Florida Timber Price Information

 Yard Trees

Wondering about the possibility of selling individual trees from your yard or small acreage tract? Read this first.


The Florida Land Steward

This quarterly newsletter to landowners and resource professionals has a section titled "Timber Price Update" that gives ranges for pine chip-n-saw and plylogs, plus softwood and hardwood pulpwood.

Marketing Your Timber: A Landowner's Guide

This guide lists the steps for the landowner to follow in the careful planning and preparation of a successful timber sale.

Contact for Timber Price Information

Jarek Nowak, Ph.D.
Utilization and Hydrology Supervisor
Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida Forest Service
3125 Conner Boulevard, C-25
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650
Phone: (850) 681-5883

Find Forestry Consultants

Find Wood-Using Mills

The Primary Forest Products Network has mill listings for the Southeast US.

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Lists of services are provided solely as a courtesy to landowners. The U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) makes no representation whatsoever as to the quality of work or business practices of the firms listed. The SRS strongly suggests that before entering into any transaction with an individual or a business, you ask for the names of those who have done business with the individual or firm so that you verify quality of services provided to others. In addition, you may want to have an attorney review any contracts or agreements before you sign any such documents.

A consultant providing professional services is often required to be registered or licensed within the state in which the service is offered. Before engaging or contracting with any person(s) representing themselves as a consultant or registered professional, the SRS recommends that you should obtain adequate supporting documentation from the service provider such as a current license or registration number as provided to them by the appropriate state agency.