A multinomial logit approach to estimating regional inventories by product class

Teeter, L. and X. Zhou

Current timber inventory projections generally lack information on inventory by product classes. Most models available for inventory projection and linked to supply analyses are limited to projecting aggregate softwood and hardwood. The objective of this research is to develop a methodology to distribute the volume on each FIA survey plot to product classes and simulate the changes in the product distribution over time. A multinomial logit model was developed to estimate sets of product proportion functions to distribute plot volumes by product class for each forest type and size class. The product proportion model is incorporated in the DPSupply system, and is demonstrated using Alabama data.

Fiscal Year: fy99 ·  Problem Area: pa98-1 ·  Theme: cctrgnas ·  Source: extra   <== Explain

Teeter, L. and X. Zhou. 1999. Pages 238-242 In: Abt, K. L. Southern Research Station,Research Triangle Park, NC. Proceedings of the 1998 Southern Forest Economics Workshop: Part II. 3/25/1998.

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