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Technical Report

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The Southern Forest Futures Project is committed to conducting an open process that engages and is responsive to its stakeholders and the public in general. While the assessment will be grounded in science and its reports evaluated through peer review by experts, the questions we seek to answer and the methods we use to get there must also bear the test of public scrutiny and engagement.


For public input to work, we need to make the process as transparent as possible and will do so through several means:

  • web site - we will post planning documents, public input, methods, datasets, and both draft and final reports
  • online comment form - the web site contains a short briefing followed by a comment form to directly collect your input
  • email - we will send periodic updates to those who wish to be kept informed this way
  • public meetings - during the initial problem formulation phase and several times during the analysis phase we will hold public meetings
The initial set of public meetings will be at the following dates and cities. The itinerary for the meetings follows that list. Note that the Webcast meetings will start at 7 PM EST, 6 PM CST. Other details on the Webcast meetings will be available soon.

Sub-Regional Meetings Schedule
Meeting Location Sub-RegionDate
Baton Rouge, LAC Plain/ MS ValleyJan 29
Stoneville, MSC Plain/ MS ValleyJan 30
Gainesville, FLCoastal PlainFeb 7
Charleston, SCCoastal PlainFeb 8
College Station,TXMid-SouthFeb 11
Stillwater, OKMid-SouthFeb 12
Little Rock, ARM-South/MS ValleyFeb 13
Lexington, KYApps/CumberlandFeb. 19
Nashville, TNApps/CumberlandFeb. 21
Raleigh, NCPiedmont/C PlainFeb 25
Blacksburg, VAApps CumberlandFeb 26
Asheville, NCApps/CumberlandFeb 27
Athens, GAPiedmont/C Plain Mar 6
Auburn, ALPiedmont/C Plain Mar 7
Puerto Rico/VIThe Islands tbd
Webinar Sessions All Apr 8
7 pm EST
April 16
2 pm EST
April 16
7 pm EST


1:00 pmIntroductions and Expectations for the Meeting
1:15 pmOverview of the Southern Forest Futures Project
2:15 pmBreak
2:30 - 4:45 pmBreakout groups for discussion

"What forces of change are likely to influence the future of the forests in the South?"

"What values and services are likely to be affected by these forces of change in this sub-region and should be addressed in this project?"

4:45 pmSummary and Closeout
5:00 pmAdjourn

Webinar meetings will broadly follow this sequence but will occur at different times.

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