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Terra-mechanical and statistical analyses of four-wheel grapple skidder performance data Smidt, Mathew F.; Thompson, Jason; McDonald, Tim; Ma, Yuting. 2023
Working hours, sleep, and fatigue in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector: A scoping review Elliott, K. C.; Lincoln, Jennifer M.; Flynn, Michael A.; Levin, Jeffrey L.; Smidt, Mathew; Dzugan, Jerry; Ramos, Athena K. 2022
What drives the change in employment in the US logging industry? A directed acyclic graph approach He, Mingtao; Li, Wenying; Smidt, Mathew; Zhang, Yaoqi. 2022
Effect of Leptographium terebrantis on foliage, new root dynamics, and stemwood growth in a loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.) plantation Mensah, John K.; Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Nadel, Ryan L.; Duwadi, Shrijana; Fan, Zhaofei; Carter, Emily A.; Eckhardt, Lori G. 2022
Speed and whole body vibration in a sample of grapple skidders from the US South Smidt, Mathew; Lynch, Stephanie; Schall, Mark; Sesek, Richard. 2022
Forest Bio-Hubs to Enhance Forest Health While Supporting the Emerging Bioeconomy—A Comparison between Three U.S. Regions Nicholls, David; Vaughan, Damon; Mitchell, Dana; Han, Han-Sup; Smidt, Mathew; Sessions, John. 2022
Field Assessment of Downed Timber Strength Deterioration Rate and Wood Quality Using Acoustic Technologies Musah, Munkaila; Diaz, Javier Hernandez; Alawode, Abiodun Oluseun; Gallagher, Tom; Peresin, Maria Soledad; Mitchell, Dana; Smidt, Mathew; Via, Brian. 2022
Use of vision and sound to classify feller-buncher operational state Pan, Pengmin; McDonald, Timothy; Smidt, Mathew; Dias, Rafael. 2022
Impacts of Multiple Hurricanes and Tropical Storms on Watershed Hydrological Processes in the Florida Panhandle Ouyang, Ying; Grace, Johnny M.; Parajuli, Prem B.; Caldwell, Peter V. 2022
Extreme precipitation-based vulnerability assessment of road-crossing drainage structures in forested watersheds using an integrated environmental modeling approach Panda, S.S.; Amatya, D.M.; Grace, J.M.; Caldwell, P.; Marion, D.A. 2022
Groundwater and surface-water contamination susceptibility determination through automated geospatial models using combined modeling approach of DRASTIC and RUSLE Reeves, Zach; Panda, Sudhanshu S.; Pilgrim, Zach; Quyang, Ying; Grace, Johnny M. III; Amatya, Devendra M. 2022
An Evaluation of Woody Biomass and Pulpwood Market Competition within a Range of Procurement Distances Parajuli, Manisha; Hiesl, Patrick; Smidt, Mathew; Mitchell, Dana. 2021
Logging industry in the United States: employment and profitability He, Mingtao; Smidt, Mathew; Li, Wenying; Zhang, Yaoqi. 2021
Issue and opportunities for salvaging storm damaged wood Mitchell, Dana; Smidt, Mathew; McDonald, Tim; Elder, Tom. 2021
Estimates of precipitation IDF curves and design discharges for road-crossing drainage structures: Case study in four small forested watersheds in the southeastern US Amatya, D. M.; Tian, S.; Marion, D. A.; Caldwell, P.; Laseter, S.; Youssef, M. A.; Grace, J. M.; Chescheir, G. M.; Panda, S.; Ouyang, Y.; Sun, G.; Vose, J. M. 2021
Leptographium terebrantis inoculation and associated crown symptoms and tree mortality in Pinus taeda Mensah, John K.; Sayer, Mary Anne S.; Nadel, Ryan L.; Matusick, George; Fan, Zhaofei; Carter, Emily A.; Eckhardt, Lori G. 2021
A STELLA-Based Model to Simultaneously Predict Hydrological Processes, N Uptake and Biomass Production in a Eucalyptus Plantation Ouyang, Ying; Feng, Gary; Renninger, Heidi; Leininger, Theodor D.; Parajuli, Prem; Grace, Johnny M. 2021
The potential for effective training of logging truck drivers Smidt, Mathew F.; Mitchell, Dana; Logan, Kristi K. 2021
Trainee’s reactions to logger training course characteristics: data from 300 courses held in Italy Magagnotti, Natascia; Smidt, Mathew; Spinelli, Raffaele. 2021
Sustainable Development Tool Using Meta‐Analysis and DPSIR Framework — Application to Savannah River Basin, U.S. Pagan, Janeesa; Pryor, Mikela; Deepa, R.; Grace, J.M.; Mbuya, Odemari; Taylor, Robert; Dickson, Johnbull O.; Ibeanusi, Victor; Chauhan, Ashvini; Chen, Gang; Anandhi, Aavudai. 2020
Factors influencing productivity and cost in the whole-tree harvesting system Parajuli, Manisha; Hiesl, Patrick; Smidt, Mathew; Mitchell, Dana. 2020
Sensitivity of using stable water isotopic tracers to study the hydrology of isolated wetlands in North Florida Bugna, Glynnis C.; Grace, Johnny M.; Hsieh, Yuch-Ping. 2020
Estimating impact of forest land on groundwater recharge in a humid subtropical watershed of the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley Ouyang, Ying; Jin, Wei; Grace, Johnny M.; Obalum, Sunday E.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Huang, Xiaoqing. 2019
Analysis of processing head measurements in merchandizing southern yellow pine Sitanggang, Marisa; Gallagher, Thomas; McDonald, Timothy; Mitchell, Dana. 2019
Development of a small-scale harvester for biomass operations da Rocha, K.D.; Gallagher, Tom; McDonald, Tim; Mitchell, Dana. 2019
Large site prep tractors for fire line establishment in southern pine stands in Alabama Smidt, Mathew F.; Mitchell, Dana; Baker, Hunter. 2019
Evaluating forest biomass recovery in south central Alabama pine plantations Grace III  , J. McFero; Klepac, J. F.; Taylor, Steve E. 2019
Productivity and cost estimates for incorporating tracked processors into conventional loblolly pine harvesting regimes in the Southeastern United States Daniel, Marissa “Jo”; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; McDonald, Timothy; Via, Brian. 2019
Changing times: How technique and technology advancements could promote woody biomass harvesting in the United States Daniel, Marissa “Jo”; Gallagher, Tom; McDonald, Timothy; Via, Brian; Mitchell, Dana. 2018
Using safety alerts as hazard surveillance for mechanized logging systems Smidt, Mathew, Kristi Logan, Dana Mitchell. 2018
Evaluating in-woods truck scales Thompson, Jason D.; Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John. 2018
Evaluation of a conventional harvesting system for a hardwood restoration project on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana. 2018
Changing times: Altering establishment spacing, harvesting frequency, and harvesting machines to promote increased sawtimber volumes Daniel, Marissa Jo; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; McDonald, Timothy; Via, Brian. 2018
Coppicing evaluation in the southern USA to determine harvesting methods for bioenergy production Santiago, Rafael A.; Gallagher, Tom; Smidt, Mathew; Mitchell, Dana. 2018
Differences in total stem value when merchandizing with a tracked processor versus a knuckle-boom loader in Pinus taeda Daniel, Marissa Jo; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; McDonald, Timothy; Via, Brian. 2018
A simple approach to estimate daily loads of total, refractory, and labile organic carbon from their seasonal loads in a watershed Ouyang, Ying; Grace, Johnny M.; Zipperer, Wayne C.; Hatten, Jeff; Dewey, Janet. 2018
Soil response to skidder trafficking and slash application Parkhurst, Brian M.; Aust, W. Michael; Bolding, M. Chad; Barrett, Scott M.; Carter, Emily A. 2018
Whole tree transportation system for timber processing depots Lancaster, John; Gallagher, Tom; McDonald, Tim; Mitchell, Dana 2017
Biomass removal study on the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests Mitchell, Dana and John Klepac. 2017
Evaluation of a tracked feller-buncher harvesting plantation loblolly pine Klepac, John and Dana Mitchell. 2017
Alternative trailer configurations for maximizing payloads Thompson, Jason D., Dana Mitchell, and John Klepac. 2017
Cogongrass ( Imperata cylindrica ) affects above- and belowground processes in commercial loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda ) stands Trautwig, Adam N.; Eckhardt, Lori G.; Loewenstein, Nancy J.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Carter, Emily A.; Nadel, Ryan L. 2017
Fuel tax and road use Mitchell, D. 2016
Coppicing evaluation of short rotation coppice in the southeast of the U.S. to determine appropriate harvesting methods. Santiago, Rafael; Gallagher, Tom; Smidt, Matthew; Mitchell, Dana 2016
Whole tree transportation system for timber processing depots Lancaster, John;Gallagher, Tom;  McDonald, Tim; Mitchell, Dana 2016
Comparison of four harvesting systems in a loblolly pine plantation Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana 2016
Residue distribution and biomass recovery following biomass harvest of plantation pine Grace III, J.M., Klepac, J.F., Taylor, S., Mitchell, D. 2016
Determining the effects of felling method and season of year on the regeneration of short rotation coppice de Souza, Daniel P.L.; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; McDonald, Tim; Smidt, Mathew 2016
High tonnage harvesting and skidding for loblolly pine energy plantations Jernigan, Patrick; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; Smidt, Mathew; Teeter, Larry 2016
Application of a small-scale equipment system for biomass harvesting Yu, Aihua; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; O'Neal, Brandon 2016
Forest operations and woody biomass logistics to improve efficiency, value, and sustainability

Anderson, Nathaniel; Mitchell, Dana.

Soil response to skidder and dozer traffic as indicated by soil stress residuals Parkhurst, Brian; Aust, Mike; Bolding, Chad; Barrett, Scott; Vinson, Andrew; Klepac, John; Carter, Emily. 2015
Site disturbance and soil impacts resulting from mechanized thinning of upland hardwood stands in Southeastern Kentucky Thompson, Jason; Carter, Emily. 2015
Loading productivity of untrimmed and trimmed pulpwood Thompson, Jason; Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana 2015
Monitoring moisture content, temperature, and humidity in whole-tree pine chip piles Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana; Thompson, Jason 2015
Production of bio-oil from underutilized forest biomass using an auger reactor Ravindran, H.; Thangalzhy-Gopakumar, S.; Adhikari, S.; Fasina, O.; Tu, M.; Via, B.; Carter, E.; Taylor, S. 2015
Eastern cottonwood and black willow biomass crop production in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley under four planting densities Souter, Ray A.; Gardiner, Emile S; Leininger, Theodor D.; Mitchell, Dana; Rummer, Robert B. 2015
Feller-buncher Operator Breaks Power Line Thompson, J. 2014
Advantages and disadvantages of untrimmed wood in the supply chain Thompson, Jason; Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John. 2014
The effect of pile size on moisture content of loblolly pine while field drying Klepac, John; Mitchell, Dana; and Thompson, Jason. 2014
Harvesting considerations for ecosystem restoration projects Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John. 2014
Factors that affect fuel consumption in logging systems Kenney, Jonathan; Gallagher, Thomas; Smidt, Matthew; Mitchell, Dana; and McDonald, Timothy. 2014
Determining the impact of felling method and season of year on coppice regeneration de Souza, Daniel; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana; Smidt, Matthew; McDonald, Tim; Wright, Jeff. 2014
Harvesting short rotation woody crops with a shear Cardoso, Wellington; Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom; and de Souza, Daniel. 2014
Chipping and grinding production rate calculator Smidt, Mathew.; Mitchell, Dana 2014
Outlook for Piedmont forests: a subregional report from the Southern Forest Futures Project Rummer, Robert B.; Hafer, Mae Lee 2014
Pines Nelson, C. Dana; Peter, Gary F.; McKeand, Steven E.; Jokela, Eric J.; Rummer, Robert B.; Groom, Leslie H.; Johnsen, Kurt H. 2013
Performance of a Tracked Feller-Buncher with a Shear Head Operating in Small-Diameter Pine Klepac, J. 2013
Characteristics of Comminuted Forest Biomass Sprinkle, Jacob; Mitchell, Dana. 2013
Harvesting systems and costs for short rotation poplar Rummer, B.; Mitchell, D. 2013
Production, Cost and Chip Characteristics of In-Woods Microchipping Thompson, J.; and Sprinkle, W. 2013
The State of the Logging Workforce in the Southern United States Mitchell, D.; Huffaker, E. 2013
Determination of field-effective soil properties in the tidewater region of North Carolina Grace, J. McFero, III; Skaggs, R.W. 2013
Erosion response of a harvested piedmont loblolly pine plantation in Alabama: preliminary results Carter, Emily A. 2013
Influence of forest road buffer zones on sediment transport in the Southern Appalachian Region Grace, Johnny M., III; Zarnoch, Stanley J. 2013
Stream carbon dynamics in low-gradient headwaters of a forested watershed Bryant-Mason, April; Xu, Y. Jun; Grace, Johnny M., III 2013
Ups and Downs Associated with Implementing Shift Schedules on a Southern Harvesting Operation Mitchell, D. 2012
Trucking Characteristics for an In-woods Biomass Chipping Operation Thompson, J. D.; Klepac, J.; and Sprinkle, W. 2012
Off-road transport of pinyon/juniper Klepac, J.; Rummer, B. 2012
Technology for biomass feedstock production in southern forests and GHG implications Rummer, Bob; Klepac, John; Thompson, Jason 2012
Legacy effects in material flux: structural catchment changes predate long-term studies Bain, Daniel, J.; Green, Mark B.; Campbell, John L.; Chamblee, John F.; Chaoka, Sayo; Fraterrigo, Jennifer M.; Kaushal, Sujay S.; Kaushal, Sujay S.; Martin, Sherry L.; Jordan, Thomas E.; Parolari, Anthony J.; Sobczak, William V.; Weller, Donald E.; Wolheim, Wilfred M.; Boose, Emery R.; Duncan, Jonathan M.; Gettel, Gretchen M.; Hall, Brian R.; Kumar, Praveen; Thompson, Jonathan R.; Vose, James M.; Elliott, Emily M.; Leigh, David S. 2012
The water quality and quantity effects of biofuel operations in pine plantations of the southeastern USA Nettles, J.; Youssef, M.; Cacho, J.; Grace, J.; Leggett, Z.; Sucre, E. 2011
A new slash bundling concept for use in a Southern U.S Meadows, Steven; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana 2011
Bundling Logging Residues with a Modified John Deere B-380 Slash Bundler Mitchell, Dana 2011
Impregnation of bio-oil from small diameter pine into wood for moisture resistance Robinson, Thomas J.; Via, Brian K.; Fasina, Oladiran; Adhikari, Sushil; Carter, Emily 2011
Minimizing soil impacts from forest operations Carter, Emily A. 2011
Influence of forest roads and BMPs on soil erosion Grace, J. McFero, III; Elliot, William J. 2011
Assessing soil impacts related to forest harvest operations Carter, E. A.; Grace III, J. M. 2011
Response of subterranean termites (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae) to stressed nestmates Shelton, T.G.; Grace, J.K.; Woodrow, R.J.; Oshiro, R.J. 2011
Evaluation of two round baling systems for harvesting understory biomass do Canto, J.L.; Klepac, J.; Rummer, B.; Savoie, P.; Seixas, F. 2011
Air quality on biomass harvesting operations Mitchell, D. 2011
Harvesting small trees for bio-energy Klepac, J.; Rummer, B.; Thompson, J. 2011
High tonnage forest biomass production systems from southern pine energy plantations Jernigan, P.; Gallagher,T.; Mitchell, D; Teeter, L. 2011
Transpirational drying effects on energy and ash content from whole-tree chipping operations in a southern pine plantation Cutshall, J.; Greene, D.; Baker, S.; Mitchell, D. 2011
Thrown object hazards in forest operations Rummer, R.; Klepac, J. 2011
Mileage savings from optimization of coordinated trucking McDonald, T.P.; Haridass, K.; Valenzuela, J. 2010
Efficacy of buffer zones in disconnecting roads and streams in the coastal plain Grace, J.M. III; Davis E. 2010
Project summary: Application of a trailer-mounted slash bundler for southern logging Meadows, S.; Gallagher, T.; Mitchell, D. 2010
Techniques for establishing vegetation for long-term erosion control on disturbed slopes in Alabama Dougherty, M.; Baharanyi, A.; Guertal, B.; Grace, J. [and others], 2010
Harvesting understory biomass with a baler Klepac, J.; Rummer, B. 2010
Prescribed burning effects on the hydrologic behavior of gullies in the South Carolina Piedmont Galang, M.A.; Morris, L.A.; Markewitz, D.; Jackson, C.R.; Carter, E.A, 2010
Extended working hours: Impacts on workers Mitchell, D.; Gallagher, T., 2010
Torrefaction? What’s that? Mitchell, D.; Elder, T., 2010
Understanding the hazards of thrown objects: Incidents, research and resolutions Garland, John J.; Rummer, Robert 2009
Nutrition challenges of longleaf pine in the southeast Sword Sayer, M.A.; Eckhardt, L.G.; Carter, E.A., 2009
Evaluation of the WB55 bio-baler for baling woody biomass in a forest application Klepac, J.; Rummer, B.; 2009
Optimizing the use of a John Deere bundling unit in a southern logging system Meadows, Steven; Gallagher, Tom; Mitchell, Dana. 2009
Logging deck organization with a bundler Mitchell, Dana. 2009
Stump Harvesting Mitchell, Dana. 2009
Forest farming practices Chamberlain, J.L.; Mitchell, D.; Brigham, T.; Hobby, T.; Zabek, L.; Davis, J. 2009
Vegetation response to midstorey mulching and prescribed burning for wildfire hazard reduction and longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) ecosystem restoration Brockway, Dale G., Outcalt, Kenneth W., Estes, Becky L., Rummer, Robert B. 2009
Winter food habits and preferences of northern bobwhites in east Texas Dietz, Donald R., Jr.; Whiting, R. Montague, Jr.; Koerth, Nancy E. 2009

Protecting soil and water in forest road management.

Grace, J.M., III; Clinton, B.D. 2009
Loblolly pine growth and soil nutrient stocks eight years after forest slash incorporation Sanchez, Felipe G.; Carter, Emily A.; Leggett, Zakiya H. 2009
Soil carbon sequestration and changes in fungal and bacterial biomass following incorporation of forest residues Busse, Matt D.; Sanchez, Felipe G.; Ratcliff, Alice W.; Butnor, John R.; Carter, Emily A.; Powers, Robert F. 2009
Effects of Disturbance-induced trauma on foraging by subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Woodrow, R.J., Shelton, T.G., Oshiro, R.J., Grace, J.K.; Wagner, T.L. 2008
Impacts of extended working hours in logging Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom 2008
Modified precision-husky progrind H-3045 for chipping biomass Mitchell, Dana; Seixas, Fernando; Klepac, John. 2008
Influence of storm characteristics on soil erosion and storm runoff Grace, Johnny M. III. 2008
Determining the range of acceptable forest road erosion Grace, Johnny M. III 2008
Processing woody biomass with a modified horizontal grinder Mitchell, Dana; Klepac, John 2008
Felling small trees with a drive-to-tree feller-buncher Mitchell, Dana. 2008
An integrated approach to evaluating the economic costs of wildfire hazard reduction through wood utilization opportunities in the southwestern United States Lowell, Eini C.; Becker, Dennis R.; Rummer, Robert; Larson, Debra; Wadleigh, Linda. 2008
Soil disturbances from horse/mule logging operations coupled with machines in the Southern United States Shrestha, Suraj P.; Lanford, Bobby L.; Rummer, Robert; Dubois, Mark. 2008
Analysis of mechanical thinning productivity and cost for use at the wildland urban interface Folegatti, Bruno S.; Smidt, Mathew F.; Loewenstein, Edward F.; Carter, Emily; McDonald, Timothy P. 2007
A report on conceptual advances in roll on/off technology in forestry Atkins, Dave; Rummer, Robert; Dodson, Beth; Thomas, Craig E.; Horcher, Andy; Messerlie, Ed; Rawlings, Craig; Haston, David. 2007
Protecting soil and water in forest road management Grace, Johnny M. III; Clinton, Barton D. 2007
Chipping whole trees for fuel chips: a production study Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom. 2007
Physiological and psychological impacts of extended work hours in logging operations Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom. 2007
Processing woody debris biomass for co-milling with pulverized coal Mitchell, Dana; Rummer, Bob. 2007
Soil change and loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) seedling growth following site preparation tillage in the Upper Coastal Plain of the southeastern United States Lincoln, Chad M.; Will, Rodney E.; Morris, Lawrence A.; Carter, Emily A.; Markewtiz, Daniel; Britt, John R.; Cazell, Ben; Ford, Vic. 2007
Mechanical removal of Chinese privet Klepac, John; Rummer, Robert B.; Hanula, James L.; Horn, Scott. 2007
Soil strength response of select soil disturbance classes on a wet pine flat in South Carolina Carter, Emily A.; Aust, W. Michael; Burger, James A. 2007
Hydrologic behavior of gullies in the South Carolina piedmont Galang, M.A.; Jackson, C.R.; Morris, L.A.; Markewitz, D.; Carter, E.A. 2007
Comparison of stream nutrient conditions in a subtropical lowland watershed to EPA suggested criteria Mason, April; Xu, Y. Jun; Grace, Johnny M. 2007
Streamflow and nutrient dependence of temperature effects on dissolved oxygen in low-order forest streams Mason, April; Xu, Y. Jun; Saksa, Philip; Viosca, Adrienne; Grace, Johnny M.; Beebe, John; Stich, Richard 2007
Modeling erosion from forest roads with WEPP Grace, J. McFero, III. 2007
Evaluation of site impacts associated with three silvicultural prescriptions in an upland hardwood stand in northern Alabama, USA Carter, Emily A.; Rummer, Robert B.; Stokes, Bryce J. 2006
Forest road management to protect soil and water Grace, J. McFero, III; Clinton, Barton D. 2006
Perspectives on woody biomass fuel value and specifications in Alabama Mitchell, Dana. 2006
Evaluation of a cut-to-length system implementing fuel reduction treatments on the Coconino National Forest in Arizona Klepac, John; Rummer, Bob; Thompson, Jason. 2006
Biomass and decay rates of roots and detritus in sediments of intermittent coastal plain streams Fritz, Ken M.; Feminella, Jack W.; Colson, Chris; Lockaby, B. Graeme; Governo, Robin; Rummer, Robert B. 2006
Utilization and cost of log production from animal loging operations Shrestha, Suraj P.; Lanford, Bobby L.; Rummer, Robert B.; Dubois, Mark 2006
An approach for using general soil physical condition-root growth relationships to predict seedling growth response to site preparation tillage in loblolly pine plantations Morris, L.A.; Ludovici, K.H.; Torreano, S.J.; Carter, E.A.; Lincoln, M.C.; Will, R.E. 2006
Effect of harvesting on forest soil and water in an organic soil watershed Grace, J.M.; Skaggs, R.W. 2006
Cumulative watershed effects of fuels management: a western synthesis Rummer, Robert 2006
Extended working shifts: are they applicable to the Southeastern United States? Mitchell, Dana; Gallagher, Tom. 2006
Water balance of drained plantation watersheds in North Carolina Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R. W. 2006
Hydrologic and water quality effects of thinning Loblolly Pine Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R. W.; Chescheir, G. M. 2006
Influence of thinning Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) on hydraulic properties of an organic soil Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R. W.; Cassel, D. Keith. 2006
Relationship between tillage intensity and initial growth of loblolly pine seedlings Lincoln, M. Chad; Will, Rodney E.; Carter, Emily A.; Britt, John R.; Morris, Lawrence A. 2006
A new design to evaluate erosion and sediment control Grace, Johnny M., III. 2006
Soil physical changes associated with forest harvesting operations on a organic soil Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R.W.; Cassel, D.K. 2006
Plow power requirements for forest site preparation Veal, Matthew W.; Taylor, Steven E.; Rummer, Robert B.; Raper, Randy R. 2005
Modeling sediment transport from an off-road vehicle trail stream crossing using WEPP model Ayala, Renee&# 2005
Site impacts associated with biomass removals in lower Alabama Carter, Emily A.; Fulton, John .; Burton, Brian J. 2005
Fuel-reduction treatments with a gyrotrac GT-25 Mitchell, Dana. 2005
Assessment of current technologies for communition of forest residues Mitchell, Dana L. 2005
Loss of foundation species: consequences for the structure and dynamics of forested ecosystems Ellison, Aaron M.; Bank, Michael S.; Clinton, Barton D.; Colburn, Elizabeth A.; Elliott, Katherine; Ford, Chelcy Rae; Foster, David R.; Kloeppel, Brian D.; Knoepp, Jennifer D.; Lovett, Gary M.; Mohan, Jacqueline; Orwig, David A.; Rodenhouse, Nicholas L.; Sobczak, William V.; Stinson, Kristina A.; Stone, Jeffrey K.; Swan, Christopher M.; Thompson, Jill; Holle, Betsy Von; Webster, Jackson R. 2005
Application of WEPP to a Southern Appalachian Forest road Grace, Johnny M., III 2005
Water quality impacts from an ORV trail stream crossing in the Talladega National Forest, Alabama, USA Ayala, Renee D.; Srivastava, Puneet; Brodbeck, Christian J.; Carter, Emily a.; McDonald, Timothy P. 2005
Biomass publications of the forest operations research unit: A synthesis Mitchell, Dana; Ayala, Renee; [Compilers] 2005
Uneven-aged management of longleaf pine forests: a scientist and manager dialogue Brockway, Dale G.; Outcalt, Kenneth W.; Guldin, James M.; Boyer, William D.; Walker, Joan L.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Rummer, Robert B.; Barnett, James P.; Jose, Shibu; Nowak, Jarek. 2005
Forest operations and water quality in the south Grace, Johnny M., III. 2005
Factors influencing sediment plume development from forest roads Grace, Johnny M., III 2005
Effects of forest road amelioration techniques on soil bulk density, surface runoff, sediment transport, soil moisture and seedling growth Kolka, Randy K.; Smidt, Mathew F. 2004
Wet-weather timber harvesting and site preparation effects on coastal plain sites: a review Miwa, Masato; Aust, W. Michael; Burger, James A.; Patterson, Steve C.; Carter, Emily A. 2004
NPS pollution related to forest management activities in southern states Grace, Johnny M., III 2004
Sediment plume development from forest roads: How are they related to filter strip recommendations Grace, Johnny M., III 2004
Soil erosion following forest operations in the Southern Piedmont of central Alabama Grace, Johnny M., III 2004
Production of Short-Rotation Woody Crops Grown with a Range of Nutrient and Water Availability: Establishment Report and First-Year Responses Coleman, Mark D.; Coyle, David R.; Blake, J.; Britton, Kerry O.; Buford, M.; Campbell, R.G.; Cox, J.; Cregg, B.; Daniels, D.; Jacobson, M.; Johnsen, Kurt; McDonald, Timothy; McLeod, K.; Nelson, E.; Robison, D.; Rummer, R.; Sanchez, F.; Stanturf, John A.; Stokes, B.; Trettin, Carl; Tuskan, J.; Wright, L.; Wullschleger, S. 2004
Thrown object testing of forest machine operator protective structures Taylor, S.E.; Veal, M.W.; Rummer, R.B. 2003
Cuticular permeability of two species of Coptotermes Wasmann (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) Shelton, Thomas G.; Grace, J. Kenneth 2003
Effects of exposure duration on transfer of nonrepellent termiticides among workers of coptotermes formosanus shiraki (Isotera: Rhinotermitidae) Shelton, Thomas G.; Grace, J. Kenneth 2003
Diameter sensors for tree-length harvesting systems McDonald, T.P.; Rummer, Robert B.; Grift, T.E. 2003
Soil disturbance assessment of a cable logging operation performing five silvicultural prescriptions Klepac, John; Reutebuch, Steve 2003
New developments in operator protection for forest machines Rummer, Robert B.; Taylor, S.; Veal, M. 2003
Modelling rollover behaviour of exacavator-based forest machines Veal, M.W.; Taylor, S.E.; Rummer, Robert B. 2003
Increased water yields following harvesting operations on a drained coastal watershed Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R.W.; Malcom, H.R.; Chescheir, G.M.; Cassel, D.K. 2003
Influence of thinning operations on the hydrology of a drained coastal plantation watershed Grace, Johnny M., III; Skaggs, R.W.; Malcom, H.R.; Chescheir, G.M.; Cassel, D.K. 2003
Evaluation of roll-off trailers in small-diameter applications Rummer, Bob; Klepac, John 2003
Developing an integrated system for mechanical reduction of fuel loads at the wildland/urban interface in the southern United States Stanturf, John A.; Rummer, Robert.; Wimberly, M.; Rials, Timothy G.; Araman, Philip. A.; Busby, Rodney.; Granskog, James.; Groom, Leslie 2003
Minimizing the Impacts of the Forest Road System Grace, Johnny M., III. 2003
Enhancing the soil organic matter pool through biomass incorporation Sanchez, Felipe G.; Carter, Emily A.; Klepac, John F. 2003
Machine rates for selected forest harvesting machines Brinker, R.W.; Kinard, J.; Rummer, Robert; Lanford, B. 2002
Mechanized or hand operations: which is less expensive for small timber? Rummber, Robert; Klepac, John. 2002
Correlations and spatial variability of soil physical properties in harvested piedmont forests Carter, Emily A.; Shaw, J.N. 2002
Mulching machines for pre-commercial thinning and fuel reduction Thompson, Jason D. 2002
Utilization of forest slash to sequester carbon in loblolly pine plantations in the lower coastal plain Sanchez, F.; Carter, E.A.; Edwards, W. 2002
Timber Harvesting Effects on Spatial Variability of Southeastern U.S. Piedmont Soil Properties Shaw, J.N.; Carter, Emily A. 2002
Sediment movement from forest road systems-roads: a major contributor to erosion and stream sedimentation Grace, Johnny M., III. 2002
Control of Sediment Export From The Forest Road Prism Grace, Johnny M., III. 2002
Overview of best management practices related to forest roads: The southern states Grace, Johnny M., III 2002
Effectiveness of Vegetation in Erosion Control From Forest Road Sideslopes Grace, Johnny M., III. 2002
Sediment Transport Investigations on the National Forests of Alabama Grace, Johnny M., III 2002
Using the global positioning system to map disturbance patterns of forest harvesting machinery McDonald, T.P.; Carter, E.A.; Taylor, S.E. 2002
Assessment of Loblolly Pine Decline in Central Alabama Hess, Nolan J.; Otrosina, William J.; Carter, Emily A.; Steinman, Jim R.; Jones, John P.; Eckhardt, Lori G.; Weber, Ann M.; Walkinshaw, Charles H. 2002
Alternative skid trail retirement options for steep terrain logging Smidt, Mathew F.; Kelka, Randall K. 2001
Effects of ventilated safety helmets in a hot environment Davis, G.A.; Edmisten, E.D.; Thomas, R.E.; Rummer, R.B.; Pascoe, D.D. 2001
A survey of animal-powered logging in Alabama Toms, Christopher W.; Dubois, Mark R.; Bliss, John C.; Wilhoit, John H.; Rummer, Robert B. 2001
Improving stability of low-volume forest roads using a lignin-based emulsion Rummer, Robert B.; Klepac, John; Archer, Harry; Hebner, Gerry 2001
Information needs for increasing log transport efficiency McDonald, Timothy P.; Taylor, Steven E.; Rummer, Robert B.; Valenzuela, Jorge 2001
Revisiting forest road retirement Kolka, Randy; Smidt, Mathew 2001
Documentation of hazards and safety perceptions for mechanized logging operations in east central Alabama Bordas, R. M.; Davis, G. A.; Hopkins, B. L.; Thornas, R. E.; Rummer, Robert B. 2001
Calculating utilization rates for rubber tired grapple skidders in the Southern United States Thompson, Jason D. 2001
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