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The “efficiency concernn”: Exploring wildfire risk on heirs’ property in Macon‑Bibb County, Georgia, United States of America Aragon, Amanda ; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra ; Madden, Marguerite ; Goodrick, Scott 2019
Applying Public Participation Geographic Information Systems for coastal wading bird conservation Cox, Cody ; Anderson, Christopher J.; Morse, Wayde C.; Schelhas, John 2019
Exploring diversity in forest management outlooks of African American family forest landowners for ensuring sustainability of forestry resources in the southern United States Goyke, Noah ; Dwivedi, Puneet ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Schelhas, John ; Thomas, Marc 2019
Gatekeepers, shareholders, and evangelists: Expanding communication networks of African American forest landowners in North Carolina Hitchner, Sarah ; Dwivedi, Puneet ; Schelhas, John ; Jagadish, Arundhati 2019
African American exposure to prescribed fire smoke in Georgia, USA Johnson Gaither, Cassandra ; Afrin, Sadia ; Garcia-Menendez, Fernando ; Odman, M. Talat; Huang, Ran ; Goodrick, Scott ; Ricardo da Silva, Alan 2019
Managing Effects of Drought in the Southeast United States McNulty, Steven ; Baca, Aurelia ; Bowker, Michael ; Brantley, Steven ; Dreaden, Tyler ; Golladay, Steven W.; Holmes, Tom ; James, Natasha ; Liu, Shan ; Lucardi, Rima ; Mayfeld, Albert ; Sun, Ge ; Treasure, Emrys ; Conner, L. Mike; Smith, Lora L.; Vose, James M. 2019
The Sustainable Forestry and African American Land Retention Program Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; McGregor, Alan 2019
Thru-hiking the John Muir Trail as a modern pilgrimage: implications for natural resource management Hitchner, Sarah ; Schelhas, John ; Brosius, J. Peter; Nibbelink, Nathan 2018
Projecting land-use and land cover change in a subtropical urban watershed Lagrosa IV, John J.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Andreu, Michael G. 2018
Projecting land-use and land cover change in a subtropical urban watershed Lagrosa, John J.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Andreu, Michael G. 2018
Associations  between worksite walkability, greenness, and physical activity around work Marquet, Oriol ; Floyd, Myron F.; James, Peter ; Glanz, Karen ; Jennings, Viniece ; Jankowska, Marta M.; Kerr, Jacqueline ; Hipp, J. Aaron. 2018
A simple approach to estimate daily loads of total, refractory, and labile organic carbon from their seasonal loads in a watershed Ouyang, Ying; Grace, Johnny M.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Hatten, Jeff; Dewey, Janet 2018
Inequities in the quality of urban park systems: an environmental justice investigation of cities in the United States Rigolon, Alessandro ; Browning, Matthew ; Jennings, Viniece 2018
Inequities in quality urban park systems: An environmental justice investigation of cities in the United States Rigolon, Alessandro ; Browning, Matthew ; Jennings, Viniece 2018
Soil denitrification dynamics in urban impacted riparian zones throughout Tampa, FL Roberts, J. ; Andreu, M. ; Inglett, K. ; Cohen, M. ; Zipperer, W. 2018
Envisioning and implementing sustainable bioenergy systems in the U.S Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Brosius, J. Peter. 2018
Envisioning and implementing wood-based bioenergy systems in the southern United States: Imaginaries in everyday talk Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Brosius, J. Peter. 2018
Strategies for successful engagement of African American landowners in forestry Schelhas, John ; Hitchner, Sarah ; Dwivedi, Puneet 2018
Relationships between characteristics of urban green land cover and mental health in U S metropolitan areas Tsai, Wei-Lun ; McHale, Melissa ; Jennings, Viniece ; Marquet, Oriol ; Hipp, J. ; Leung, Yu-Fai ; Floyd, Myron 2018
Calculating stormwater volume and total suspended solids reduction under urban tree canopy in Wisconsin using available research Gaffield, Steve ; Wudel, Dane ; Kuehler, Eric 2017
“Even our Dairy Queen shut down”: Risk and resilience in bioenergy development in forest-dependent communities in the US South Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Brosius, J. Peter 2017
A privilege and a challenge: valuation of heirs' property by African American landowners and implications for forest management in the southeastern U.S Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2017
Emerging issues in urban ecology: implications for research, social justice, human health, and well-being Jennings, Viniece; Floyd, Myron F.; Shanahan, Danielle; Coutts, Christopher; Sinykin, Alex 2017
Spatial dimensions of heirs’ property in Maverick County, TX Johnson Gaither, Cassandra Y. 2017
Unearthing ‘dead capital’: Heirs’ property prediction in two U.S. southern counties Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 2017
Quantifying the benefits of urban forest systems as a component of the green infrastructure stormwater treatment network Kuehler, Eric; Hathaway, Jon; Tirpak, Andrew 2017
Socioecological disparities in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina Lewis, Joshua A.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Ernstson, Henrik; Bernik, Brittany; Hazen, Rebecca; Elmqvist, Thomas; Blum, Michael J. 2017
Houston’s Urban Forest, 2015 Nowak, David J.; Bodine, Allison R.; Hoehn, Robert E.; Edgar, Christopher B.; Riley, Gretchen; Hartel, Dudley R.; Dooley, Kerry J.; Stanton, Sharon M.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Lister, Tonya W. 2017
Identifying potential heirs properties in the Southeastern United States: a new GIS methodology utilizing mass appraisal data Pippin, Scott; Jones, Shana; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra. 2017
Spatio-temporal distribution of vector-host contact (VHC) ratios and ecological niche modeling of the West Nile virus mosquito vector, Culex quinquefasciatus, in the city of New Orleans, LA, USA Sallam, Mohamed ; Michaels, Sarah ; Riegel, Claudia ; Pereira, Roberto ; Zipperer, Wayne ; Lockaby, B. ; Koehler, Philip 2017
The battle for Yellowstone: Morality and the  sacred roots of environmental conflict, by Justin Farrell Schelhas, John 2017
“Sunshine, sweat, and tears”: African-American ties to land and forests in the south Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Jennings, Viniece. 2017
The Impact of urban greenways on residential concerns: Findings from the Atlanta BeltLine Trail Weber, Sarah;  Boley, B. Bynum;  Palardy, Nathan;  Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2017
Forest ecosystem-service transitions: the ecological dimensions of the forest transition Wilson, Sarah Jane; Schelhas, John ; Grau, Ricardo ; Nanni, A. Sofía; Sloan, Sean 2017
Hierarchical filters determine community assembly of urban species pools Aronson, Myla F.J.; Nilon, Charles H.; Lepczyk, Christopher A.; Parker, Tommy S.; Warren, Paige S.; Cilliers, Sarel S.; Goddard, Mark A.; Hahs, Amy K.; Herzog, Cecilia; Katti, Madhusudan; La Sorte, Frank A.; Williams, Nicholas S.G.; Zipperer, Wayne  2016
Perceptions of stakeholder groups about the participation of African American family forest landowners in federal landowner assistance programs Dwivedi, Puneet; Jagadish, Arundhati; Schelhas, John 2016
Urbanization, habitat loss, biodiversity decline:  solution pathways to break the cycle Elmqvist, Thomas; Zipperer, Wayne;  Güneralp, Burak 2016
Snake oil, silver buckshot, and people who hate us: metaphors and conventional discourses of wood-based bioenergy in the rural southeastern United States Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John;  Brosius, J. Peter 2016
Advancing sustainability through urban green space: cultural ecosystem services, equity, and social determinants of health Jennings, Viniece; Larson, Lincoln; Yun, Jessica 2016
Ecosystem services and preventive medicine a natural connection Jennings, Viniece L.; Larson, Claire K.; Larson, Lincoln R. 2016
Finding common ground: environmental ethics, social justice, and a sustainable path for nature-based health promotion Jennings, Viniece; Yun, Jessica; Larson, Lincoln  2016
“Have not our weary feet come to the place for which our fathers sighed?”: heirs’ property in the southern United States Johnson Gaither, Cassandra. 2016
"Where the sidewalk ends": sustainable mobility in Atlanta's Cascade community Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Himmelfarb, David; Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Shepherd, J. Marshall; K.C., Binita 2016
Public parks and wellbeing in urban areas of the United States Larson, Lincoln R.; Jennings, Viniece; Cloutier, Scott A. 2016
Ecosystem services and urban greenways: What's the public's perspective? Larson, Lincoln R.; Keith, Samuel J.; Fernandez, Mariela; Hallo, Jeffrey C.; Shafer, C. Scott; Jennings, Viniece 2016
Climatic, ecological, and socioeconomic factors associated with West Nile virus incidence in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Lockaby, Graeme; Noori, Navideh; Morse, Wayde; Zipperer, Wayne; Kalin, Latif; Governo, Robin; Sawant, Rajesh; Ricker, Matthew 2016
Economics and societal considerations of drought Prestemon, Jeff; Kruger, Linda; Abt, Karen L.; Bowker, Michael; Brandeis, Consuelo; Calkin, Dave; Donovan, Geoffrey H.; Ham, Charlotte; Holmes, Thomas P.; Kline, Jeffrey; Warziniack, Travis 2016
Engaging African American landowners in sustainable forest management Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Fraser, Rory; Jennings, Viniece; Diop, Amadou 2016
Exploring empowerment within the Gullah Geechee cultural heritage corridor: implications for heritage tourism development in the Lowcountry Boley, B. Bynum; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
Effects on consumer welfare of visitor satisfaction information: a case study of the Allegheny National Forest Cho, Seong-Hoon; Bowker, Michael;  Roberts, Roland K.;  Kim, Seunggyu;  Kim, Taeyoung; Lambert, Dayton M.  2015
Urbanization effects on leaf litter decomposition, foliar nutrient dynamics and aboveground net primary productivity in the subtropics Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L. 2015
Urbanization effects on soil nitrogen transformations and microbial biomass in the subtropics Enloe, Heather A.; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Somers, Greg L. 2015
Species composition of forested natural communities near freshwater hydrological features in an urbanizing watershed of west-central Florida Friedman, Melissa H;  Andreu, Michael G.; Zipperer, Wayne;  Northrop, Rob J.;  Abd-Elrahman, Amr 2015
Landowner response to wildfire risk: Adaptation, mitigation or doing nothing Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
A Synthesis of the Economic Values of Wilderness Holmes, Tom; Bowker, Michael; Englin, Jeffrey; Hjerpe, Evan; Loomis, John B.; Phillips, Spencer; Richardson, Robert 2015
Approaching environmental health disparities and green spaces: An ecosystem services perspective Jennings, Viniece; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
An exploratory spatial analysis of social vulnerability and smoke plum dispersion in the U.S Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Goodrick, Scott; Murphy, Bryn Elise; Poudyal, Neelam 2015
Visitor diversity through the recreation manager lens: comparing Forest Service Regions 8 (U S South) and 5 (California) Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Roberts, Nina S.; Hanula, Kristin L. 2015
Climate change vulnerability assessment in Georgia KC, Binita; Shepherd, J. Marshall; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2015
Indicator development methodology for volunteer tourism in host communities: creating a low-cost, locally applicable, rapid assessment tool Lupoli, Christopher A.; Morse, Wayde C.; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2015
Predictors, spatial distribution, and occurrence of woody invasive plants in subtropical urban ecosystems Staudhammer, Christina L.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Holt, Nathan; Young, Linda J.; Brandeis, Thomas J.; Zipperer, Wayne; Other 2015
Exploring the role of forest resources in reducing community vulnerability to the heat effects of climate change Walton, Z.L.; Poudyal, N.C.; Hepinstall, J.; Johnson Gaither, C.; Boley, B.B. 2015
Federal outdoor recreation trends: Effects on economic opportunities White, Eric M.; Bowker, Michael; Askew, Ashley E.; Langner, Linda L.; Arnold, J. Ross; English, Don 2015
San Juan Bay Estuary watershed urban forest inventory Brandeis, Thomas J.; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Staudhammer, Christina L.; Nowak, David J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2014
Timing is everything: Phenology as a tool for city foresters Crimmins, Theresa; Hartel, Dudley. 2014
Wildfire risk adaptation: propensity of forestland owners to purchase wildfire insurance in the southern United States Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Perceptions of and Attitudes Toward Climate Change in the Southeastern United States Himmelfarb, David; Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Dunbar, KathErine; Brosius, J. Peter. 2014
Public opinion and wood energy Hitchner, Sarah; Schelhas, John; Hujala, Teppo; Brosius, J. Peter 2014
Smokestacks, Parkland, and community composition: examining environmental burdens and benefits in Hall County, Georgia, USA Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Wilderness and the U.S Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2014
Water stress and social vulnerability in the southern United States, 2010-2040 Johnson-Gaither, cassandra; Schelhas, John; Zipperer, Wayne; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; Poudyal, Neelam 2014
Physical activity levels and preferences of ethnically diverse visitors to Georgia State Parks Larson, Lincoln.; Whiting, Jason W.; Green, Gary T.; Bowker, Michael 2014
Assessing the impacts of international volunteer tourism in host communities: A new approach to organizing and prioritizing indicators Lupoli, Christopher Anthony; Morse, Wayde C.; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2014
The future of global urbanization and the environment McDonald, Rob; Guneralp, Burak; Zipperer, Wayne; Marcotullio, Peter 2014
Woody plant communities along urban, suburban, and rural streams in Louisville, Kentucky, USA White, R. Jonathan; Carreiro, Margaret M.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2014
Social acceptability of bioenergy in the U.S Brosius, J. Peter; Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah 2013
Forest fuel reduction and biomass supply: perspectives from southern private landowners Gan, Jianbang; Jarrett, Adam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2013
Effects of fuel load and moisture content on fire behaviour and heating in masticated litter-dominated fuels Kreye, Jesse K.; Kobziar, Leda N.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2013
Efficient assessments of urban tree planting potential around the southern Piedmont region of the United States Merry, Krista; Siry, Jacek; Bettinger, Pete; Bowker, Michael 2013
Assessing potential urban tree planting sites in the Piedmont of the Unitied States: A comparison of methods Merry, Krista; Siry, Jacek; Bettinger, Pete; Bowker, Michael 2013
Patterns and trends in urban biodiversity and landscape design Müller, Norbert; Ignatieva, Maria; Nilon, Charles H.; Werner, Peter; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2013
A comparison of carbon and nitrogen stocks among land uses/covers in coastal Florida Nagy, R. Chelsea; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Marzen, Luke J. 2013
Temporal dynamics of a subtropical urban forest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 2001-2010 Tucker Lima, J. M.; Staudhammer, C. L.; Brandeis, T. J.; Escobedo, F. J.; Zipperer, W. 2013
Promoting Environmental Justice Through Urban Green Space Access: A Synopsis Jennings, Viniece; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Schulterbrandt Gragg, Richard 2012
Analyzing growth and mortality in a subtropical urban forest ecosystem Lawrence, Alicia B.; Escobedo, Fancisco J.; Staudhammera, Christina L.; Zipperer, Wayne Zipperer 2012
Fire in the Wildland–Urban Interface Mercer, Evan; Zipperer, Wayne 2012
Locating spatial variation in the association between wildland fire risk and social vulnerability across six southern states Poudyal, Neelam; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Goodrick, Scott; Bowker, J.M.; Gan, Jianbang 2012
Book review: Unveiling the Whale: Discourses on Whales and Whaling Schelhas, John 2012
Social vulnerability and environmental change along urban-rural interfaces Schelhas, John; Hitchner, Sarah; Johnson, Cassandra 2012
A Common-Pool Resource Approach to Forest Health: The Case of the Southern Pine Beetle Schelhas, John; Molnar, Joseph 2012
Exploring family forest landowner diversity: Place, race, and gender in Alabama, United States Schelhas, John; Zhang, Yaoqui; Zabawa, Robert; Zheng, Bin 2012
Landscape dynamics in the wildland-urban interface Zipperer, Wayne C. 2012
Urban Ecology: Patterns of Population Growth and Ecological Effects Zipperer, Wayne C.; Pickett, Steward T.A. 2012
Ecological consequences of fragmentation and deforestation in an urban landscape: a case study Zipperer, W.C.; Foresman, T.W.; Walker, S.P.; Daniel, C.T. 2012
Co-adapting societal and ecological interactions following large disturbances in urban park woodlands Carreiro, Margaret ; Zipperer, Wayne 2011
A framework for developing urban forest ecosystem services and goods indicators Dobbs, Cynnamon; Escobedo, Francisco J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2011
Rapid Assessment of Tree Debris Following Urban Forest Ice Storms Hauer, Richard J.; Hauer, Angela J.; Hartel, Dudley R.; Johnson, Jill R. 2011
Latino Park Access: Examining Environmental Equity in a “New Destination” County in the South Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 2011
Wildland fire risk and social vulnerability in the Southeastern United States: An exploratory spatial data analysis approach Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Poudyal, N.C.; Goodrick, S.; Bowker, J.M.; Malone, S.; Gan, J. 2011
Wood to energy: using southern interface fuels for bioenergy Staudhammer, C.; Hermansen, L.A.; Carter, D.; Macie, Ed 2011
Appalachian National Scenic Trail pilot survey Zarnoch, Stan; Bowker, Michael; Cordell, Ken; Owens, Matt; Green, Gary T.; Ginn, Allison 2011
The process of natural succession in urban areas Zipperer, Wayne C. 2011
Linking social and ecological systems Zipperer, Wayne ; Morse, Wayde ; Gaither, Cassandra 2011
Analyzing the efficacy of subtropical urban forests in offsetting carbon emissions from cities Escobedo, Francisco; Varela, Sebastian; Zhao, Min; Wagner, John E.; Zipperer, Wayne 2010
Regional Growth and income convergence in the western black belt counties of Alabama: evidence from census block group data Gyawali, Buddhi; Fraser, Rory; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2010
The Changing Roles Professional Development Program Hermansen-Baez, A.; Wulff, N. 2010
The U S national parks in international perspective: The Yellowstone model or conservation syncretism? Schelhas, John 2010
When global conservation meets local livelihoods: People and parks in Central America Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2010
Opportunities and capacity for community-based forest carbon sequestration and monitoring in Ghana Schelhas, J.; Samar, S.; Johnson, Cassandra; Asumadu, K.; Tease, F.; Stanturf, J.; Blay, D. 2010
Influence of repeated prescribed fire and herbicide application on the fine root biomass of young longleaf pine Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Kuehler, Eric A. 2010
Testing and classification of individual plants for fire behaviour: plant selection for the wildland–urban interface White, Robert H.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2010
Changes in Woodland Use from Longleaf Pine to Loblolly Pine Zhang, Yaoqi; Majumdar, Indrajit; Schelhas, John 2010
Factors influencing non-native tree species distribution in urban landscapes Zipperer, Wayne C. 2010
Developing an urban forest carbon market Armstrong, M.; Siry, J.; Bowker, Michael 2009
Air pollution removal and temperature reduction by Gainesville's urban forest Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Gainesville's urban forest canopy cover Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Carbon sequestration and storage by Gainesville's urban forest Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Gainesville's urban forest structure and composition Francisco Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayne 2009
Human well-being and land cover types in the southeastern U.S.A. Gyawali, B.; Fraser, R.; Schelhas, J.; Wang, Y.; Tadesse, W.; Bukenya, J. 2009
Adaptive collab orative restoration: a key concept in invasive plant management Miller, James H.; Schelhas, John. 2009
Factors influencing current interests and motivations of local governments to supply carbon offset credits from urban forestry Poudyal, N.; Siry, J.; Bowker, M. 2009
When global environmentalism meets local livelihoods: policy and management lessons Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2009
The social structure of family and farm forestry in Alabama Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert. 2009
The increasing importance of small-scale forestry: evidence from family forest ownership patterns in the United States Zhang, Y.; Liao, X.; Butler, B.J.; Schelhas, J. 2009
Vegetation composition and structure of forest patches along urban-rural gradients Zipperer, W.C.; Guntenspergen, G.R. 2009
Urban forestry and the eco-city: today and tomorrow Carreiro, Margaret M.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2008
Income convergence in a rural, majority African American region Gyawali, Buddhi; Fraser, Rory; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2008
Alternative forest resource use - outdoor recreation and rural economics Kebede, Ellene; Schelhas, John; Haslerig, Janet 2008
Horticulture hybrid cultivars and exotic plant invasion: A case study of Wisteria (Fabaceae) Trusty, J.L.; Lockaby, B.G.; Zipperer, W.C.; Goertzen, L.R. 2008
Culture, place and urban growth in the U.S. South Johnson, Cassandra Y.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2007
Invasive wisteria in the Southeastern United StateS: genetic diversity, hybridization and the role of urban centers Trusty, Jennifer L.; Goertzen, Leslie R.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Lockaby, B Graeme 2007
Identity of naturalised exotic Wisteria (fabaceae) in the south-eastern United States Trusty, J.L.; Lockaby, B.G.; Zipperer, W.C.; Goertzen, L.R. 2007
Applying ecosystem management to urban forestry Zipperer, Wayne C. 2007
Mulch flammability Zipperer, Wayne; Long, Alan; Hnton, Brian; Maranghides, Alexander; Mell, William 2007
Land use context and natural soil controls on plant community and soil nitrogen and carbon dynamics in urban and rural forests Groffman, Peter M.; Pouyat, Richard V.; Cadenasso, Mary L.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Szlavecz, Katalin; Yesilonis, Ian D.; Band, Lawrence E.; Brush, Grace S. 2006
Spatial analysis of the change in land cover and human well-being in the black-belt counties of Alabama Gyawali, Buddhi R.; Fraser, Rory F.; Wang, Yong; Tadesse, Wubishet; Bukenya, James; Schelhas, John 2006
Recreational demand for Tuskegee National Forest, a non-market valuation Kebede, Ellene; Ngandu, Mudiayi; Schelhas, John; Batalia, Doris 2006
How does fire affect longleaf pine roots carbohydrates, foliar nutrients, and sapling growth? Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword Sayer, Marry Anne; Andries, C. Dan 2006
Environmental globalization, organizational form, and expected benefits from protected areas in Central America Pfeffer, Max J.; Schelhas, John W.; Meola, Catherine 2006
Post-frontier forest change adjacent to Braulio Carrillo National Park, Costa Rica Schelhas, John; Sanchez-Azofeifa, G. Arturo 2006
Does race matter in landowners' participation in conservation incentive programs? Gan, Jianbang; Onianwa, Okwuldili O.; Schelhas, John; Wheelock, Gerald C.; Dubois, Mark R. 2005
An Assessment of the Southern Wildland-Urban Interface Hermansen, L. Annie; Macie, Edward A. 2005
Forest Values of national park neighbors in Costa Rica Schelhas, John; Pfeffer, Max J. 2005
Model forest landowners in Alabama: are they different from typical landowners? Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert 2005
Crown physiology and growth of sapling longleaf pine after fire Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Kuehler, Eric A. 2005
Small-scale non-industrial private forest ownership in the United States: rationale and implications for forest management Zhang, Yaoqi; Zhang, Daowei; Schelhas, John 2005
Ecological Assessment and Planning in the Wildland-Urban Interface: A Landscape Perspective Zipperer, Wayne C. 2005
Flammability of native understory species in pine flatwood and hardwood hammock ecosystems and implications for the wildland-urban interface Behm, Anna L.; Duryea, Mary L.; Long, Alan J.; Zipperer, Wayne C. 2004
Long-Term Effects of Season of Prescribed Burn on the Fine-Root Growth, Root Carbohydrates, and Foliar Dynamics of Mature Longleaf Pine Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword Sayer, Mary Anne; Haywood, James D.; Andries, C. Dan 2004
An analysis of factors affecting participation behavior of limited resource farmers in agricultural cost-share programs in Alabama Onianwa, Okwudili; Wheelock, Gerald; Gyawali, Buddhi; Gan, Jianbang; Dubois, Mark; Schelhas, John 2004
Natural enemies: people-wildlife conflicts in anthropological perspective Schelhas, John 2004
New opportunities for social research on forest landowners in the south Schelhas, John; Zabawa, Robert; Molnar, Joseph J. 2003
Female forestland owners: Characterization of assistance needs Crim, Sarah Day; Dubois, Mark; Bailey, Conner; Schelhas, John 2003
Human influences on forest ecosystems: the southern wildland-urban interface assessment: summary report Macie, Edward A.; Hermansen, L. Annie 2003
Controlling the Southern Pine Beetle: Small Landowner Perceptions and Practices Molnar, Joseph J.; Schelhas, John; Holeski, Carrie 2003
Human influences on forest ecosystems: the southern wildland-urban interface assessment Macie, Edward A.; Hermansen, L. Annie; [Editors] 2002
Race, ethnicity, and natural resources in the United States: a review Schelhas, J. 2002
Activities of the Alabama Consortium on forestry education and research, 1993-1999 Schelhas, John 2002
Linking community and national park development: A case from the Dominican Republic Schelhas, John; Sherman, Ruth E.; Fahey, Timothy J.; Lassoie, James P. 2002
Environmental impacts of livestock on the developing world Nicholson, Charles F.; Blake, Robert W.; Reid, Robin S.; Schelhas, John 2001
Ecoregional management in southern Costa Rica: Finding a role for adaptive collaborative management Schelhas, John; Buck, Louise E.; Geisler, Charles C.; Wollenberg, Eva, eds. 2001
Learning Conservation and Sustainable Development: An Interdisciplinary Approach Schelhas, John; Lassoie, James P. 2001
Catalyzing sustainability: Cornell University's field practicum in conservation and sustainable development Schelhas, John 2000
Seasonal Fine Root Carbohydrate Relations of Plantation Loblolly Pine After Thinning Sword, Mary A.; Kuehler, Eric A.; Tang, Zhenmin 2000
Above- and below-ground growth of longleaf pine in response to three prescribed burning regimes Sword Sayer, Mary Ann; Kuehler, Eric 2000
Seasonal Fine-Root Carbohydrate and Growth Relations of Plantation Loblolly Pine After Thinning and Fertilization Kuehler, Eric A.; Sword, Mary Anne; Andries, C. Dan 1999
The effects of sodium erythorbate and ethylenediurea on photosynthetic function of ozone-exposed loblolly pine seedlings Kuehler, Eric A.; Flagler, R.B. 1998