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The Summary Report and Technical Report are now available.!

The first finalized report from the Futures project is now available: "The Southern Forest Futures Project: using public input to define the issues." We offered an advance copy here for the past year, now it's been published as an issue in the Southern Research Station General Technical Report series:

Wear, D.N.; Greis, J.G.; Walters, N. 2009. The Southern Forest Futures Project: using public input to define the issues. Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-115. Asheville, NC: U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 17 p.

The Southern Forest Futures Project will produce a number of other intermediate products including online resources and datasets and methods descriptions.

The Project will ultimately produce three types of reports. We will initially release a Forecasting and Issue Report containing the results of our forecasts and analysis of meta-issues. This will be coupled with a Summary Report that chronicles the key findings and conclusions of the Forecasting and Issue Report. We will follow these region-wide reports with five separate Subregional Reports that interpret findings for each of the subregions and examines management and restoration implications.

Reports will only be released after their methods and findings have passed scientific peer review. Following incorporation of peer reviewer comments, the draft report will be made available for public review and comment. The final report will address comments received during the public review process. As with the Southern Forest Resource Assessment, both the draft and final reports will be made available here.

Last Modified: 04/05/2013

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The first phase of the Project gathered input on forces of change and resources at risk in Southern forests over the next 50 years. read comments