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LiDAR Voxel-Size Optimization for Canopy Gap Estimation Ross, C. Wade; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Skowronski, Nicholas; Pokswinski, Scott; Hiers, J. Kevin; O’Brien, Joseph. 2022
Compositional attributes of invaded forests drive the diversity of insect functional groups Traylor, C.R.; Ulyshen, M.D.; Wallace, D.; Loudermilk, E.L.; Ross, C.W.; Hawley, C.; Atchison, R.A.; Williams, J.L.; McHugh, J.V. 2022
Delayed fire mortality has long‐term ecological effects across the Southern Appalachian landscape Robbins, Zachary J.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Reilly, Matthew J.; O&# 2022
Vegetation’s influence on fire behavior goes beyond just being fuel Loudermilk, E. Louise; O&# 2022
Smoke Plume Dynamics Liu, Yongqiang; Heilman, Warren E.; Potter, Brian E.; Clements, Craig B.; Jackson, William A.; French, Nancy H. F.; Goodrick, Scott L.; Kochanski, Adam K.; Larkin, Narasimhan K.; Lahm, Peter W.; Brown, Timothy J.; Schwarz, Joshua P.; Strachan, Sara M.; Zhao, Fengjun. 2022
Fire Behavior and Heat Release as Source Conditions for Smoke Modeling Goodrick, Scott L.; Tarnay, Leland W.; Anderson, Bret A.; Coen, Janice L.; Furman, James H.; Linn, Rodman R; Riggan, Philip J.; Schmidt, Christopher C. 2022
Investigating the turbulent dynamics of small-scale surface fires Desai, Ajinkya; Goodrick, Scott; Banerjee, Tirtha. 2022
Projections of future wildfires impacts on air pollutants and air toxics in a changing climate over the western United States Yang, Cheng-En; Fu, Joshua S.; Liu, Yongqiang; Dong, Xinyi; Liu, Yang. 2022
A model comparison of fire return interval impacts on carbon and species dynamics in a southeastern U.S. pineland Flanagan, Steven A.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Callaham, Mac A.; Goodrick, Scott; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Starr, Gregory; Wiesner, Susanne; Klepzig, Kier D.; Loudermilk, E. Louise. 2021
Two new species of Bimastos (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) from the Southern Appalachian Mountains, North America CARRERA-MARTÍNEZ, ROBERTO; JONES, DANIEL; SCHOVILLE, SEAN D.; SNYDER, BRUCE A.; CALLAHAM, MAC A. JR. 2021
Stronger effects of termites than microbes on wood decomposition in a subtropical forest. Wu, Chunsheng; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Shu, Chunjie; Zhang, Zhijian; Zhang, Yi; Liu, Yuanqiu; Geoff Wang, G. 2021
Projection of future wildfire emissions in western USA under climate change: contributions from changes in wildfire, fuel loading and fuel moisture Yongqiang Liu, Yang Liu, Joshua Fu, etc. 2021
Introduction to fire ecology across USA forested ecosystems: Past, present, and future Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Collins, Beverly S.; Goodrick, Scott; Stambaugh, Michael C.; Wein, Gary R. 2021
Non-destructive fuel volume measurements can estimate fine-scale biomass across surface fuel types in a frequently burned ecosystem Hiers, Quinn A.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hawley, Christie M.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Pokswinski, Scott; Hoffman, Chad M.; O’Brien, Joseph J. 2021
Benefit or Liability? The Ectomycorrhizal Association May Undermine Tree Adaptations to Fire After Long-term Fire Exclusion Carpenter, Dana O.; Taylor, Melanie K.; Callaham, Mac A.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Loudermilk, E. Louise; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Wurzburger, Nina. 2021
The contribution of insects to global forest deadwood decomposition Seibold, Sebastian; Rammer, Werner; Hothorn, Torsten; Seidl, Rupert; Ulyshen, Michael D.; Lorz, Janina; Cadotte, Marc W.; Lindenmayer, David B.; Adhikari, Yagya P.; Aragón, Roxana; Bae, Soyeon; Baldrian, Petr; Barimani Varandi, Hassan; Barlow, Jos; Bässler, Claus; Beauchêne, Jacques; Berenguer, Erika; Bergamin, Rodrigo S.; Birkemoe, Tone; Boros, Gergely; Brandl, Roland; Brustel, Hervé; Burton, Philip J.; Cakpo-Tossou, Yvonne T.; Castro, Jorge; Cateau, Eugénie; Cobb, Tyler P.; Farwig, Nina; Fernández, Romina D.; Firn, Jennifer; Gan, Kee Seng; González, Grizelle; Gossner, Martin M.; Habel, Jan C.; Hébert, Christian; Heibl, Christoph; Heikkala, Osmo; Hemp, Andreas; Hemp, Claudia; Hjältén, Joakim; Hotes, Stefan; Kouki, Jari; Lachat, Thibault; Liu, Jie; Liu, Yu; Luo, Ya-Huang; Macandog, Damasa M.; Martina, Pablo E.; Mukul, Sharif A.; Nachin, Baatarbileg; Nisbet, Kurtis; O’Halloran, John; Oxbrough, Anne; Pandey, Jeev Nath; Pavlíček, Tomáš; Pawson, Stephen M.; Rakotondranary, Jacques S.; Ramanamanjato, Jean-Baptiste; Rossi, Liana; Schmidl, Jürgen; Schulze, Mark; Seaton, Stephen; Stone, Marisa J.; Stork, Nigel E.; Suran, Byambagerel; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne; Thorn, Simon; Thyagarajan, Ganesh; Wardlaw, Timothy J.; Weisser, Wolfgang W.; Yoon, Sungsoo; Zhang, Naili; Müller, Jörg. 2021
Understanding interactions among climate, water, and vegetation with the Budyko framework Gan, Guojing; Liu, Yuanbo; Sun, Ge. 2021
The second wave of earthworm invasions in North America: biology, environmental impacts, management and control of invasive jumping worms Chang, Chih-Han; Bartz, Marie L. C.; Brown, George; Callaham, Mac A.; Cameron, Erin K.; Dávalos, Andrea; Dobson, Annise; Görres, Josef H.; Herrick, Bradley M.; Ikeda, Hiroshi; James, Samuel W.; Johnston, Marie R.; McCay, Timothy S.; McHugh, Damhnait; Minamiya, Yukio; Nouri-Aiin, Maryam; Novo, Marta; Ortiz-Pachar, Jaime; Pinder, Rebecca A.; Ransom, Tami; Richardson, Justin B.; Snyder, Bruce A.; Szlavecz, Katalin. 2021
Increased Organohalogen Diversity after Disinfection of Water from a Prescribed Burned Watershed Olivares, Christopher I.; Uzun, Habibullah; Erdem, Cagri Utku; Zhang, Wenbo; Trettin, Carl; Liu, Yina; Burton, Sarah D.; Robinson, Errol W.; Karanfil, Tanju; Chow, Alex T. 2021
Status and trends for the U.S. forest products sector: a technical document supporting the Forest Service 2020 RPA Assessment Brandeis, Consuelo; Taylor, Marcus; Abt, Karen L.; Alderman, Delton; Buehlmann, Urs. 2021
Tools for monitoring and study of peregrine pheretimoid earthworms (Megascolecidae) McCay, Timothy S.; Brown, George; Callaham, Mac A.; Chang, Chih-Han; Dávalos, Andrea; Dobson, Annise; Görres, Josef H.; Herrick, Bradley M.; James, Samuel W.; Johnston, Marie R.; McHugh, Damhnait; Minteer, Tanya; Moore, Jean-David; Nouri-Aiin, Maryam; Novo, Marta; Ortiz-Pachar, Jaime; Pinder, Rebecca A.; Richardson, Justin B.; Snyder, Bruce A.; Szlavecz, Katalin. 2020
Benefit or Liability? The Ectomycorrhizal Association May Undermine Tree Adaptations to Fire After Long-term Fire Exclusion Carpenter, D.O., Taylor, M.K., Callaham Jr., M.A., Hiers, J.K., Loudermilk, E.L., O&# 2020
Estimation of Forest Disturbance from Retrospective Observations in a Broad-Scale Inventory Coulston, John W.; Edgar, Christopher B.; Westfall, James A.; Taylor, Marcus E. 2020
Combined effects of urbanization and climate change on watershed evapotranspiration at multiple spatial scales Fang, Di; Hao, Lu; Cao, Zhen; Huang, Xiaolin; Qin, Mengsheng; Hu, Jichao; Liu, Yongqiang; Sun, Ge. 2020
The development of a Southern Appalachian Mountain fuels photo series Coates, T. Adam; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Mohr, Helen H.; Hutchinson, Todd F. 2020
Management of longleaf pine ecosystems: can soil map units improve evaluations of soil change? Stockton, Jenna Christine; Schmidt, John Paul; Wallace, Dan; Callaham, Mac; Markewitz, Daniel. 2020
Assessing potential long-term changes in Southern Appalachian Mountain forest soil chemistry from repeated use of fuel reduction treatments Dukes, Christopher J.; Coates, T. Adam; Hagan, Donald L.; Aust, W. Michael; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Simon, Dean M. 2020
A comparison of latitudinal species diversity patterns between riverine and terrestrial earthworms from the North American temperate zone Ikeda, Hiroshi; Callaham, Mac A.; Shefferson, Richard P.; Wenk, Evelyn S.; Fragoso, Carlos. 2020
Coupling terrestrial laser scanning with 3D fuel biomass sampling for advancing wildland fuels characterization Rowell, Eric; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hawley, Christie; Pokswinski, Scott; Seielstad, Carl; Queen, LLoyd; O&# 2020
Prescribed fire science: the case for a refined research agenda Hiers, J. Kevin; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Varner, J. Morgan; Butler, Bret W.; Dickinson, Matthew; Furman, James; Gallagher, Michael; Godwin, David; Goodrick, Scott L.; Hood, Sharon M.; Hudak, Andrew; Kobziar, Leda N.; Linn, Rodman; Loudermilk, E. Louise; McCaffrey, Sarah; Robertson, Kevin; Rowell, Eric M.; Skowronski, Nicholas; Watts, Adam C.; Yedinak, Kara M. 2020
QUIC-fire: A fast-running simulation tool for prescribed fire planning Linn, R.R.; Goodrick, S.L.; Brambilla, S.; Brown, M.J.; Middleton, R.S.; O&# 2020
The “Efficiency Concern”: Exploring wildfire risk on heirs’ property in Macon‑Bibb County, Georgia, United States of America Aragón, Amanda; Gaither, Cassandra Johnson; Madden, Marguerite; Goodrick, Scott. 2019
Development of a REgion‐Specific ecosystem feedback fire (RESFire) model in the Community Earth System Model Zou, Yufei; Wang, Yuhang; Ke, Ziming; Tian, Hanqin; Yang, Jia; Liu, Yongqiang. 2019
The “efficiency concern”: Exploring wildfire risk on heirs’ property in Macon‑Bibb County, Georgia, United States of America Aragon, Amanda; Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Madden, Marguerite; Goodrick, Scott. 2019
Identifying a transition climate zone in an arid river basin using the evaporative stress index Liu, Yongqiang; Hao, Lu; Zhou, Decheng; Pan, Cen; Liu, Peilong; Xiong, Zhe; Sun, Ge. 2019
Potential impacts of climate change on vegetation dynamics and ecosystem function in a mountain watershed on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zhou, Decheng; Hao, Lu; Kim, John B.; Liu, Peilong; Pan, Cen; Liu, Yongqiang; Sun, Ge. 2019
The contribution of duff consumption to fire emissions and air pollution of the Rough Ridge Fire Zhao, Fengjun; Liu, Yongqiang; Goodrick, Scott; Hornsby, Benjamin; Schardt, Jeffrey. 2019
African American exposure to prescribed fire smoke in Georgia, USA Johnson Gaither, Cassandra; Afrin, Sadia; Garcia-Menendez, Fernando; Odman, M. Talat; Huang, Ran; Goodrick, Scott; Ricardo da Silva, Alan. 2019
The effects of management on long‐term carbon stability in a southeastern U.S. forest matrix under extreme fire weather Krofcheck, D. J.; Loudermilk, E. L.; Hiers, J. K.; Scheller, R. M.; Hurteau, M. D. 2019
Simulating groundcover community assembly in a frequently burned ecosystem using a simple neutral model Loudermilk, E. Louise; Dyer, Lee; Pokswinski, Scott; Hudak, Andrew T.; Hornsby, Benjamin; Richards, Lora; Dell, Jane; Goodrick, Scott L.; Hiers, J. Kevin; O&# 2019
Photo guide for estimating fuel loading in the Southern Appalachian Mountains Coates, T. Adam; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Hutchinson, Todd F.; Mohr, Helen H. 2019
Soil fauna and their potential responses to warmer soils Snyder, Bruce A.; Callaham, Mac A., Jr. 2019
Fire behaviour and smoke modelling: model improvement and measurement needs for next-generation smoke research and forecasting systems Liu, Yongqiang; Kochanski, Adam; Baker, Kirk R.; Mell, William; Linn, Rodman; Paugam, Ronan; Mandel, Jan; Fournier, Aime; Jenkins, Mary Ann; Goodrick, Scott; Achtemeier, Gary; Zhao, Fengjun; Ottmar, Roger; French, Nancy H. F.; Larkin, Narasimhan; Brown, Timothy; Hudak, Andrew; Dickinson, Matthew; Potter, Brian; Clements, Craig; Urbanski, Shawn; Prichard, Susan; Watts, Adam; McNamara, Derek. 2019
Atmospheric circulation patterns associated with wildfires in the monsoon regions of China Zhao, Fengjun; Liu, Yongqiang. 2019
A spatially explicit approach to modeling biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short-rotation woody crops in the eastern USA Stanturf, John A.; Perdue, James H.; Young, Timothy M.; Huang, Xia; Guo, Zhimei; Dougherty, Derek; Pigott, Michael. 2019
A geospatial biomass supply model adjusted for risk from natural disasters Perdue, James H.; Stanturf, John A.; Young, Timothy M.; Huang, Xia. 2019
Temperature affects hatching success of cocoons in the invasive Asian earthwork Amynthas agrestis from the southern Appalachians Blackmon IV, James H.; Taylor, Melanie K.; Carrera-Martinez, Roberto; Snyder, Bruce A.; Callaham Jr., Mac A. 2019
Quantifying carbon and species dynamics under different fire regimes in a southeastern U.S. pineland Flanagan, Steven A.; Bhotika, Smriti; Hawley, Christie; Starr, Gregory; Wiesner, Susanne; Hiers, J. Kevin; O&# 2019
Periodical cicada emergence resource pulse tracks forest expansion in a tallgrass prairie landscape Whiles, Matt R.; Snyder, Bruce A.; Brock, Brent L.; Bonjour, Sophia; Callaham, Mac A.; Meyer, Clinton K.; Bell, Alex. 2019
Wildland fire impacts on water yield across the contiguous United States Hallema, Dennis W.; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; Robinne, Francois-Nicolas; Bladon, Kevin D.; Norman, Steve; Liu, Yonqiang; Cohen, Erika C.; McNulty, Steve. 2019
Interaction diversity maintains resiliency in a frequently disturbed ecosystem Dell, Jane E.; Salcido, Danielle M.; Lumpkin, Will; Richards, Lora A.; Pokswinski, Scott M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; O&# 2019
The fire and smoke model evaluation experiment—a plan for integrated, large fire–atmosphere field campaigns Prichard, Susan; Larkin, Sim N.; Ottmar, Roger; French, Nancy H.F.; Baker, Kirk; Brown, Tim; Clements, Craig; Dickinson, Matt; Hudak, Andrew; Kochanski, Adam; Linn, Rod; Liu, Yongqiang; Potter, Brian; Mell, William; Tanzer, Danielle; Urbanski, Shawn; Watts, Adam. 2019
Maximizing the monitoring of diversity for management activities: Additive partitioning of plant species diversity across a frequently burned ecosystem Dell, Jane E.; Pokswinski, Scott M.; Richards, Lora A.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Williams, Brett; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hudak, Andrew T.; Dyer, Lee A. 2019
LANDIS-II input dataset of scenarios, climate, ecoregions, and parameters for the development of outcome prioritization on fuel treatment placement in extreme fire weather in Dinkey Creek watershed within the Sierra National Forest Loudermilk, E. Louise; Krofcheck, Daniel J.; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Scheller, Robert M. 2019
Advances in Mechanistic Approaches to Quantifying Biophysical Fire Effects O’Brien, J. J.; Hiers, J. K.; Varner, J. M.; Hoffman, C. M.; Dickinson, M. B.; Michaletz, S. T.; Loudermilk, E. L.; Butler, B. W. 2018
Climatic controls on watershed reference evapotranspiration varied during 1961-2012 in southern China Qin, Mengsheng; Hao, Lu; Sun, Lei; Liu, Yongqiang; Sun, Ge. 2018
Observations on an epilobic Lumbricus rubellus (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, USA CARRERA-MARTÍNEZ, ROBERTO; CALLAHAM, MAC A. JR. 2018
A novel approach to fuel biomass sampling for 3D fuel characterization Hawley, Christie M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Rowell, Eric M.; Pokswinski, Scott. 2018
Ecohydrological processes explain urban dry island effects in a wet region, southern China Hao, Lu; Huang, Xiaolin; Qin, Mengsheng; Liu, Yongqiang; Li, Wenhong; Sun, Ge. 2018
Productivity and profitability potential for non-native Eucalyptus plantings in the southern USA Stanturf, John A.; Young, Timothy M.; Perdue, James H.; Dougherty, Derek; Pigott, Michael; Guo, Zhimei; Huang, Xia. 2018
Effects of solar heating on the moisture dynamics of forest floor litter in humid environments: composition, structure, and position matter Kreye, Jesse K.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Varner, J. Morgan; Hornsby, Ben; Drukker, Saunders; O’Brien, Joseph J. 2018
Effects of increased biomass power in the South on forest resources, 2001–2015 Taylor, Marcus E.; Araman, Philip A. 2018
Thermocouple probe orientation affects prescribed fire behavior estimation Coates, T. Adam; Chow, Alex T.; Hagan, Donald L.; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Wang, G. Geoff; Bridges, William C.; Rogers, Mary-Frances; Dozier, James H. 2018
Does sampler size affect southeastern Piedmont forest soil bulk density estimation? Coates, T. Adam; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Shelburne, Victor B.; Hill, Hoke S. 2018
New development and application needs for Earth system modeling of fire–climate–ecosystem interactions Liu, Yongqiang. 2018
The weather conditions for desired smoke plumes at a FASMEE burn site Liu, Y.-Q., S Goodrick, G Achtemeier ,. 2018
Singular value decomposition analysis of spatial relationships between monthly weather and air pollution index in China Zhang, Libo; Liu, Yongqiang; Zhao, Fengjun. 2018
Interactions among fuel management, species composition, bark beetles, and climate change and the potential effects on forests of the Lake Tahoe Basin Scheller, Robert M.; Kretchun, Alec M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Weisberg, Peter J.; Skinner, Carl. 2018
Long-term avian response to fire severity, repeated burning, and mechanical fuel reduction in upland hardwood forest Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Tomcho, Joseph; Livings-Tomcho, Aimee; Lanham, J. Drew; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Simon, Dean; Hagan, Donald. 2018
Quantifying the effects of overgrazing on mountainous watershed vegetation dynamics under a changing climate Hao, Lu; Pan, Cen; Fang, Di; Zhang, Xiaoyu; Zhou, Decheng; Liu, Peilong; Liu, Yongqiang; Sun, Ge. 2018
Burned forests impact water supplies Hallema, Dennis W.; Sun, Ge; Caldwell, Peter V.; Norman, Steven P.; Cohen, Erika C.; Liu, Yongqiang; Bladon, Kevin D.; McNulty, Steven G. 2018
The role of fuels for understanding fire behavior and fire effects Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hiers, J. Kevin; O&# 2018
Prioritizing forest fuels treatments based on the probability of high-severity fire restores adaptive capacity in Sierran forests Krofcheck, Daniel J.; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Scheller, Robert M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise. 2018
Transformational restoration: novel ecosystems in Denmark Stanturf, John A.; Madsen, Palle; Sagheb-Talebi, Khosro; Hansen, Ole K. 2018
Forest Fire Fuel Heat Transfer Sensor Goodrick, S.,. 2018
Fuel treatment effectiveness in the southern blue mountains of Oregon. Cassell, B.A., Loudermilk, E.O., Scheller, R.M., Hureau, M.D., Krofcheck, D. 2018
Biomass burning smoke climatology of the United States: Implications for particulate matter air quality Kaulfus, Aaron S.; Nair, Udaysankar; Jaffe, Daniel; Christopher, Sundar A.; Goodrick, Scott. 2017
Important meteorological variables for statistical long-term air quality prediction in eastern China Zhang, Libo; Liu, Yongqiang; Zhao, Fengjun. 2017
Prioritizing forest fuels treatments based on the probability of high-severity fire restores adaptive capacity in Sierran forests Krofcheck, Daniel J.; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Scheller, Robert M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise. 2017
Long-term herpetofaunal response to repeated fuel reduction treatments Greenberg, Cathryn H.; Moorman, Christopher E.; Matthews-Snoberger, Charlotte E.; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Simon, Dean; Heh, Amanda; Hagan, Donald. 2017
Overstory-derived surface fuels mediate plant species diversity in frequently burned longleaf pine forests Dell, Jane E.; Richards, Lora A.; O’Brien, Joseph J.; Loudermilk, E. Louise; Hudak, Andrew T.; Pokswinski, Scott M.; Bright, Benjamin C.; Hiers, J. Kevin; Williams, Brett W.; Dyer, Lee A. 2017
Managing an established tree invader: developing control methods for Chinese tallow (Triadica sebifera) in maritime forests Pile, Lauren S.; Wang, G. Geoff; Waldrop, Thomas A.; Walker, Joan L.; Bridges, William C.; Layton, Patricia A. 2017
Recovery of Collembola in Pinus tabulaeformis plantations CHANG, Liang; WANG, Baifeng; LIU, Xianghui; CALLAHAM, Mac A.; GE, Feng 2017
Profitability potential for Pinus taeda L. (loblolly pine) short-rotation bioenergy plantings in the southern USA Perdue, James H.; Stanturf, John A.; Young, Timothy M.; Huang, Xia; Dougherty, Derek; Pigott, Michael; Guo, Zhimei 2017
Effects of meteorological droughts on agricultural water resources in southern China Lu, Houquan; Wu, Yihua; Li, Yijun; Liu, Yongqiang 2017
Bending the carbon curve: fire management for carbon resilience under climate change Loudermilk, E. L.; Scheller, R. M.; Weisberg, P. J.; Kretchun, Alec 2017
Restoring surface fire stabilizes forest carbon under extreme fire weather in the Sierra Nevada Krofcheck, Daniel J.; Hurteau, Matthew D.; Scheller, Robert M.; Loudermilk, E. Louise 2017
Mapping the spatio-temporal evolution of irrigation in the Coastal Plain of Georgia, USA Williams, Marcus D.; Hawley, Christie M.S.; Madden, Marguerite; Shepherd, J. Marshall 2017
Smoke plumes: Emissions and effects O'Neil, Susan M.; Urbanski, Shawn; Goodrick, Scott; Larkin, Narasimhan K. 2017
Weather, fuels, fire behavior, plumes, and smoke - the nexus of fire meteorology Goodrick, Scott L.; Brown, Timothy J.; Jolly, W. Matt. 2017
Below- and above-ground effects of deadwood and termites in plantation forests Ulyshen, Michael D.; Shefferson, Richard; Horn, Scott; Taylor, Melanie K.; Bush, Bryana; Brownie, Cavell; Seibold, Sebastian; Strickland, Michael S. 2017
Trophic dynamics in a simple experimental ecosystem: Interactions among centipedes, Collembola and introduced earthworms Gao, Meixiang; Taylor, Melanie K.; Callaham, Mac A. 2017
Response of soil microbial community composition and function to a bottomland forest restoration intensity gradient Strickland, Michael S.; Callaham, Mac A.; Gardiner, Emile S.; Stanturf, John A.; Leff, Jonathan W.; Fierer, Noah; Bradford, Mark A. 2017
Response of evapotranspiration to changes in land use and land cover and climate in China during 2001–2013 Li, Gen; Zhang, Fangmin; Jing, Yuanshu; Liu, Yibo; Sun, Ge 2017
Soil fauna responses to natural disturbances, invasive species, and global climate change: Current state of the science and a call to action Coyle, David R.; Nagendra, Uma J.; Taylor, Melanie K.; Campbell, J. Holly; Cunard, Chelsea E.; Joslin, Aaron H.; Mundepi, Abha; Phillips, Carly A.; Callaham, Mac A. 2017
Implementing forest landscape restoration, a practitioner's guide Stanturf, John; Mansourian, Stephanie; Kleine, Michael (eds.). 2017
Regional patterns of postwildfire streamflow response in the Western United States: The importance of scale-specific connectivity Hallema, Dennis W.; Sun, Ge; Bladon, Kevin D.; Norman, Steven P.; Caldwell, Peter V.; Liu, Yongqiang; McNulty, Steven G. 2017
Potential profitability zones for Populus spp.biomass plantings in the eastern United States Stanturf, John A.; Young, Timothy M.; Perdue, James H.; Doughetry, Derek; Pigott, Michael; Guo, Zhimei; Huang, Xia. 2017
Impact of trucking network flow on preferred biorefinery locations in the southern United States Young, Timothy M.; Han, Lee D.; Perdue, James H.; Hargrove, Stephanie R.; Guess, Frank M.; Huang, Xia; Chen, Chung-Hao. 2017
Predicting site locations for biomass using facilities with Bayesian methods

Young,Timothy M.; Perdue, James H.; Huang, Xia

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Introduction Callaham, Mac A. 2016
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