner assistance programs Dwivedi, Puneet; Jagadish, Arundhati; Schelhas, John 2016
Urbanization, habitat loss, biodiversity decline:  solution pathways to break the cycle Elmqvist, Thomas; Zipperer, Wayne;  Güneralp, Burak 2016
Snake oil, silver buckshot, and people who hate us: metaphors and conventional discourses of wood-based bioenergy in the rural southeastern United States Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John;  Brosius, J. Peter 2016
Advancing sustainability through urban green space: cultural ecosystem services, equity, and social determinants of health Jennings, Viniece; Larson, Lincoln; Yun, Jessica 2016
Ecosystem services and preventive medicine a natural connection Jennings, Viniece L.; Larson, Claire K.; Larson, Lincoln R. 2016
Finding common ground: environmental ethics, social justice, and a sustainable path for nature-based health promotion Jennings, Viniece; Yun, Jessica; Larson, Lincoln  2016
“Have not our weary feet come to the place for which our fathers sighed?”: heirs’ property in the southern United States Johnson Gaither, Cassandra. 2016
"Where the sidewalk ends": sustainable mobility in Atlanta's Cascade community Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Himmelfarb, David; Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Shepherd, J. Marshall; K.C., Binita 2016
Public parks and wellbeing in urban areas of the United States Larson, Lincoln R.; Jennings, Viniece; Cloutier, Scott A. 2016
Ecosystem services and urban greenways: What's the public's perspective? Larson, Lincoln R.; Keith, Samuel J.; Fernandez, Mariela; Hallo, Jeffrey C.; Shafer, C. Scott; Jennings, Viniece 2016
Climatic, ecological, and socioeconomic factors associated with West Nile virus incidence in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Lockaby, Graeme; Noori, Navideh; Morse, Wayde; Zipperer, Wayne; Kalin, Latif; Governo, Robin; Sawant, Rajesh; Ricker, Matthew 2016
Economics and societal considerations of drought Prestemon, Jeff; Kruger, Linda; Abt, Karen L.; Bowker, Michael; Brandeis, Consuelo; Calkin, Dave; Donovan, Geoffrey H.; Ham, Charlotte; Holmes, Thomas P.; Kline, Jeffrey; Warziniack, Travis 2016
Engaging African American landowners in sustainable forest management Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Fraser, Rory; Jennings, Viniece; Diop, Amadou 2016
Exploring empowerment within the Gullah Geechee cultural heritage corridor: implications for heritage tourism development in the Lowcountry Boley, B. Bynum; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
Effects on consumer welfare of visitor satisfaction information: a case study of the Allegheny National Forest Cho, Seong-Hoon; Bowker, Michael;  Roberts, Roland K.;  Kim, Seunggyu;  Kim, Taeyoung; Lambert, Dayton M.  2015
Urbanization effects on leaf litter decomposition, foliar nutrient dynamics and aboveground net primary productivity in the subtropics Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L. 2015
Urbanization effects on soil nitrogen transformations and microbial biomass in the subtropics Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L. 2015
Species composition of forested natural communities near freshwater hydrological features in an urbanizing watershed of west-central Florida Friedman, Melissa H;  Andreu, Michael G.; Zipperer, Wayne;  Northrop, Rob J.;  Abd-Elrahman, Amr 2015
Landowner response to wildfire risk: Adaptation, mitigation or doing nothing Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
A Synthesis of the Economic Values of Wilderness Holmes, Tom; Bowker, Michael; Englin, Jeffrey; Hjerpe, Evan; Loomis, John B.; Phillips, Spencer; Richardson, Robert 2015
Approaching environmental health disparities and green spaces: An ecosystem services perspective Jennings, Viniece; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
An exploratory spatial analysis of social vulnerability and smoke plum dispersion in the U.S Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Goodrick, Scott; Murphy, Bryn Elise; Poudyal, Neelam 2015
Visitor diversity through the recreation manager lens: comparing Forest Service Regions 8 (U S South) and 5 (California) Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Roberts, Nina S.; Hanula, Kristin L. 2015
Climate change vulnerability assessment in Georgia KC, Binita; Shepherd, J. Marshall; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
Indicator development methodology for volunteer tourism in host communities: creating a low-cost, locally applicable, rapid assessment tool Lupoli, Christopher A.; Morse, Wayde C.; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2015
Predictors, spatial distribution, and occurrence of woody invasive plants in subtropical urban ecosystems Staudhammer, Christina L.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Holt, Nathan; Young, Linda J.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Zipperer, Wayne; Other 2015
Exploring the role of forest resources in reducing community vulnerability to the heat effects of climate change Walton, Z.L.; Poudyal, N.C.; Hepinstall, J.; Johnson Gaither, C.; Boley, B.B. 2015
Federal outdoor recreation trends: Effects on economic opportunities White, Eric M.; Bowker, Michael; Askew, Ashley E.; Langner, Linda L.; Arnold, J. Ross; English, Don 2015
San Juan Bay Estuary watershed urban forest inventory Brandeis, Thomas J.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Staudhammer, Christina L.; Nowak, David J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2014
Timing is everything: Phenology as a tool for city foresters Crimmins, Theresa; Hartel, Dudley. 2014
Wildfire risk adaptation: propensity of forestland owners to purchase wildfire insurance in the southern United States Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Perceptions of and Attitudes Toward Climate Change in the Southeastern United States Himmelfarb, David; Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Dunbar, KathErine; Brosius, J. Peter. 2014
Public opinion and wood energy Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Hujala, Teppo; Brosius, J. Peter 2014
Wilderness and the U.S Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Smokestacks, Parkland, and community composition: examining environmental burdens and benefits in Hall County, Georgia, USA Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Water stress and social vulnerability in the southern United States, 2010-2040 Johnson-Gaither, cassandra; Schelhas, John; Zipperer, Wayne; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; Poudyal, Neelam 2014
Physical activity levels and preferences of ethnically diverse visitors to Georgia State Parks Larson, Lincoln.; Whiting, Jason W.; Green, Gary T.; Bowker, Michael 2014
Assessing the impacts of international volunteer tourism in host communities: A new approach to organizing and prioritizing indicators Lupoli, Christopher Anthony; Morse, Wayde C.; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2014
The future of global urbanization and the environment McDonald, Rob; Guneralp, Burak; Zipperer, Wayne; Marcotullio, Peter 2014
Woody plant communities along urban, suburban, and rural streams in Louisville, Kentucky, USA White, R. Jonathan; Carreiro, Margaret M.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2014
Social acceptability of bioenergy in the U.S Brosius, J. Peter; Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah 2013
Forest fuel reduction and biomass supply: perspectives from southern private landowners Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2013
Effects of fuel load and moisture content on fire behaviour and heating in masticated litter-dominated fuels Kreye, Jesse K.; Kobziar, Leda N.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2013
Efficient assessments of urban tree planting potential around the southern Piedmont region of the United States Merry, Krista; Siry, Jacek; Bettinger, Pete; Bowker, Michael 2013
Assessing potential urban tree planting sites in the Piedmont of the Unitied States: A comparison of methods Merry, Krista; Siry, Jacek; Bettinger, Pete; Bowker, Michael 2013
Patterns and trends in urban biodiversity and landscape design Müller, Norbert; Ignatieva, Maria; Nilon, Charles H.; Werner, Peter; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2013
A comparison of carbon and nitrogen stocks among land uses/covers in coastal Florida Nagy, R. Chelsea; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Marzen, Luke J. 2013
Temporal dynamics of a subtropical urban forest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2001-2010 Tucker Lima, J. M.; Staudhammer, C. L.; Brandeis, T. J.; Escobedo, F. J.; Zipperer, W. 2013
Promoting Environmental Justice Through Urban Green Space Access: A Synopsis Jennings, Viniece; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Schulterbrandt Gragg, Richard 2012
Analyzing growth and mortality in a subtropical urban forest ecosystem Lawrence, Alicia B.; Escobedo, Fancisco J.; Staudhammera, Christina L.; Zipperer, Wayne Zipperer 2012
Fire in the Wildland–Urban Interface Mercer, Evan; Zipperer, Wayne 2012
Locating spatial variation in the association between wildland fire risk and social vulnerability across six southern states Poudyal, Neelam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Goodrick, Scott; Bowker, J.M.; Gan, Jianbang 2012
Book review: Unveiling the Whale: Discourses on Whales and Whaling Schelhas, John 2012
Social vulnerability and environmental change along urban-rural interfaces Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson, Cassandra 2012
A Common-Pool Resource Approach to Forest Health: The Case of the Southern Pine Beetle Schelhas, John; Molnar, Joseph 2012
Exploring family forest landowner diversity: Place, race, and gender in Alabama, United States Schelhas, John; Zhang, Yaoqui; Zabawa, Robert; Zheng, Bin 2012
Landscape dynamics in the wildland-urban interface Zipperer, Wayne C. 2012
Urban Ecology: Patterns of Population Growth and Ecological Effects Zipperer, Wayne C.; Pickett, Steward T.A. 2012
Ecological consequences of fragmentation and deforestation in an urban landscape: a case study Zipperer, W.C.; Foresman, T.W.; Walker, S.P.; Daniel, C.T. 2012
Co-adapting societal and ecological interactions following large disturbances in urban park woodlands Carreiro, Margaret ; Zipperer, Wayne 2011
A framework for developing urban forest ecosystem services and goods indicators Dobbs, Cynnamon; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2011
Rapid Assessment of Tree Debris Following Urban Forest Ice Storms Hauer, Richard J.; Hauer, Angela J.; Hartel, Dudley R.; Johnson, Jill R. 2011
Latino Park Access: Examining Environmental Equity in a “New Destination” County in the South Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2011
Wildland fire risk and social vulnerability in the Southeastern United States: An exploratory spatial data analysis approach Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Poudyal, N.C.; Goodrick, S.; Bowker, J.M.; Malone, S.; Gan, J. 2011
Wood to energy: using southern interface fuels for bioenergy Staudhammer, C.; Hermansen, L.A.; Carter, D.; Macie, Ed 2011
Appalachian National Scenic Trail pilot survey Zarnoch, Stan; Bowker, Michael; Cordell, Ken; Owens, Matt; Green, Gary T.; Ginn, Allison 2011
The process of natural succession in urban areas Zipperer, Wayne C. 2011
Linking social and ecological systems Zipperer, Wayne ; Morse, Wayde ; Gaither, Cassandra 2011
Analyzing the efficacy of subtropical urban forests in offsetting carbon emissions from cities Escobedo, Francisco; Varela, Sebastian; Zhao, Min; Wagner, John E.; Zipperer, Wayne 2010
Regional Growth and income convergence in the western black belt counties of Alabama: evidence from census block group data Gyawali, Buddhi; Fraser, Rory; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2010
The Changing Roles Professional Development Program Hermansen-Baez, A.; Wulff, N. 2010
The U S national parks in international perspective: The Yellowstone model or conservation syncretism? Schelhas, John 2010
When global conservation meets local livelihoods: People and parks in Central America Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2010
Opportunities and capacity for community-based forest carbon sequestration and monitoring in Ghana Schelhas, J.; Samar, S.; Johnson, Cassandra; Asumadu, K.; Tease, F.; Stanturf, J.; Blay, D. 2010
Influence of repeated prescribed fire and herbicide application on the fine root biomass of young longleaf pine Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Kuehler, Eric A. 2010
Testing and classification of individual plants for fire behaviour: plant selection for the wildland–urban interface White, Robert H.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2010
Changes in Woodland Use from Longleaf Pine to Loblolly Pine Zhang, Yaoqi; Majumdar, Indrajit; Schelhas, John 2010
Factors influencing non-native tree species distribution in urban landscapes Zipperer, Wayne C. 2010
Developing an urban forest carbon market Armstrong, M.; Siry, J.; Bowker, Michael 2009
Air pollution removal and temperature reduction by Gainesville's urban forest Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Carbon sequestration and storage by Gainesville's urban forest Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Gainesville's urban forest canopy cover Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Gainesville's urban forest structure and composition Francisco Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Human well-being and land cover types in the southeastern U.S.A. Gyawali, B.; Fraser, R.; Schelhas, J.; Wang, Y.; Tadesse, W.; Bukenya, J. 2009
Adaptive collab orative restoration: a key concept in invasive plant management Miller, James H.; Schelhas, John. 2009
Factors influencing current interests and motivations of local governments to supply carbon offset credits from urban forestry Poudyal, N.; Siry, J.; Bowker, M. 2009
When global environmentalism meets local livelihoods: policy and management lessons Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2009
The social structure of family and farm forestry in Alabama Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert. 2009
The increasing importance of small-scale forestry: evidence from family forest ownership patterns in the United States Zhang, Y.; Liao, X.; Butler, B.J.; Schelhas, J. 2009
Vegetation composition and structure of forest patches along urban-rural gradients Zipperer, W.C.; Guntenspergen, G.R. 2009
Urban forestry and the eco-city: today and tomorrow Carreiro, Margaret M.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2008
Income convergence in a rural, majority African American region Gyawali, Buddhi; Fraser, Rory; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2008
Alternative forest resource use - outdoor recreation and rural economics Kebede, Ellene; Schelhas, John; Haslerig, Janet 2008
Horticulture hybrid cultivars and exotic plant invasion: A case study of Wisteria (Fabaceae) Trusty, J.L.; Lockaby, B.G.; Zipperer, W.C.; Goertzen, L.R. 2008
Culture, place and urban growth in the U.S. South Johnson, Cassandra Y.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2007
Invasive wisteria in the Southeastern United StateS: genetic diversity, hybridization and the role of urban centers Trusty, Jennifer L.; Goertzen, Leslie R.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Lockaby, B Graeme 2007
Identity of naturalised exotic Wisteria (fabaceae) in the south-eastern United States Trusty, J.L.; Lockaby, B.G.; Zipperer, W.C.; Goertzen, L.R. 2007
Applying ecosystem management to urban forestry Zipperer, Wayne C. 2007
Mulch flammability Zipperer, Wayne; Long, Alan; Hnton, Brian; Maranghides, Alexander; Mell, William 2007
Land use context and natural soil controls on plant community and soil nitrogen and carbon dynamics in urban and rural forests Groffman, Peter M.; Pouyat, Richard V.; Cadenasso, Mary L.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Szlavecz, Katalin; Yesilonis, Ian D.; Band, Lawrence E.; Brush, Grace S. 2006
Spatial analysis of the change in land cover and human well-being in the black-belt counties of Alabama Gyawali, Buddhi R.; Fraser, Rory F.; Wang, Yong; Tadesse, Wubishet; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2006
Recreational demand for Tuskegee National Forest, a non-market valuation Kebede, Ellene; Ngandu, Mudiayi; Schelhas, John; Batalia, Doris 2006
How does fire affect longleaf pine roots carbohydrates, foliar nutrients, and sapling growth? Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword Sayer, Marry Anne; Andries, C. Dan 2006
Environmental globalization, organizational form, and expected benefits from protected areas in Central America Pfeffer, Max J.; Schelhas, John W.; Meola, Catherine 2006
Post-frontier forest change adjacent to Braulio Carrillo National Park, Costa Rica Schelhas, John; Sanchez-Azofeifa, G. Arturo 2006
Does race matter in landowners' participation in conservation incentive programs? Gan, Jianbang; Onianwa, Okwuldili O.; Schelhas, John; Wheelock, Gerald C.; Dubois, Mark R. 2005
An Assessment of the Southern Wildland-Urban Interface Hermansen, L. Annie; Macie, Edward A. 2005
Forest Values of national park neighbors in Costa Rica Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2005
Model forest landowners in Alabama: are they different from typical landowners? Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert 2005
Crown physiology and growth of sapling longleaf pine after fire Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Kuehler, Eric A. 2005
Small-scale non-industrial private forest ownership in the United States: rationale and implications for forest management Zhang, Yaoqi; Zhang, Daowei; Schelhas, John 2005
Ecological Assessment and Planning in the Wildland-Urban Interface: A Landscape Perspective Zipperer, Wayne C. 2005
Flammability of native understory species in pine flatwood and hardwood hammock ecosystems and implications for the wildland-urban interface Behm, Anna L.; Duryea, Mary L.; Long, Alan J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2004
Long-Term Effects of Season of Prescribed Burn on the Fine-Root Growth, Root Carbohydrates, and Foliar Dynamics of Mature Longleaf Pine Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Haywood, James D.; Andries, C. Dan 2004
An analysis of factors affecting participation behavior of limited resource farmers in agricultural cost-share programs in Alabama Onianwa, Okwudili; Wheelock, Gerald; Gyawali, Buddhi; Gan, Jianbang; Dubois, Mark; Schelhas, John 2004
Natural enemies: people-wildlife conflicts in anthropological perspective Schelhas, John 2004
New opportunities for social research on forest landowners in the south Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert; Molnar, Joseph J. 2003
Female forestland owners: Characterization of assistance needs Crim, Sarah Day; Dubois, Mark; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2003
Human influences on forest ecosystems: the southern wildland-urban interface assessment: summary report Macie, Edward A.; Hermansen, L. Annie 2003
Controlling the Southern Pine Beetle: Small Landowner Perceptions and Practices Molnar, Joseph J.; Schelhas, John; Holeski, Carrie 2003
Human influences on forest ecosystems: the southern wildland-urban interface assessment Macie, Edward A.; Hermansen, L. Annie; [Editors] 2002
Race, ethnicity, and natural resources in the United States: a review Schelhas, J. 2002
Activities of the Alabama Consortium on forestry education and research, 1993-1999 Schelhas, John 2002
Linking community and national park development: A case from the Dominican Republic Schelhas, John; Sherman, Ruth E.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Lassoie, James P. 2002
Environmental impacts of livestock on the developing world Nicholson, Charles F.; Blake, Robert W.; Reid, Robin S.; Schelhas, John 2001
Ecoregional management in southern Costa Rica: Finding a role for adaptive collaborative management Schelhas, John; Buck, Louise E.; Geisler, Charles C.; Wollenberg, Eva, eds. 2001
Learning Conservation and Sustainable Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach Schelhas, John; Lassoie, James P. 2001
Catalyzing sustainability: Cornell University's field practicum in conservation and sustainable development Schelhas, John 2000
Seasonal Fine Root Carbohydrate Relations of Plantation Loblolly Pine After Thinning Sword, Mary A.; Kuehler, Eric A.; Tang, Zhenmin 2000
Above- and below-ground growth of longleaf pine in response to three prescribed burning regimes Sword Sayer, Mary Ann; Kuehler, Eric 2000
Seasonal Fine-Root Carbohydrate and Growth Relations of Plantation Loblolly Pine After Thinning and Fertilization Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword, Mary Anne; Andries, C. Dan 1999
The effects of sodium erythorbate and ethylenediurea on photosynthetic function of ozone-exposed loblolly pine seedlings Kuehler, Eric A.; Flagler, R.B. 1998