A survey of timberland investment management organizations forestland management in the South

Siry, J. P. and F. W. Cubbage

The assets of Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOS) have rapidly grown over the past two decades, indicating their increasing importance for timber supply in the South. A TIMOS survey was conducted to assess their current and future investments and forest management approaches. The results indicate that TIMOS currently hold about 4.2 million acres of forestland in the region. Planted pine dominates their holdings, accounting for 69% of the land. Its share is expected to increase, primarily as a result of forest conversion and/or future land transactions. Over time, planted pine management intensities are predicted to increase substantially. Natural pine, oak-pine, and hardwood forests are managed much less intensively. The survey's results also indicate that TIMOS forest management is similar to the forest industry (FI). TIMOS have impressive growth plans and intend to increase their holdings to 12.2 million acres by 2010. This expansion to large extent depends on the availability of land appropriate for acquisition and appears feasible provided that FI will continue to divest its timberland.

Fiscal Year: fy02 ·  Problem Area: pa98-1 ·  Source: extra   <== Explain

Siry, J. P. and F. W. Cubbage. 2002. Pages 153-156 In: Zhang, D. School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Auburn University,Auburn, AL. Proceedings of the 2001 Southern Forest Economics Workshop. 3/28/2001.

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