Exchange Natural Resource Expertise Globally

Monthly banner for September that reads ‘Exchange Natural Resource Expertise Globally’

The month's theme reflects on Goal #3 "Apply Knowledge Globally" and objective I: "Exchange natural resource expertise." Today, knowledge from many disciplines and issues is interconnected, both within and outside the Forest Service. International cooperation is necessary to conserve biodiversity and sustain the ecological, social, economic, and commercial viability of global forest resources across disciplines and jurisdictional boundaries.

Key Messages

  • Through inquiry and knowledge transfer, the Forest Service provides land managers with better information, applications and tools to improve nature resource management.
  • The sharing of knowledge, technology, and applications helps the global nature resource community make better management decision in our collective effort to care for all lands and deliver sustainable benefits to people.
  • To benefit from global knowledge, the Forest Service continually interacts with partners worldwide.
  • By sharing information and learning from our world-wide partners, we engage in a global conversation about forest and grassland conservation.

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